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This is my first FF ever in this forum.  I wanted to take up a new plot but the characters would remain the same. You would see how they develop as the story proceeds =]

I sure do hope you all like this. And also tell me if I should continue this or not!


She was gone before he could say sorry. She was out of his life, disappearing into the darkness before he could hold her hand once again, reassuring her that it won't happen again.

What he could feel now was nothing but despair, the longing she had left him with. He couldn't blame her, he just couldn't. But he couldn't help but feel angry and frustrated over not being given a chance. Just this once, had she given him a chance their lives wouldn't have taken this agonizing turn.

Ram was beginning to feel betrayed the next moment. Feelings that crept were ripping his heart out. Anguish, confusion and bitterness were making him lose his sanity.

Why had she left him for just breaking a promise of meeting her for a cup of coffee!  It did not make sense to him. After all he had broken a lot of these promises in the past and never had she been angry. On the contrary, she understood that he was busy handling his father's business after his demise. She always did. Then why today?  Why now?

Had she just needed a reason to walk out of his life? Was she tired of him? And then the worst fear hit upon him that instant. Did she not love him anymore?  Of course she does and she will always. He tried re-assuring himself this time. But he was failing badly.

He needed to find her. But all she left was a note saying "goodbye"-that too in neatly written in bold letters. She had no family that he knew of. Even though he was transparent about his family and background, never once had Priya told him about her family. She had always changed the topic whenever he tried to ask her anything.

He was lost now! Yet he needed answers. He needed them badly. He was ready to hunt them down.

The emptiness of the apartment was getting to him. The air carrying her scent and the apartment where she lived now was empty, abandoned, just like him.

"Priya! I will find you where ever you are. May it take a day, month, year, lifetime or a thousand of those I will find you! And that day you will have to answer my questions willingly or otherwise."

His voice was ruthless and stern. For a moment it was evident in his eyes he wanted more than just answers from her. He wanted to once again hold her in his arms, tell her he loved her and hear her reciprocating those feelings. The next second his eyes changed their course, only anger was seen now.

 ~End of prologue~


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awesome! do continue

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continue sooon... its gr8
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do continue and add me to your PM LIST
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great... PM me..
continue soon.
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Awesome beginning, Please add me to our PM list
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nice prolouge...
do continue it...
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good start dear loved it
continue soon
thank you
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