IMPORTANT Announcement *All Must Read*

Posted: 2006-06-06T21:03:03Z

Hi EveryoneSmile

In order to make I-F faster for all of us, it has been decided that the number of pages shall be reduced to a limit of 150 pages per topic. This does not mean that you need to limit your fan club to 150 pages. Once a fan club has reached 150 pages, simply open another topic with the same name but with a '#2' written in it. In the second topic, provide the link to the first topic. Then, just drop me a PM telling me to close the earlier topic (please provide the link to the earlier topic as wellEmbarrassed). If you are still confused, here is an example:

Suppose I opened a Fan Club called "Hehe". This fan club has crossed 150 pages so I need to open a new topic for it. I will name it "Hehe #2". If this also crosses 150 pages, I will open "Hehe #3" and so on.

***This goes to all fan clubs that have crossed 150 pages. Please do this as soon as possible otherwise I will have to go close all of them without there being a second topic open.***


Thank you,
I-F Dev. Team

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Posted: 2006-06-06T22:54:31Z

thanks dear... Smile

lekin our Bachchan's club is about 300 pages.So i take it we must open a new topic right?

Edited by lucky_lakshmi - 2006-06-06T22:58:52Z
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Posted: 2006-06-06T23:44:19Z
Opened a new topic for Khushi fan club. Smile
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Posted: 2006-06-07T02:04:45Z
Thanx-dat will make browsing easier-sumtimes I find dat da fanclubs take ages 2 load.
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Posted: 2006-06-07T02:45:10Z
vinit fanclub has completed 1017 pages! so we have start a new fanclub?
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Posted: 2006-06-07T03:33:06Z
Atleast 500 pages is fine I must say !!!

150 pages !!! Confused Confused Confused

I think the IF is slow due to other FCs who completed 1000 pages !!!

So I must say we should give 500 page limit !!!

Anyways lost interest after hearing this news !!! Confused Confused

First SRGMP section a wierd decision of moving FCS into celebrity section as they still not become celebrity without completing contest atleast !!!

Nw Celebrity section also taking another decison which I dont think is a wise decision as I feel atleast 500 page limit should be there !!!

I request to reconsider this decision to atleast 500 or 300 pages !!!!Edited by sumesh - 2006-06-07T03:37:11Z
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Posted: 2006-06-07T05:58:50Z
hey thts a cool idea, thanx 4 letting us know!!
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Posted: 2006-06-07T06:00:21Z
sure..we will do that as soon as our fanclubs reach 150 pages.. Big smile
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