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Posted: 16 years ago

the episode starts with aditya and his x-wife jigs in the brkfast table where adi says dat he cant see nyone nearby. jigs asks him if he cant see her or not adi replies dat he is talking of human beings Big smile as jiggy gave him the usual glare adi corrects himself and said that he meant someone who will eat along with him and not someone who will eat him up.Confused 

then adi starts his usual jokes and ask jigs to eat egg.according to him though nowadays everyone is  scared of   bird flu but logoko jigs ke pas rehekehi flu hota hai!!!Big smile   as he talked he on the chair beside jiggy and rite there dadi arrives who again amost had a heart attack seeing jigs and adi. to save her son(!) she goes to the dining table and mother son duo start their usual conversation in the filmy style much to the irritation of jigs Angry dadi was successful in taking away her son 4rm the "annaconda" and jigs throws the spooon in disgust.

the scene plainly states dat both jigs and adi r still in "love'Big smile after all y did jigs say dat if adi cant see her and the way adi always cums close to her proves ....Tongue dunno how long dadi will b able to save her son!!

next scene was of pushkar who hurries from his home while his mother asks him to take brkfast but he leaves. ma is tensed ' kahi pushkar kuch galat na karle'Cry  bani cums to pushy's home and returns their bangles bhabhi asks she mite hav retrned the bangle but cud she retrn pushy's smile???  bani get scared and thinks dat she has to b with him to prevent him doing nything wrong.

pushy meanwhile sees piya and dadi going and he follows them they were shopping for piya's wedding where pushy arrives. piya gets scared ask pushky dat y he is here??!! pushky says its better dat people will know aabt them piya gives "pyar ka basta"(!!!Angry i hav never seen nyone so shameless)  not to tell nyone when pushy asks rightly asks dat abt which love she is talking.

however he didnt tell nyone when adi asks why pushky is there

on the other hand bani rushes ofice to meet pushky and dadi's phone cums where she tells bani that all of them r in shopping mall

bani gets scared s she hoped pushy doesnt create any fiasco thereClap

piya was very tensedClap (she deserves this torture)   she went to trial rum for trying a dress where pushky puts his hand on her mouth   and drags her into it.

bani reaches the spot and tries to find them. she calls frm her mobile to piya's mobile and hears the ringtone nearby.(dunno wen bani got mobile! )     she   traced that piya is going to terace and she followed

in the terrace pushky drags piya as piya pleads to leave her. he holds he r firmly and asks whether she wud hav married jai if they had crosssed the limit in the hotel room  piaponders and said "shayad nehi"

(nehi yar ! money digger like pia wud hav done nythng until she gets moneyAngry)

then pushky brings out a gun Shocked  and asks if he compels her to break limitnow then.... piya gets frightened  and gets near the terrace wall. rite then bani cums and and screams pushky to stop

pushky shows his hand to stop bani and said that he wont kill piya and then he puts the gun on himself  as everyone's breath stopped pushky pulls the trigger bani screams "nehi!!!!!!!" but thankfuly pushky was not so oooooooo mad dat he will kill himself !

he said that he wont kill himself but he wanted to see if piya stops him or notBroken Hearthe laments that since she didnt stop its clear that  she    doesnt want any obstacle in her path .  he said that he did nt spend those beautiful moments with bani bit still she has cum to help him , its an irony dat despite being close pia is so far but bani is close inspite of the duriyaaaaaaa    and saying  few other sentimental words he went away.

bani follows him and pia stands like a statue

LOL   i hope frnds wud get some que frm my update

Edited by doyelpakhi - 16 years ago
Posted: 16 years ago
Great update...Thanks a lot.
Posted: 16 years ago
thanx for the update...
Posted: 16 years ago
Thanx very much for the update. That was very nice update.

Posted: 16 years ago
Thanks for the nice update.
Now Pushkar should get the feeling that bani has a soft corner for him. Tongue
Posted: 16 years ago
thanks for the update! Tongue
hopefully know Pia will learn that it's pushky...not Jai! (sorry to all Bani-Pia fans Ouch )
Posted: 16 years ago

Thanks for the update...So pushky is sure now that Pia is just a gold digger and now I guess he will realise that Bani loves him.. Confused Tongue


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