Dying for attention?or is this KYPH forum

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Posted: 16 years ago

hey all!

Well I have notice a couple of days now that alot of change have been talking place in KYPH forum. First living.doll has made a good topic about being attack personally.


well I do find it bad but I also think that member who does this wants attention.These personal attacks were made to Dinky21(sneha) and they were from neha's fan. The only one thing is, some people in this forum has fail to understrand that this is not Iqbal, neha, sneha or Amit's forum and y fight? Whom ever fights and wants to leave well let them go, but we shouldn't cry over something thats not here. Also alot of people have been making post concerning Iqbal, again this is not an Iqbal khan forum and I know that we have alot of his fans here but at least we can make a club where u can only discuss Iqbal, neha,or Amit, instead of having some clubs that doesn't makes sense.This is KYPH forum and I think we should discussed KYPH show not someone's personal lives. Once in a while to make funny post not realted to KYPH should be ok NOT EVERYDAY. I am a fan of Iqbal but its started to get annoyn to see so much post on Iqbal and not one on neha or Amit. For once everyday can we talk about the show and be happy than coming here to talk about some one's personal lives? like how does Iqbal look with neha and sneha?(this is an example)Ouch

P.S- sorry if I sound rude but I couldn't take it anymore. Modz if u find this topic inappropriate you can close it, but please let me know y coz I wasn't giving personal attacks to anyone.Ouch



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Posted: 16 years ago
Yaar, I agree with you mostly.

But generally we see more IQ posts because there are more girls sighing over IQ on this forum and they are more vocal about IQ.

Nobody stops Neha's fans from posting and they should definitely do so. We can do whatever we want as long as we do not hurt or attack any other member.

Offcourse in the end everybody watches KYPH because of both Iqbal and Neha and without either of them, KYPH is incomplete.
So fighting between the fans is definitely not
warranted. As it is there are enough fights on KYPH, why bring it to the forum.
Posted: 16 years ago
i agree with u...people need to stop b/c this is starting to go too far Ouch
Posted: 16 years ago
i completely agree with u ....
Posted: 16 years ago
I agree with u, like ghunoo said, I think we have a lot of IQ fans here yaar.


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