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Posted: 16 years ago

Hi frens

Dunno if anyone has posted this article. here is the article

'My girl doesn't like my stubble'

Farhana Farook
Tuesday, March 28, 2006  19:05 IST

He is the King Khan of the small-screen. To the portrayal of Angad in 'Kaisa Yeh Pyaar Hai', actor Iqbal Khan lends a wired magnetism. The rippled-baritone and the specked-stubble make him more lethal.

Though Iqbal "works hard" he credits his unprecedented rank to the "the goodness" of his parents. While Angad's popularity continues undiminished, Iqbal says, "I'm unlike Angad. He goes overboard and even leaves his parents for love. I'm balanced."

Though Khan's chemistry with co-star Neha Bamb is rooted by aficionados of mush there were recent allegations about ego-duels between the pair.

Khan dismisses them even as he states, "Screen- chemistry has nothing to do with personal relationships. There are no egos flying. We come; we work, pack-up and go home." Iqbal is excited about playing Shaurya, a recent inclusion in 'Kavvyanjali', "He is a cool guy, and is as classy as golf and earthy as rugby."  

Having realized his dreams with Balaji, Iqbal gushes, "Whoever criticizes saas bahu soaps should know that they win the highest TRPs." He is cautious about venturing into Bollywood, "I can give 10 days a month to films. But why should I let go of what I have for something uncertain?"

On his sense of reserve he says, "I don't party. Neither will I pounce on a stranger and start fooling around. But I'm not  a snob either." Yet Iqbal is aware that women root for him.

He shares a crazy fan experience, "There is this girl from Amritsar who seems to know all about my whereabouts. Once she called up to say, 'So you had gone to the airport to drop your brother. I told you not to. I knew it would rain!' She was so true that it felt spooky."

Iqbal says with pride about his girlfriend Sneha Chhabra , "She has every quality that I wanted in a woman. But she doesn't like my stubble. So on my off-days I go clean-shaven." Is there an upcoming marriage? He replies in jest, "I'm not ready with a house. Just because you have a car you can't get married!"

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Posted: 16 years ago
aww thanks..choo chweet.. Embarrassed
Posted: 16 years ago
LOL LOL Just because you have a car you can't get married!"this line was the best part
Posted: 16 years ago
thankx seema. he luks SOOOOOOOOOOO HOT in the pic as ALWAYS Embarrassed


Posted: 16 years ago
yups..somebody posted it today..thanks anyways
Posted: 16 years ago
He's so sweet! Very down to earth.... LOL That's why we all love Iqbal!

Iqbal Khan

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