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Hi dear BALHians..Hug


I hope you all are doing well.Embarrassed

I have written one OS on RaYa.Tongue Well, this is my second OS actually..the first one I never posted here bcoz I couldn't complete it! So officially this one is my first OS and this is inspired by all you great OS, FF and SS writers..you all are so talented..thank u so much for gifting us so lovely stories of your..Hug..i am little scared as for the first time I am posting something like this..i hope u all will like itEmbarrassed


I am not good in English, not good in Hindi too as both of these are not my mother tongue. So, please forgive me for the mistakes; grammatical mistake, spelling mistake etc I have done in this OS.Embarrassed As this OS also became very long so I'll post it in two parts..hope that is fine'will post the OS within a few minsEmbarrassed



Part 1 : http://www.india-forums.com/forum_posts.asp?TID=2969064#56948886

Part 2 : http://www.india-forums.com/forum_posts.asp?TID=2969064&TPN=2&#56949268


Love Monamie

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res karne do plsssCry



Part 1



It was 7:30 AM at morning and Shipra was knocking the door of Priya's bedroom loudly. "Uth beta! See what is there in today's newspaper!" Priya knows her mom very well, mom's favorite celebrity couple must have broken up..that's why she is screaming like this at this morning.

Priya : "Sone do na ma!"

Shipra : "Are tu bahar aa ke dekh to sahi ke kya he aj ke news paper me!"

Priya knows it, until she will go outside her mom will not stop this. She opened the door of her bed room and came out.."Kya ma! Tum bhi.." she couldn't complete her sentence as she saw everyone was standing there with big smile at their face. Aysha, Kartik, Nuts, Sudhir and of course Shipra with the newspaper in her hand! As soon as Priya came out Shipra started dancing holding her hand and everyone started laughing. Priya became shocked at her families' behavior. She failed to understand what happened to them that suddenly they became so happy at this early morning.

Priya : "Yea kya ho raha he'ma tum kya kar rahi ho..kya baat he koi mujhe batayga bhi"

She became little angry at her mom. She was not in a mood of dancing after all.


Mom knows it very well that just one week ago her daughter has left her husband's house and came here to stay with them. Mom also knows the reason, why Priya left her own home. Because her stupid son-in-law refused to believe her daughter and he believed others. A warm sigh came out of Priya's heart. She can properly remember what happed that night at Kapoor Mansion.


Priya  : "Why you are not understanding Ram, they are making you a fool.."

Ram : "I don't want to understand! They are my family for God's sake!"

Priya : "And I? Am I not your family Ram?"

Ram remained silent. Priya thought she will die now..this silence will kill her, this is the last moment of her life!  Priya waited for few more seconds for Ram to say that 'yes you are my family too Priya!', but he didn't say a single word. Only silence remained there for few seconds. Priya felt a pain at her throat. Somehow she managed to control her tears.

Priya : "Fine then! Your silence has said everything.."

Her voice broke little bit while saying this to Ram.

Priya : "I think I should go to my Papa's house now. Take care of yourself.."

Ram : "But.."

Priya didn't give him a chance to complete his words and she left..


Since then Ram has tried to call her several times. But Priya didn't pick up his calls for a single time. Why would she? Even yesterday Ram called her twice. Priya picked the phone yesterday; no one at home knows this. She locked herself at her room and picked the second call, but she didn't say anything..She was just hearing his voice. For so long time she didn't hear his voice..she thought she will ask him 'how r u?' But she couldn't speak anything..only tears came out from her eyes..

Ram : "Priya..I am sorry yaar! Dekho main samajh gaya ke main kitna bara gadha hoon! Pls ab maaf kar do na..kuch to bolo..tum janti ho main nehi rah sakta tumahare bina.."

Priya cut the phone. She couldn't take it anymore. It was almost 11 PM at night then, she fall on the bed and tried to suppress the sound of her whimper putting the pillow over her head. Her pillow got wet by her tears. She can't remember now when she fell asleep last night.


"Priya!"..Priya's thought breaks as Shipra shakes her.

Shipra : "Dekh to beta! aj kya he tere liye news paper me!"

Shipra gives the news papers in Priya's hand. Page 5 was opened and to her utter surprise Priya saw her name was written there in bold and big letters..'Dear Priya'..She looks at her mom.."Ram ne tujhe love letter likha he..ha ha ha ha..aur bo bhi news paper me!..puri desh par rahi he beta..usne puri desh ke samne tujhe sorry bola he! Ab to gussa chod de!" Shipra tells her. Priya can't believe her ears. Ram aur love letter!



Priya : "Aap ko pata he ke aap duniya ke sabse bade unromantic he!"

Ram : "To! Ha hoon main unromantic..nehi aata mujhe romantic batein karna..agar tumhe pasand nehi he to jao kisi romantic admi se dobara shaadi karlo!"

Priya : "Are aap gussa kyu ho rahe he..main to bas bol rahi thi ke aap kitne boring he"

Ram : "ha..pata he mujhe! Maza aata he na tumhe mujhe boring bulakar?"

It was their first anniversary day and it was raining heavily outside and as always Priya was busy in her favorite time pass..leg pulling of Ram. Ram was becoming angry with her for calling him a boring and Priya was enjoying it.

Priya : "To kya aap ne kabhi kisi ko love letter bhi nehi likha!"

Ram : "Kya bol rahi ho! Main kisi ko love letter likhunga bhi kyu? Kya kahna chahti ho tum?"

Priya : "Are isme sharmane ki kya baat hui? Main thodi na aap se koi explanation mang rahi hoon..main to bas pooch rahi hoon.."

Ram : "nehi!! mujhe aur koi kam wam nehi he kya! Ke main love letter jaisi faltu cheese me apna baqt badbar karunga!"

Priya : "umm..sochiye..bas sochiye ke agar main kabhi aap se dur chali jaun.."

Ram : "kya matlab he..fir se bohi..tum hamesha dur jaane ki baat kyu karti ho yaar!"

Priya : "are main sach me thodi na jaa rahi hoon..main to bas bol rahi hoon..acha chodiye! sochiye aagar aisa kuch hua ke aap ko hi jana pada dur kam ke silsile me..to kya aap mujhe bhi uha se love letter nehi likhenge?"

Ram : "paheli baat! Agar tum fir se yea dur jaane ki baat karogi to main tumse baat karna bandh kar dunga..doosri baat! Agar main kabhi dur bhi jaunga to tumhe apne sathe lekar hi jaunga! Par main yea bewakufo ki tarha love letter jaisi koi cheese nehi likh sakta..aur kabhi nehi likhunga..tumahare lie bhi nehi..samjhe tum!"


"Kya hua beta..pad to sehi ke kya likha he usne"..Priya comes back from her thought..She finds sudhir and shipra at her both side..they are waiting for her to read the letter. Priya starts reading..

** next part is @ page 2..

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Thanks for posting Mona...too good...ClapClap...hope these positive moments will be there in the serial too...EmbarrassedEdited by TVserialfreak - 2012-05-09T00:44:19Z
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Originally posted by TVserialfreak

Thanks for posting Mona...will wait to read your OS...Embarrassed

thank u sooo much Kishore..posted the first partTongue
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OMG MONA!! Clap Clap Clap

Please post the next part soon!! Embarrassed
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Wow that is a cute attempt...lol love letter on news paper...sunkar Priya ka dialogue yaad aagaya ...golu ke golu rahgaye...u writing like pro...nice one keep writing :-) Big smile
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Originally posted by adithya_sid

Wow that is a cute attempt...lol love letter on news paper...sunkar Priya ka dialogue yaad aagaya ...golu ke golu rahgaye...u writing like pro...nice one keep writing :-) Big smile

LOLLOL...thank u sooo much!!Embarrassed
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Part 2


Dear Priya,


I don't know what people writes there in a love letter, maine kabhi nehi likha, mujhe kabhi kisine love letter nehi di...mere liye to tumahri payari payari baatein hi ek love letter ki tarha he Priya. Mujhe pata he ke tum soch rahi hongi main aur love letter likh raha hoon..kya karoon tumhe kaise manau yea pata hi nehi chal raha tha. Fir socha ki ek letter hi likhe deta hoon, sayed meri bewkufo wali baatein padke tum maan jao!


Par sach kahu Priya..main galat tha! Har din..har rozz..sirf tum sahi thi…

Main gadha hoon Priya! Mujhe tumahari sachi baatein samajh me nehi aaya..I was wrong that I didn't believed you and believed others..I was wrong that I didn't stop you that night..I was wrong that I said I'll never write love letter to anyone, not even you..I was wrong at every moment..you were right always!

But now I know that I can do it Priya! I know that I can write a love letter..I can do what I have never did before, I can do the stupidest thing of this world..only for you dear..Please forgive me yaar!


I know I have hurt you a lot..but do you know that how much painful it was for me to hurt you?..to let you go? You know that I cannot live without you dear and since the day you left..I am dying every day Priya! Please ghar aa jao! I promise that I'll never let you cry again..I'll never hurt you again..Tumhe pata he na ke main kitna bada egoistic fool hoon..main apni galti he..yea jaan ke bhi kabhi kisiko sorry nehi bolta hoon! Tumhare sath bhi aisa ki he na maine! Par aj meri ego ki aisi ki taisi Priya!..aj mujhe sirf aur sirf tum bapas chahiye...I AM SORRY PRIYA!

Jab yea news paper publish hogi to saari desh ki log jaan jayenge ki The Ram Kapoor ne Mrs Priya Ram Kapoor se SORRY bola..bo bhi ek stupid si love letter me..mere apne office ke log baat karenge mujhe pata he!..but today I just don't care Priya..I know this one sorry is not enough for the mistake I have done! Aj main hazar bar sorry bol sakta hoon tumhe aur tumse judi hui har ek insaan ko bhi…jo jo hurt hue he humari jhagde ki bazah se…bas tum bapas aa jao! Kamse kam mera phone to uthalo, 1k bar baat to karlo please!..

Main aj subha 8 baje phone karunga tumhe..aur aagar tumne phone nehi uthaya to fir kal ki news paper dekhna!..aur ek stupid si love letter hogi kal fir..aur poori desh ko pata chal jayga ke tumne mera phone nehi uthaya! To ab tum decide karlo…tum convinced ho gayi ho yea fir aur satana chahti ho mujhe…


tumhari stupid husband,

Ram Kapoor



Tears were fallen down from Priya's eyes, but a sign of sweet smile was there at her lips. "Pagal!" she whispered. He wrote a letter! And that is also a love letter! Priya still can't believe it that her boring husband is actually so ramantic that he can publish a love letter in news paper for her. She checked his signature again. "Zaroor Vikram ka idea hoga! Aur usne madat ki hogi!", Priya thought in her mind. But what she will do now. She could realize it that her heart has actually forgiven Ram.


She takes away her eyes from the news paper and see that everyone there is waiting for her reaction. Before everyone Aysha started..

Aysha : "Di! Pls maan jao na..tum kitni lucky ho di ke tumhe jiju jaisa husband mila he!"

Nuts : "Haan Priya di..i completely agree with Aysha..pls bhai ko aur mat satao na!"

Before kartik and shipra could say anyhting Sudhir said "Dekh beta..acha aur sacha jiban saathi sirf naseeb waalon ko hi milte he..mujhe pata he ke ram ne galti ki he! Par galti kisse nehi hoti he beta? Sab galti karte he..maine bhi kiye he..tune bhi to kitni galti ki he apni zindegime..par aj ram ko yea ehsaas he ke usne tera dil toda he! Bo tujhse aise sabke samne sorry bol raha he beta! Mujhe lagta he ki ab tujhe bi apna gussa chod dena chahiye!"

Priya  : "Papa!"..Before Priya could say anything Sudhir stops her.

Sudhir : "Bhai main to ab ram ke side me hi hoon..jaise usne tujhse sorry bola he na..mera gussa to thanda ho gaya he! Ab tujhe decide karni he ke tu kis side me rahna chahti he..jis side me hum sab he uss side me? Yea fir jis side me tu aur tera gussa he uss side me!"

Priya : "Papa main..main bhi..."

She can't complete her sentence as her phone started ringing. Priya looks at the wall clock and it is sharp 8 at morning...

The EndEmbarrassed

** I know guys the ending is little incomplete, but I have thought it like that onlyTongue...thank u sooo much everyone for your supportHug

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