Boring and Bogus episodes: please stop

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Are you bored with recent story tracks of TMKOC?

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Yes definitely getting boring.
No I find the story really Fresh!
My affection for TMKOC has blinded me, I can't see any fault
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Posted: 12 years ago
Seems Script writers have (again) gone on vacation.
The current-Amuzement park visit is the most bogus and boring track in recent History of Indian Television.

Ekta Kapoor can drag a 3 line story for 3 years. I think Asit Modi is following her foot-steps.

Stop Dragging the story
  • 9 January 2012:  Precap at the end shows: Aiyyar will get lost in Bhool-Bhulaiyaa garden.
  • 10 January 2012 : Entire episode was devoted to that one thread of Aiyyar's garden journey only.
  • A story thread of 2 minutes, is dragged for 30 minutes.
Not Funny
  • I don't see any comedy in Champaklal getting 'scarred' after a roller-coster ride or doing the 'car-crash' game. Well It might have tickled my funny bone in 1994 when I was in 4th standard and such rides were 'novelty'. but it is so cliched now.
  • The Stone-statueman and Popat-marriage pleas hardly funny.
  • Dr.Haathi devouring food @ park. Again *yawn*.
  • Looped and repeated shots of amuzement park rides. You rode one, you rode all of them. What's the point in seeing? We see them in Discovery and Travel-channels all the time!
@Jethalal Aiyyar just shoot eachother and be done with it

  • Aiyyar-Jetha fight and mischief are getting sooo cliched and becoming obnoxious.
  • The way Jethalal made Aiyyer spent his whole day in that Bhool-Bhoolaiyaa garden while everyone else enjoyed the park...I find that rather sadistic and depressing. Where is the comedy?
  • You might find comedy if you're eyeing for your neighbor's wife but otherwise, hardly.
  • What happened to the theme "Gokuldham a society members take care of each other like a family?"
  • Or is it that Scriptwriter is trying to put his own sadistic fantasies about his xyz neighbour into the great story of Tarak Mehta?
  • What next? Jetha will dump his wife n kids, murder Aiyyer and marry Babita-ji.
  • ^ I mean the way they've been  mis-portraying Jetha's character, its the only logical conclusion for his end.
  • What happened to the platonic affection Jetha had for Babita-ji?
  • Why he has started looking Aiyyer as his 'competitor'? Aiyyer is husband of Babita, damnit.
  • To add the 'glamor' content, now Babita's cloth-line is decreasing day by day and her hairs are turning blonder and blonder, what next? Bikini?
  • We come to see this serial for comedy, Babita's glamor won't sustain the TRP for long if you continue like this.
No story just Promotion of park tourism

The sole motive seems to promote the amuzement park, when little kids watch the TVshow, they too start asking their parents for picnic. That's all. No entertainment or novelty, just advertizement and promotion.

Sundarlal quit serial for money problem?

  • Seems actor playing Sundarlal had fight over payment, so he refused to shoot further, hence they abruptly ended the plaster-contract track? and forcibly added the poster+park episode.
  • The Champak-Poster track was dragged too much and didnot have a convincing climax.
  • Why the villains always have 'Hriday-Parivartan' (change of heart)?Why don't they get punished?
To Dear Asit Modi
(or any of his associate reading this post)

I am pleading you again, Please stop ruining this excellent serial.
Yours sincerely,
A diehard but disappointed fan.
Edited by Mrunal_Patel - 12 years ago
Posted: 12 years ago
Totally agree with what you said.
Posted: 12 years ago
i think tht the old episodes of tarak mehta were way much more than wht we see now!!
Posted: 12 years ago
Whenever they show a tussle between Tappu-Sena vs Bhide master, it is safe to conclude that they've run out of story-ideas and script-writers have gone on vacation perhaps to fly the kites in A'bad.

18 January 2012:

Precap @ the end of serial shows that:
Jetha will ask Tappu to take 'Kasam' of Champaklal, and Tappu Confesses the crime.

19 January 2012
  • Recap was stretched for so much time,that you could skip previous day's episode without missing any story! Besides nowadays they've story line so small, it can written in the back of a tissue-paper. So 3 minute recap is more than sufficient to gauge entire week's story.
  • Rarely any laughter lines,nothing new developed in the story thread.
  • Just elaboration of same thing we saw in precap last night: Jetha asks Tappu to take 'Kasam' of Champaklal, and Tappu Confesses the crime. :(
What next?
Ofcourse we already know the climax of Tappu vs Bhide tracks:
"hriday parivartan" (Change of heart) :
Bhide master will forgive Tappu.
Then, Another diet-drama of Anjali upcoming as 'filler-episode'.
Posted: 12 years ago
20 January 2012
As expected and predicted, Master Bhide had hriday parivartan (change of heart) after it turned out that Sonu was responsible for breaking his spectacles.

Another tourism track upcoming:
Now Jetha family planning to visit Kutch, (to promote tourism in Gujarat.) same reason why they went to Kankaria festival,Ahmedabad, in Dayaben's dream, a year ago.

This is third 'travel' episode in recent time:
1. To watch Falguni Pathak's Dandiyaa show
2. To that Essel world park
3. now to Kutch,Gujarat- for Rannotsav festival.

and we all know what's gonna happen in Kutch travel episodes:
Aiyyer gets busy doing 'Aiyyayo'
and gets separated from wife Babita so Jethalal gets to do masti and Babita doesn't get much worried about missing Aiyyar either.

Brilliant. That'll be a refreshing and original story track!!
Edited by Mrunal_Patel - 12 years ago
Posted: 12 years ago
Jetha wants to have the cake and eat it too.

His wife takes revenge by inflicting Sundar on him again and again, it seems.

Posted: 12 years ago
To the point analysis Mrunal(may I call you Mrunal?). Couldn't have said every point better myself. Having said that, I must admit, I'm a sucker for this show. I don't mind a single story being dragged for 7-10 episodes, as long as all the events in between serves a purpose to the actual storyline and ultimately interesting. The last of which we saw was when posters of Chumpak Chacha promoting that he's crazy and even goes missing for a while. I liked this plot. I watched every episode of this story to see all the twists and turns. However, the following storyline post the one I just suggessted, seemed to direct them to return to useless storytelling(1-2 episode long stories) that shows no real motive for anything. Edited by Aj_Styles - 12 years ago

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