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Posted: 16 years ago

Hey guys, this is the update which I read from the website. Maybe it is the future episodes

Episode 67 - Mar 16, 2006

Chandni and Aditya have a fight again at the end of which Aditya loses his cool and tells her that she doesn't even deserve to be his friend. Manisha's condition worsens. The doctors wonder who would have tried to kill Manisha with such a lethal doze. Chandni is convinced that it was Loveena and is shocked to realise that she had registered under a false name. Fortunately, Manisha is stable again.

Kamini comes home and Vishesh tells her that Aditya has fallen in love with Chandni. Chandni is summoned into Kamini's cabin and she overhears Kamini bad-mouthing her and Aditya standing up for her. Chandni is in a dilemma and wants to figure out, what she feels for Aditya and she goes to Manisha to tell her about her predicament.

Just then, she realises that Loveena has entered the premises, spots her and chases her. The nurse discovers that Manisha is regaining consciousness. Meanwhile Loveena tells Chandni that she has injected drugs at the behest of a dangerous man, who is also responsible for spoiling Manisha's life. Chandni reaches the ICU and hears Manisha mumbling and is shocked to hear the name that she mumbles in her half-conscious state!

What do you think guys? I just hope and pray to God with the bottom of my heart that Manisha doesn't mumble Aditya's name. Remember the mysterious man's name is A.J. What if he and Aditya share the same first name! God, that would be really sad for Adi. Chandini will think that Aditya is the man resposible for Manisha's troubles and she will hate him even more!

Posted: 16 years ago
vids , kamini has left IC after she had some misunderstanding with its producers, Now this story might have been decided by tehm before which was alter on changed.
but i really hope that AJ is not aditya nor let adii be in no way involved in manisha's life
Posted: 16 years ago


well well... if it's gonna be adi then hell breakin loose man

Posted: 16 years ago
nahi .....yaar shudnt be adi! otherwise ...all our hopes will be chuu mantar Cry
Posted: 16 years ago
Gosh I do hope its not aditya, that'll totally ruin everything.
Even I heard that nigar khan had left IC!
Posted: 16 years ago
NOoOoOoOoO....... this update is way outdated! Kamini has divorced Vishesh!! LOL and Manisha will regain consciousness long after Adi and Chandni have fallen in love.... (hopefully)....
Posted: 16 years ago
i hope manisha wont tell adi's name...and nigar left ic so how come she's back or is she replaced by sumone else.
Posted: 16 years ago
ooh...i hopenot adi's.......cuz that what she wanted to talk about to manisha right? finally loveena is caught...and who is this new guy who wants to kill manisha...looks like all the troublemakers are coming back at same time...

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