Winner of Bigg Boss 5-Juhi Parmar-Congratulations!

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Posted: 11 years ago
Winner of Bigg Boss 5 is Juhi Parmar -
Finally ..a good news early in the morning ...juhi won ..Dancing

the suspense is revealedParty

Proud of juhi fan now ..Big smile

common everyone lets congratulate juhi and we made it happen ..Dancing

I am on cloud 9Smile

as per poem by cruiser ji.. 'ab ache bache ghar se bahar  aa jao ...aur celebrate karo ' LOL

At least dont criticize juhi here ...Wink


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Posted: 11 years ago
RESPECT for the winner who kept her patience in all ugly fights
RESPECT for not doing abnormal things for footage
RESPECT for being real and not doing things u wouldn't do in real life
RESPECT for showing how ppl should respect elders
RESPECT for being a dignified woman
RESPECT for showing all woman how to behave in a way not to become a target
RESPECT for being loyal to your friends no matter what
RESPECT for trusting people and carry strong bonds in such circumstances
RESPECT for being human and getting hurt when you feel your loved ones betrayed u
RESPECT for showin the importance of relationships n making it ur priority when all questioned u
RESPECT for showing real emotions when u felt the whole world was against u
RESPECT for conducting your self so well from day 1
You are the clear WINNER Juhi Parmar!!!!Clap

Your fans are who they are because you are who You areStarStar














BBC Asia Radio interview

P.S. - Post made my @maureen100001

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Posted: 11 years ago
congrats juhi and her fansSmile
Posted: 11 years ago
PartyOMG OMG OMG juhi is the winner... PartyPartyParty
Love you Bigg bossLOL m dancing my angel is the winner DancingDancing
Thank you God Big smile
Sho sho sho shooo Happy can't tell how much i am happy Big smileBig smilePartyParty
SHooo happpyyyDancing
Posted: 11 years ago
thanks for sharing  but still waiting for Finale
Posted: 11 years ago
Juhi truly  deserves the winning title. Thumbs Up

People should accept the truth who thinks she is not popular as much as anybody. FB,twitter and IF is not only the world. Even if people uses these sites doesn't mean that they will come on social sites and support the person they like. Myself i am active on IF.but never supported juhi on social sites. at the same of maureen supports juhi on twitter Wink .
There are 'n' number of ppl who are not active on BB forum to support juhi and they are active on IF. If you see the congratulation thread thr r so many ppl who tells she is the deserving person. Smile

But they are not here to support juhi. And most of the ppl on forum are ppl frm outside India. A poll posted by some person earlier on forum proves it whr 15% are from india and the rest are from outside india. this proves In India,majority of the ppl who watches BB on TV doesn't active on forums. If few are active on any other forums its not mandatory for them to be active on social n/w.

If 15% of ppl are frm india (hardly 50 ppl) on this BB forum then how many of ppl active on any other forums from India. ??

India has 120 crores population. Out of this imagine at the minimum, 2 lakhs ppl watching BB..

can u matches the count of 50 ppl(I give 1000 ppl count LOL) on forum with 2 lakhs ?? does these 2 lakhs ppl feels the same as the ppl who posts on social n/w ??  few r similar n few r not ..

As for juhi , most of her fans might not be active here. so stop saying that juhi dont deserve title as she never won social n/w polls and she never been liked by anybody on forum.

Forum is not only the world ..there is a world beyond that. That world declared Juhi as winner. Now accept the truth and stop talking ill about Juhi. Her winning trophy answered all the questions of ppl who says she can't win as she never liked.

Must say Juhi is an intelligent person. Her speech after winning proved it. 'I supported the correct person who is genuine. If I am wrong then I could never win this title' - says JUHI about sky.Clap
She supported sky and corrected him when needed by saying he has been put in bad light.

Juhi WON .. No one can change the fact. Digest it if not take a chill pill.Big smile

JUHI is a true winner and deserves the trophy than anybody.Star  Star Star  Star

We are proud of you JUHI  Clap
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Posted: 11 years ago
Originally posted by masoom.d0n

tum jaise ghatiya fans ki wajah se first 2 seasons ke baad koi achha banda nahi jeeta...sab nautanki baaz ko pasand karne lag gyeConfuseddis was worst seasons of all...rhi kasar tum kameeno ne poori kar di

lol take it easy..LOLLOL
Posted: 11 years ago
Congrats to Juhi & her fans Party have a good time friends Smile

Juhi Parmar

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