OS - Ajeeb Daastaan Hai Ye

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Hi guys,

Here is my new OS based on today's precap.
Warning - It's really long. Couldn't control myself.

It starts when Ram and Priya are in car.

Ram agreed to divorce Priya only if she agrees to spend the next two days with him. This was his plan to get out all the truth from Priya. It was high time he did something to stop this madness. Now, he was more worried than angry at Priya's drama.

So, he agreed to play her game and dropped the bomb. Priya was more speechless than shocked to hear Ram. She hadn't anticipated that Ram would agree to Divorce her so soon. Infact, she was glad that he was dilly-dallying this matter, giving her time to execute her plan and drive the sh*t out of Niharika. She was sure that Niharika would crack soon and then she would call the curtains down. Moreover, a part of her was secretly glad thinking that her plan of making Ram hate her was not working. She was indeed happy that despite her rudeness, Ram still believed that she was faking all this and still loved him. Thinking that Ram trusts her love filled her with warmth and strengthened her.

But what is this? Ram has agreed to sign the damn papers. And look at him, all gung-ho about the whole thing! What has made him take this decision? And what did he say? "Tumhari khushi mein hi meri khushi hai." What's going on? Now what will she do?

Ram – Priya, main kab se bole ja raha hoon aur tum ho ki sun hi nahi rahi ho.

Priya – Mr. Kapoor, maine kaha na… I am not interested. So pls, let me be!

Ram – Come on yaar Priya, humaare paas sirf do din hain.. humaare sath ke aakhiri do din. Iske baad toh tum alag raaste aur main alag haste. Kam se kam abhi toh is raaste par mere sath chal lo.


Hearing Ram say all this, Priya just couldn't control her tears. She felt a blow when he said "humaare sath ke aakhiri do din." This is all getting muddled up. She has to do something. She has to think a way out of this situation. She needs more time than these two days to bring out Niharika's truth to save her marriage. But what shall I do? Continue this charade or confide in Ram? She was sure Ram wouldn't believe her without any proof and she can't do much until she is back at KM. She has to continue the charade. But this was getting really tough now as her eyes betrayed her emotions everytime she heard Ram talk about divorce with such nonchalance.

It was when Ram hit the brakes that she came out of her reverie. He got down swiftly and before she could even gather herself, her opened the door and extended his hand.

Ram – At your service madam.

Priya was taken aback by this gesture but she soon found her voice back.

P – Mr. Kapoor, ye sab kya hai? Mujhe nahi pasand ye sab. Aap pls hatiye yahan se.

Ram shrugged a little and stepped back. She got out and saw that she was at her favourite place - The sea beach. The rhythmic sound of waves filled the atmosphere and the cool breeze fluttered a piece of nostalgia in her heart. One of those sea waves rushed towards her with a bouquet of sweet memories. This was the same place where both of them had counted stars; where Ram had kept her hand on his heart and explained her a unique way of feeling incomprehensible but beautiful things. It was the same place where they had begun to comprehend their feelings towards each other. It was a significant phase of her life and this place reminded her of those beautiful days. She just stood there speechless, marveling at Ram's thoughtfulness. If not for this charade, she would have surely hugged him right there and then, no matter who witnessed this PDA. Through the corner of her eyes, she glanced at Ram. He was busy gazing at the waves. His face was blank and unfathomable.

To break the silence, Priya took a few steps towards the sea, then turned around and asked,

P – Mr. Kapoor, hum yahan kyun aaye hain?

R – Kyunki ye tumhari favourite jagah hai.

Priya didn't know what to say.

P – Toh?

R – Toh matlab? Yahan se kitni achchhi yaadein judi hain humari. Yaad hai, humne yahin par raat mein ek sath let kar tare gine they.

She looked at him. His eyes were brimming with nostalgia and his smile was so evident of his love.

Priya found it really tough to keep looking at him.

R – Pata hai Priya, us din jab tumne kaha tha ki tumhein tare gin ne hain, toh mujhe laga ki tum paagal ho. Par tumhari wish toh puri karni hi thi na. Aakhir wada jo kiya tha. Aur jab raat mein terrace par nahi ja paaye toh tumhaari aankhon mein wo maayoosi dekhi nahi gayi mujhse isliye tumhien kheench ke yahan le aaya. Kitna sukoon mila tha mujhe us din. Pata hai, jab main us raat tumhaare sath neeche ret par let kar tare gin raha tha toh mujhe kya ehsaas hua? Mujhe laga ki tum shayad wahi ho jiska mujhe hamesha intezaar raha. Aur jab maine tumhara haath apne dil par rakha, toh mujhe ek ajeeb si tasalli mehsoos hui, jaise ki meri zindagi adhuri se puri ho gayi.

Priya was listening to him with utmost attention, with her head down, lest her tears betray her and ruin her hard work. But listening to him reminiscing those beautiful moments soothed her. She wished these moments would just halt there and let her remain here in this beautiful ambiance forever, with her Ram.

R – Phirse tare gine?

He asked her cheekily.

Priya didn't have the heart to be rude again. She just couldn't bring herself to hurl something rude to him, not now.

She just shook her head in a No and started walking. Ram also started walking beside her. Priya made sure there was distance between them. But Ram would, every now and then, brush his hands against hers and withdrew instantly. Everytime that happened, a shiver ran down her whole body. It had been so many days since they had any physical contact. She longed to be in his arms, to feel his breath on her face, to sleep with her head on his chest, listening to his comforting heartbeats. And with Ram's hand brushing against her repeatedly, it was taking Priya a great amount of patience and control to stay calm.

P – chalte hain. Kaafi der ho chuki hai.

And she turned towards the car. Both of them got in and drove off. They reached a resort and Ram again turned to open the door for her. Fearing the repeat of last time, Priya hurriedly got down and had just started walking when she twisted her ankle. She cried out with pain and Ram hurried towards her.

R – Priya!! Kya hua? Tum theek toh ho?

The pain had rendered her speechless. Tears stung her cheek as pain stung her ankle. She just couldn't walk.

R – Bahut dard ho raha hai kya? You need my help?

P – No thanks Mr. Kapoor. I am ok.

She took a step forward but a spasm of pain shot through her ankle and she wobbled and fell in his arms.

R – Chalo Priya, main le chalta hoon.

P – No, its ok. I'll manage..

R – Shut up! Kuchh nahi bologi tum. Haalat dekhi hai apni? Ab chup raho aur mujhe kuchh karne do.

And without lending an ear to her protest, Ram scooped her in his arms and started walking. People turned to look at them but unperturbed by all the attention, Ram continued towards their room. Priya found it awkward and closed her eyes but when she didn't hear any noise she opened her eyes. They were in an empty corridor. Ram looked ahead but Priya couldn't help herself gazing at her lovely husband. She had her arms around his neck. Her eyes filled with love and softness at Ram's gesture. She kept looking at him while a thousand thoughts played in her mind. She clearly remember the first time he had carried her. It was the most special night of her life. She remembered his chivalry and his care, his gentleness and his love. These were the very things because of which she well in love with him. She kept looking at him hungrily, devouring his handsome looks and warmth of those brown eyes.

Just then Ram looked at her and found her gazing at him. He couldn't suppress his smile. This pulled Priya out of her dream world and she looked away shyly. They reached their room but there was a problem. How to open the door? The card was inside Ram's chest pocket and he needed atleast one hand to use it.

R – Priya, mere chest pocket mein card rakha hai. Pls nikaal ke insert karo.

P – Mr. Kapoor, main nahi..

R – Arey yaar, pls drama mat karo ab. Main tumhein yahan utaar ke phirse andar le jaane ke liye nahi utha sakta. Pls card nikalo aur darwaaza kholo. Mere haath dukh rahe hain yaar.

Seeing Ram's condition, Priya put her hand on the left side of his chest, to locate the card. She could feel his heartbeats. She pushed away that thought, put her hand inside his pocket and pulled out the card. She inserted it in the latch and opened the door. Ram took her inside and laid her on the bed. A fleeting memory of their 'first' night hit both of them. Ram lingered in that bent position for a while, taking in Priya's lovely face, this close. He then backed away and Priya sighed in relief. These moments made her really tense.

R – Tum aaram karo. Main reception se pain relief spray mangata hu.

He called up the reception and a bell-boy came with the spray in no time.

R – lao, apna ankle aage karo. Main ye spray kar deta hu. Thodi der mein hi dard gayab ho jayega.

P – Rehne dijiye, main kar lungi apne aap.

R- Priya, can you pls listen to me once? Sirf ye do last din hain humaare paas, kya inhe bina ladaayi kiye bina nahi bita sakti?

P – Mr. kapoor…

R – Yaad hai tumhein, jab tumhari wish puri karne ke liye, salsa seekhte hue mere paon mein sprain ho gaya tha? Tab tum kaise jhatpat medicine box lekar mere sar par baith gayi thi. Main mana karta raha par phir bhi kitni zidd ki thi tumne.

Priya listens to him in silence. Ram dancing with Neha floated before her eyes. He didn't even let her know that he was in so much pain. She can never forget that because he did all that before confessing his love. She was sure he hadn't comprehended those emotions at that time and this made that moment all the more precious to her.

While Priya was thinking, Ram sprayed the pain relief on her ankle and tied the crepe bandage firmly around it. He looked at Priya, only to find her looking back at him with teary eyes and a soft smile. He smiled to himself and got up from the bed.

R - kuchh logi?

P – hmmm?

R – tum kuchh logi? Some juice?

P – Ok….. Thanks (she added as an afterthought)

Ram poured the juice in two glasses and came to her.

R – Priya, tumhein nahi lagta ki hum phirse pehle ki tarah behave karne lage hain? Wahi formality, wahi awkwardness… nahi?

Priya didn't say anything and took the glass from him silently. He was hurting her again and again at the same spot. But, she had to bear it, that too without appearing ruffled by all this.

Ram waited for her answer but when she didn't say anything, he took the remote and switched on the TV.

"Ajeeb daastaan hai ye.. kahaan shuru kahan khatam.. ye manzilein hain kaunsi.. na wo samajh sake na hum.."

Priya suddenly looked up to the TV and then at Ram. He also glanced at her and changed the channel.

"Bin tere, bin tere, bin tere… koi khalish hai hawaaon mein bin tere.."

Again they both looked at each other. Priya's uneasiness was increasing. Ram changed the channel.

"Hum bewafa hargiz na they.. par hum wafa kar na sake.. humko mili uski saza.. hum jo khata kar na sake.."

It was getting too much for Priya. She yanked away the remote from Ram's hand and changed the channel.

"Jhuki jhuki si nazar.. beqaraar hai ki nahi.. daba daba hi sahi.. dil mein pyaar hai ki nahi.."

Priya threw a glance at Ram and found him doing the same. She again changed the channel.

"Ooh la la la ooh la la la.. Ooh la la la ooh la la la.."

"Hah! Perfect!"

Priya cried with relief. She looked at Ram and saw him gaping at Vidya Balan with an open mouth. A shot of jealousy ran through her heart. Vidya Balan was his weakness, she knew it. But seeing him ogle at her made her envious.

P – Mr. Kapoor. (she tried distracting him)

No answer.

P – Mr. Kapoor??

R – hmmm?? (without taking away his eyes from the screen)

P – Mr. Kapoor? Aap mujhe yahan Vidya Balan ko dikhane laye hain?

R – tumhein kaun dikha raha hai.. wo toh main dekh raha hoon.

P – kya?

Ram switching off the TV – Kuchh nahi.. sorry. Wo main.. Vidya Balan.. toh.. come on, you know everything yaar.. yaad hai humaare honeymoon pe??... I mean.. Australia mein jab mili thi..tab toh theek se baat hi nahi ho paayi thi..

Priya fixing him with her gaze – hmmm.. yaad hai..

R – waise sab tumhaari wajah se hua.. achchha khaasa mauka haath se nikal gaya..

P – Excuse me? Maine kya kiya?

R- Aur kya.. sab tumhaari galti hai. Tum dance karte hue itni achchhi lag ragi thi ki main bas tumhein hi dekhta reh gaya. Dance khatam ho gaya but main tum mein hi atka raha. Isi wajah se toh Vidya Balan bhi yaad nahi rahi. Waise ek baat baloun, us din na tum bahut sundar lag rahi thi. Aur jab sab log tumhein hi dekh rahe they na.. toh mujhe thodi si jalan bhi hui thi…

P – kya? (forgetting all her pretense) aapne pehle kabhi nahi kaha. Ye toh kya, aapne toh kabhi mujhe theek se compliment tak nahi kiya ki main kaisi lagti hu.

R – Arey toh ab bol raha hu na..

P - Ab bolne se kya fayda. Ab toh..

She left the sentence hanging between them. This was painful. Very painful. Every now and then some such thing would happen which would pierce her wounds and hurt her even more. She was constantly being reminded of her beautiful time with Ram and what she stands to lose if he signs the divorce papers. When she couldn't take it anymore, she regained her rude avatar and asked him to order the food.

They ate in silence. After finishing her dinner, Priya went to stand in the balcony. Her pain had vanished and she could walk like before. It was a sea facing room with a beautiful view of crashing waves and a lone boat sailing in the sea. It was a peaceful and comforted her. She closed her eyes and breathed in the scented air. Just then she felt a ruffle and opened her eyes to find Ram standing just behind her. She longed to lean back on him and rest her head against his chest. That would be heaven, she thought. Ram broke the silence.

R – Priya

P – hmmm..

R – Wo chhoti si kashti dekh rahi ho.. door samandar mein?

P – Haan..

R – Yaad hai, Australia mein Daljeet Kuljeet humein Cruise pe le gaye they.

Priya didn't answer. Everything came rushing back to her. Ram continued.

R – Yaad hai, us din maine bauji wali baat tumse share ki thi aur tumne dosti ka haath badhaya tha? Priya, main janta hoon ki ab humare beech kuchh nahi bacha hai. Sirf ye do din reh gaye hain tumhare sath ke. Main in do dinon ki yaadon ko hamesha ke liye apne man mein qaid kar lena chahta hoon. Tumhare liye shayad aasaan ho Priya, tum itni samjhdaar jo ho. Tum toh aage badh jaogi life mein. But mere liye ye bahot mushkil hoga, Priya. Tumse yun alag hona pata nahi main kaise handle kar paaoonga.

Priya kept looking at him with tears in her eyes. Ram continued unperturbed.

R – Kabhi socha nahi tha ki shaadi karunga. Shaadi hui toh bhi nahi socha tha ki kabhi pyaar kar paaoonga. Par hote hote tumse pyaar bhi ho gaya.. par ab yeh..

P – Mr. Kapoor..

R - Shhh Priya. Pls mujhe kehne do. Kya sirf aaj aakhiri baar mera dard baant sakti ho?

Priya nods her head, forgetting her pretense, seeing Ram so emotional. Tears build up in his eyes too.

R – Ye sab bahot mushkil hai Priya. Jab tak pyaar se anjaan tha, tab tak koi darr nahi tha life mein. Par jab tumhein chhane laga, har waqt mann mein darr laga rehta tha ki kahin tumhein kho na doon. Aur kismet dekho, aaj mera darr meri zindagi ki haqeeqat banne jar aha hai. Maine tumhein kho diya Priya.

P – Ram aap…

R – Main janta hoon Priya ki mere jaise mushkil insaan ke sath rehna kitna challenging hai. Isliye main tumhein koi dosh nahi de raha, na hi tumse koi shiqayat hai mujhe. Indeed, I am thankful to you for coming into my life and breathing life into it. Thanks to you Priya ki main jaan paya hoon ki pyaar kya hai aur thanks to you ki mere paas is pyaar ki kuchh behad khushnuma yaadein bhi hain. Main hamesha tumhein yaad rakhunga Priya, kyunki tum chaahe ab mujhse pyaar na karti ho, par main hamesha sirf tumhi se pyaar karunga. After all, you are my first love Priya, aur aakhiri bhi. I can't think beyond you. But pls be assured, ki main parson ke baad kabhi tumhaari zindagi mein wapas nahi aaoonga. Kabhi tumhaari zindagi ko disturb nahi karoonga. But kya tum pls meri ek baat maan sakti ho?

Priya was choked with emotions by this time. She was speechless. She just nodded her head, unmindful of the fact that her tears were rolling down her cheeks like anything.

R  -Priya, us raat Australia mein us cruise par jo tumne dosti ka haath badhaya tha, kya wo haath main hamesha thaame reh sakta hoon? Kya tum meri dost bani rahogi pls? Priya main janta hoon ki ye shayad sahi nahi hoga. Tumhein apni life mein aage badhna hai. But main kya karoon Priya, mujhe tumhaari aadat ho gayi hai. Samajh nahi aata ki parson ke baad jeeoonga kaise? Agar hum amicably separate honge, toh mujhe yeh tasalli rahegi ki shayad saalon baad hum kahin takraa jaayein aur tum mujhe dekh kar muh nahi pherogi. Kya aisa ho sakta hai Priya?


R – Priya?

He turns back to find Priya crumpled on the floor, sobbing hysterically. She could only take that much. Ram's words were piercing her like anything. She wished to die before him then and there. Even death would be less painful than this slow torture. She just couldn't bear seeing Ram lay bare his darkest fears before her. She just couldn't.

What have I done? I have made him live his fears. I have made him go through hell, the man whom I love even more than my life; more than anyone!

P – I.. I.. don't deserve.. you..R.. Ram (she could barely talk while sobbing) I am.. s..sorry. I really am..

R – Priya, utho. Utho !

He pulled her up, close to himself.

R – Look at me Priya. Stop crying and look at me!!!

She finally looked at him, with her silent sobs, tears streaking her cheeks. Ram couldn't see her in that state. Even his eyes welled up.

R – Priya, I love you. And I know that you love me too!!! Main janta hoon ki tum mujhse kitna pyaar karti ho. Main janta hoon ki ye nafrat ka natak bhi tum mujhe bachaane ke liye hi kar rahi ho. Niharika se bachane ke liye, hain na?

Priya 's eyes widened at this. He knows it. He knows it all!! A wave of relief hit her. How? Never mind that now.

She smiled a bleak but precious smile to him and found him returning back that smile through his tears. She held his collar tightly and snuggled closer to him.

P – I love you Ram, I love you. I really, really do!! Sorry, maine ye sab..

R – Shhh, main janta hoon. Ab sab theek ho jayega. Bas vada karo ki tum hamesha mere saath rahogi?

Priya smiled nodding her head emphatically which made Ram laugh a little. Seeing him laugh, Priya's smile widened and she hugged him tightly. Ram hugged her back, embracing her by her waist, crushing her in his arms.

They both had found each other. They both had won each other back. They had found bliss together, again.

All was well!!

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Posted: 2012-05-30T15:47:28Z


I love you!!!!!! HeartHeart
You are amazing!!!! 
Fabulous, superb, fantastic!!
Every emotion, every dialogue, everything scene penned down soo beautifully.. amazing!!!
I dont even know what else to say girl! you just made my day a whole lot better!! Todayy has just been FAB! amazing episode + superb promo + YOUR AMAZING TAKE THIS MORNING + THIS!!!!

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Posted: 2012-05-30T16:52:11Z
Wow, So beautiful, you penned emotions so well, you are an amazing writer, I really wish we get to see something like this in real show, The clever Ram.. SuperbClap great work.
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Posted: 2012-05-30T17:26:20Z

Just take a bow girl!!! Clap Iam speechless!
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Posted: 2012-05-30T17:40:15Z
First today's episode and then your FF made my day...I have smile pasted on my faceBig smile. What an awesome FFClap...you really got some talent there. I have a feeling that the exciting precap that was shown today of Ram making Priya talli is not going to be executed till monday...so my sincere request to you and all the talented FF writers is to let your imagination run wild and please make this weekend bearable for usDay Dreaming
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Posted: 2012-05-30T18:47:27Z
Thanks for the PM SisterEmbarrassed...really beautifulBig smile...superbly written...ClapClap...keep updating as you get time Smile
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Posted: 2012-05-30T19:24:43Z
Absolutely crazy and wonderful and superb..Loved it. thanks Punya.. You have made my day!!..
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Posted: 2012-05-30T20:09:03Z
Yo Punya,
how many times are you going to wow us with your skill and emotional drama man.. It truly was wonderful compilation of all the beauty that the relationship of ram and priya was all about... Absolutely breathtakingly wonderful, how you made her realize her mistake...
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