Updt - 7th Mar (Su Today)

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Posted: 16 years ago

ok a relieving epi seen su today:

Scene 1: Krish comes and handover the carkeys to ja and manik is relieved , here kamya slaps manik and asks him to have control over his anger otherwise everything will be lost, rakeshnath also tries to say him the same bt manik is furious enough to listen bt kamya stops him and says him to find out if there is any will of ja , manik says he will find if ja's will is been made or not and also he will make sure tht kk will bow down in frnt of him.Angry

Scene 2: kk is packing schoolbag for dhruv and he asks her when papa will return, she says very soon, dhruv goes and the phone rings, its su , su by hearing her voice dont even say hello, both are mute, they dont speak with each other bt hold the line knowing tht they r talking to each other , they speak in their mind , kk says how are  u su without ur kk, he says tht without breath how life will be, kk says tht u also know tht for the reason u left the house tht can be never achieved, su noone can take ur place in my heart now and u know this Clap,Cry she says tht i know u will come back for me, suddenly dadima calls for kk so su disconnects the line , here dadima and veena enters kk's rm and tells her to help ja in the officeas she is left alone in the house  bt kk refuses by saying tht i know why are u asking me to do this so as to spend more time with ja and then u will get wht u want bt this will nt happen and dont think this will happenClap since su is nt there and i m there just to save this fam by getting destroyed further , veena asks her then why dont u come back to ja, why u dont accept him as ur husbandAngry, dadima stops her and says to her tht we just want u to help ja in office as he is back after 5 yrs and maybe he will be lost in transactions , krish interrupts saying tht why shd kk go to the office, if ja needs any help then i will be helping him .Clap, and says to kk this is ok with u na bhabhi, kk looks satisfied.ClapManik is trying to search ja's will in the office by taking out all the files and then his manager enters and he asks him abt dadaji's will bt the manager says tht this kind of will was never being made, manik then excuses himself. (I forgot to update this) and then dadima gives a call to him and remind him of dhruv to be picked up. Here dhruv is enacting in a play where in he says to his frnds tht my papa says never lie to anyone, su is observing frm backstageCry, and then two unknown people(his teachers) enact with dhruv where dhruv has to call papa bt dhruv refuses saying tht he cant call papa to anyone bt su wadhwa,Clap su is observing this and says tht ur papa is right here and is coming to u bt stops when he sees ja approaching dhruv, dhruv asks him why u came here, where is papa? ja says tht he will also come and apologises to his teachers bt they say tht no problem bt thts why we insist on the parents participation in the play alongwith their child, u tell them to come for the play and participate, ja says he will do so and walks with dhruv, su is observing this and is surprised to see dhruv's reaction.Cry

Scene 3: Kk is sitting on a sofa and krish interrupts her by doing some acts wherein she smiles, krish is happy to see her smiling and then kk says to him tht today su called her, he didnt said anything bt i know tht he was there and hands over a tiffin to him saying tht it contain teel ke laddoo which su likes made by me Embarrassedand krish is hesitant to take it bt kk says tht she knows tht krish is aware where su is bec this is nt possible tht hanuman doesnt know where his ram is ,Embarrassed krish takes the tiffin and goes , dhruv comes with manik and kk asks him how was the play, he says tht it was very bad since he had to call some stranger papa, he says tht he will never call anyone else bt su his papaClap and goes , kk looks at ja and goes, manik thinks tht this is the time to start another play, so he enters kk's rm and says tht he will play the role of father alongwith kk in dhruv's play , kk says bt dhruv, ja stops her and says tht i have accepted wht are u doing with our relation bt dont come in bet father and sonAngry, kk is surprised to hear this frm ja, dhruv enters and calls for kk, ja says tht he has decided tht he will play his father in his play bt dhruv refuses saying tht he will never call anyone his papa except suClap neither he will call u as my papa nor anyone never., ja tries to explain bt dhruv says tht u r not my papa neither my frnd,Clap i will never call u or anyone my papa, ja tries to raise hand on him, Angrykk shouts at ja so he stops , and goes frm there , dhruv rushes to kk's arms.Cry

Tom: Kk calling to su and saying tht i know u will come for dhruv's play , u will come for ur son and my promise, su is silent bt having tears in his eyes.Cry

Edited by resham_tam - 16 years ago
Posted: 16 years ago
thanks resham for the update looksl ike todays episode was much better then yesterday one Smile
Posted: 16 years ago
thanku soooo much..resham Smile
2day's epi is much better...
krish shud hav been nominated in best devar category but this SPS..[sorry 2 say]r ekta's chamchaaz Angry Angry Ouch
wat the hell is this..y manik keep on going 2 kk's room w/o her permission! Angry Ouch
our poor summit is going through a lot of pain Cry Cry
Posted: 16 years ago
True zara krish should have been nominated in the devar section may be ekta got scared that everyone would vote for him so she requested the psa ppl not to put his name hahahaaha
Posted: 16 years ago

thanks for this resham

i am sure soon kk will find out about jatin

yup krish shoudl ahve been nomintaed. he loves sukk so much

hate manik, how can he even think about hitting a small kid

way to go dhruv

i am sure su will come to the play

Posted: 16 years ago
its ok but im surprise that no body posted 29&28 march videos   why? also i need that one others programme we ve
Posted: 16 years ago

Originally posted by shabzz123

True zara krish should have been nominated in the devar section may be ekta got scared that everyone would vote for him so she requested the psa ppl not to put his name hahahaaha

yup krish shud hav been nominated and even dhruv(but that ektaAngry) i hope this yr sukk win jodi so that ekta bhi dkhe asli jodi kamal ki todays epi was lot better and gud one su kk mutual u derstanding was shown and kk sending til ke ladu cho chweet and dhruv askin 4 papa and tcoming up next su kk acting in a play Wink ahhhh i hope so su agrees and manik doesnt create a problem Ouch and everything goes fineBig smile

Posted: 16 years ago
thanks 4 the update Tongue

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