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Here is quick one shot FF! hope this helps! Smile have a nice weekend ppl! Smile
This starts with precap scene

Priya pushed ram away. She was angry. She shouted 'just stop it...' 

She wanted to shout more at him.  But she found a new emotion overtaking her, as his words hit her. It was hurt, like a physical pain. She had opened her mouth for shouting. But now she just broke down.. Her tears turned into sobs soon..
And Ram stood there dumbfound, as he realised what he had said and done. he was hurt too, as Priya's behaviour at party had showed him his worst fear, that he was too old n fat. He had feared he will never be good enough for her, and unknowingly, Priya gave the exact message.  His insecurity and fear had made him act evil. 

But now as he was looking at hurt and broken down priya, he forgot his own anger. He couldn't see Priya like that. He loved her, god damn it! 
When you love someone, you can't see them hurt. You forget your own hurt, ego when you see their pain. Yes! you do!

Ram went to her, and tried to take her into arms. She protested. But surrendered after a while and she kept crying with her head on his heart. She knew that even if it was Ram who hurt her, it was only him she needed comfort from.  She needed him.  Both of them loved each other too much! 
Ram kept patting her head and back. His touch was apologising for his deeds. It was slowly soothing priya. 
After a while, Priya realised that Ram is crying too. she looked up and saw his tears. 
It was same for priya, she couldn't see his pain. And simultaneously, both of them lifted their hands and wiped each others tears... 
ram's voice was still husky. He said "sorry priya.. muze aisa bolana nahi chahiye tha, muze maf kardo.. Mai tumhe is halt me nahi dekh sakta.."

His words were genuiene.. They soothed priya even more...

P : even i'm sorry Mr. Kapoor! mai apse gussa thi, apne rennovation ko notice nahi kiya, aur muze bina bataye party me chle gaye.. Aur waha pe ignore kiya! Toh mai neha ke bato mai aa gayi aur apko jalane ke liye mr roy se bat ki.. bas.. 
Ram : janata hu priya..  Maine bhi gusse mai kaha, that was completely foolish of me..
Priya : pata hai mr. Kapoor, jab koi apke liye apki sari duniya hota hai, aur jab aap ko lagta hai ki uske liye aap utna mayne nahi rakhte, toh bahot taklif hoti hai...

Ram knows that now he can't keep silent anymore. He needs to tell whatever he is feeling.
He took her face into his both plams, and said looking into her eyes
'wahi toh kabse batane ki koshish kar raha hu... Tum mere liye kya mayne rakhti ho, iska ehsaas ho gaya hai muze.. Aur isliye US se daudata chala aaya tha.. kash us gadhe vikram ki bate mai nai sunta, aur tumhe saf saf bata deta..
Waise toh mai tume office mai hi keh raha tha, par... Kya karu..shayd.. Muz jaise 40 sal ke fatty ko ye sapna dekhana hi nai chahiye...'
Priya was ashamed of herself, it was her turn to make amends, and she knew it
P : Please.. Mr. kapoor.. Aisa mat kahiye.. Aap agar 40 sal ke hai, toh mai bhi koi 20 sal ki ladki nahi hu.. Aur.. fitness ki bat ko is tarah dil se mat lagaiye.. Mere rishta apke dil se hai.. plz aap muze maf kar dijiye.. Warna me khud ko kabhi maf nahi kar paungi..
her words were genuine.. she continued.. unable to content her emotions..
Aap hi meri duniya hai ... Aur aap jo kehna chah rahe hai, use sunane ke liye mai kabse taras rahi hu...
Both looked into each others eyes...  Both of them felt the hurt and pain washing away.. And only love prevailed.. Both of them were calm now, after pouring their heart out to each other... They were human beings after all, they had made mistakes.. Who doesn't? but now they were ready to forgive each other and make a new start..

Suddenly the hot air in room had turned to soothing breeze.. smile had replaced tears...
I don't know how many ages passed, as they were lost in each others eyes, Before Ram said.. 
R : I love you... Love you a lot...
P : love you too...
And Couldn't tell who initiated it, they were in each others arms.  Feeling the magic of embrace, which each of them hardly had ever dreamt...
R : waise.. Priya.. Aur ek bat kehani thi..
priya : kya..
R : pata hai, maine kamra pehali bar dekha toh muze kaisa laga?
aise ki, jaise isme jaan aa gayi ho..  Aur is waqt bhi aisa hi kuchh ehasas ho raha hai... 
Priya smiled and it was straight from heart... Then Ram took her to bed and made her rest in his arms. He patted her to sleep, and soon he drifted off to sleep too, peacefully..

When Ram woke up in the morning, he found priya, all ready, waiting  for him to wake up. When he looked at her, the smile she smiled was proof that it was indeed a new morning of their lives..
Ram took a day off from office. He spent the day completely with her. It was their day.. And Ram would not have let anyone come between them! It doesn't matter what did they do or where they went! Being together was sufficient for for the lovebirds!!

And Priya didn't know that a big surprize awaited for her as they came back home. When they reached at door, Ram stoppped Priya 
R : Priya, apni aankhe band karo..
P: ye kya bachpana hai? aur aankhe band karungi toh chalungi kaise?
R: tum na Priya, bahot bak bak karti ho! mai hu na tumhe le jane ke liye.. chalo chuchap ankhe band karo.
So Priya closed her eyes. He kept his hand on her eyes and took her into the room. when they were in front of bed, Ram stopped
R : haan, ab aankhe kholo..
Priya opened her eyes. she was speech less by the sight that awaited her!
There were Ram and Priya, smiling in a king size photo frame. The frame was a symbol of their truly being husband and wife henceforth...
Priya remembered the moment when the pic was taken.. how magical it was.. and She felt, this moment is even more magical, as Ram stood behind her, holding her shoulders, Just like in the photo!
But, if it was possible, the smile on their faces now, was looking even more beautiful that the photo!
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yay!! A very possible scene on Monday!! Hats off girl!! you did it!! Loved it!
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Really hats off 2 u! So nice, kash kash aisa hi ho! Very wel written dear!
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LOVE IT.. I hope it plays out exactly as you wrote it...

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So sweeet...really a very nice OSThumbs UpHug
loved it...go girl!!!!!... GOOD JOBClapClapClap
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wow! too good yaarClap hope aisa hi hojayeDay Dreaming
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