Karan Razdan all set to March!

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Posted: 18 years ago

Writer-director Karan Razdan hasn't done much as a filmmaker so far, with his former release 'Girlfriend' and 'Hawas' garnering only hype for the genre they belonged to. They were more talked for their bold theme than the director's ability to make films. Now Karan is treading a different route altogether with films like 'Umar', 'Eight - Shani' and 'Souten - The Other Woman'. Here he is in a freewheeling interview talking about his three simultaneous releases for the month of March and more. 

Excerpts from the Interview:

It is a rare event in the life of a filmmaker when his three films are releasing at the same time. How do you feel about it?

I started almost all the films during the same time six months back. And now they're all set to release one after the other. I'm feeling lucky and excited about this rare phenomenon in Bollywood. But I wish the release of the film were in my hands and make them appear in short intervals. Now I've left everything in the hands of the audience.

Will any of your three films create controversy like Girlfriend or are you playing safe this time?

Controversies don't matter but commercial aspect does at the end of the day. My film 'Girlfriend' did run at the box office and the producers and the actors were happy about the outcome. We made money out of the film and it mattered. I wouldn't be hypocrite enough in this regard. For my new releases there should not be any controversy regarding them as the subjects are real and will have surprise element in them.

Three films with three different subjects. Tell us what are your films all about?

I'm making these films just not for the sake of it and there is nothing such that I intend to play safe in this regard. Actually these are the subjects that had been with me for a long time and have also touched me. 'Umar' is the coming together of generation between the old played by Prem Chopra, Kader Khan and Satish Kaushik and the young Jimmy Sheirgill and Shenaz Treasurywala. 'Souten - The Other Woman' is about a married couple and another women who comes in their life. It is one film that might have the controversial element.  'Eight-Shani' is a supernatural suspense thriller and it is a very interesting film. It circulates more about Karma. I was inclined to get veteran actress Leena Chandavarkar as a play back singer. However things didn't materialize.

You also did face some trouble during the making of 'Souten - The Other Woman'?

That's true. At first it was the title of the film. But we settled with it, as my producer Navin Tak is the nephew of Sawan Kumar Tak who had the title under his name. Then there was the issue with Mahima Choudhury who is in the lead of the film. She troubled Navin and I stood by Navin. But she is looking hot and good in the film and this is a kind of change in her image.  

It seems you prefer working with newcomers to the established stars. Why?

I don't need stars for my film, as most of my films are character based. Also I like working with the energetic young people who can give you their best and you can also mould them accordingly.

How did you come upon Raaj Kumar's daughter for Eight-Shani?

I got introduced to Vastavikta through a common friend.  I was in search for a girl then to play the lead in my film. I offered her the film and she agreed to do it as it reminded her of her father's film 'Neel Kamal'. She definitely has acting in her blood and she has proved that with the film. Her performance is wonderful. There is another newcomer alongside her Raj Tara, the male lead in the film. He is also a great discovery.

What about another talked about film Maang?

The film is about marital rape. I am hunting for the cast of the film. I wanted Nandana Sen to be the heroine of the film. But hearing the story she felt that she couldn't do the character. After I get the heroine I plan to start shooting for the film from April onwards.