Posted: 16 years ago

i have had to write this coz i feel ppl are bein too unreasonable and because i had to say it , representin twinkle fans...

guys i agree that yesterday she didn sing so well ... thou some of u mite disagree... but one cant criticize her just due to her perfomance yesterday.. and lookin at the big pic.. i think she has given gr8 performances annd that shows nothin but her musical talent...

i suspect she is just choosin the wrong songs and once she comes into pairs .... her partner would def explain to her her weaknesses ... etc...

n then we would have the old twinkle :)... so guys i would like to req that if some1 does not sing so well .... support them instead of bashin themm!!

i hope this makes sense... and yes twinkle yesterday mailed back and said ... from now she will try to sing to her full ability...!!Smile

Posted: 16 years ago
Makaveli313, you are right. Its just the start... we are surely going to see lots of improvement as the show progresses...

Good luck to all the contesting couples (singing ones Wink )
Posted: 16 years ago
yes mate... that's the spirit... Tongue
Posted: 16 years ago
yep i agree..!!! btw how did she sing on 17th??
Posted: 16 years ago
Originally posted by jmn7

Twinkle sang well yesterday.Twinkle should not have participated in this contest.She should concentrate on singing in films.

Twinkle sang bad..Ujjaini was better
Posted: 16 years ago

Originally posted by adwarakanath

I have seen her sing...only sing in Campus Special which she won. She is classically trained and can really sing. She's quite HOT too Heart

i c... i noe she looks damn hot... n i told that 10000 times...

Posted: 16 years ago
i told that 2 her as welll
Posted: 16 years ago
yes that's the point i am tryin to make...

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