Pehla Pyar-->Angad+Kripa & Dk+Disha

Posted: 2006-02-24T17:01:59Z

Presenting to you another fanfiction called:

"Kya Yehi Pyar Hai"


Josh- Angad's younger brother

Angad- owner of recording studio

Dk- Angad's older brother...owner of Kanaka

*All brotherslive under one roof*

Dilip- Angad's dad

Naina- Angad's mom

Aliya- Kripa's younger sister

Kripa- upcoming singer

Disha- Kripa's older sister...stays at home with Gayatri

Gayatri- Kripa's mom

that's all da characters for now! this is a whole new concept....i am sorry i didnt put Kumund or Kshitij in it but i never saw them on t.v. they might make a guest appearance.

i will write the first part tomorrow...

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Posted: 2006-02-24T17:07:43Z
wow sounds nice.................can't wait for the first part
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Posted: 2006-02-24T17:19:39Z
Heyy Kajal!!..OMGG u started ur going to start ur fanfic which u were talking abut at skool!!..YAY i cant wait!!...plzz continue!!..and c u at Mandir tomorroww!!..

Luv ur big sis and best friend,
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Posted: 2006-02-24T17:38:40Z
sounds intersting continue soon Smile
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Posted: 2006-02-24T19:24:36Z

Angad's House:

Angad and Josh and Dk are having breakfast.

Angad: so what are plans for today?

Josh: clubbing, flirting, the usual

Dk: you are never going to change.

Angad: JOsh, there are other things to life than girls you know!

Josh: oh like what?

Dk: like work

Angad: and being independent!

JOsh: but..

Angad: no buts!

Dk: you either help me or Angad but you arent going to sit around all day.

Josh is like this isnt going to go anywhere.

Josh: fine! i will help Dk bhayyia.

Dk: then it's settled. go get ready.

Just as he is about to get up Dilip and Naina come in.

Naina: good morning!

Dk/Angad: good morning, ma

Josh: good morining mom

Dilip: naina, you never say good morning to me this nicely.

Naina: you never get up on time.

Dilip: neither do these precious sons of yours!

Naina: a mother can never be angry at her children.

ANgad(jokingly): only at her husbad!

all three sons laugh.

A smile slowly creeps up on Naina's face.

Naina: speaking of getting up early, JOsh since when have you gotten up this early.

Josh(unwillingly): i have to go to work with Dk bhayyia.

Dilip: kya? aaj pehle baar mera beta office jayega!!!!!

JOsh: dad?

Josh goes and gets ready even though he doesnt want to.

Angad: bye ma! bye papa!

Josh: bye guyz! see you later!

Dk: bye ma! bye papa!

Dk's Office:

Josh gets his own cabin but that doesnt mean he doesnt do anything! Dk gives him a bunch of work and he isnt that happy about it either.

A girl comes into his cabin to give him a file. Josh doesnt look up from his computer screen while she talks. JOsh is like yeah, yeah, yeah!

Girl: um..excuse me sir...can you check these files?

he looks up to recieve the files but instead recieves the most waited shock of his life. she is a beautiful girl who is wearing jeans with a nice dressy top. she has her hair clipped back.

Josh: no need to call me sir! hi, i'm Josh.

Girl: okay, i'm aliya.

they shake hands.

Dk walks in while they are shaking hands.

Dk(curiously): what exactly are you guys doing?

Josh: Oh nothing! just getting rid of the formalities.

Dk: tum khabi nahi sudro gaye!!!


sorry if it's short but next part is angad's intro. this was josh's intro. as you can see he's the care-free type! hope you guyz enjoyed! PLEASE DO COMMENT!!!!!!Smile

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Posted: 2006-02-24T19:56:43Z
wow loved the first part can't wait for some more Wink
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Posted: 2006-02-24T22:45:30Z
how come i didnt see this?????.........

Anyways that was good!!!

this is gonna be interesting!

please cont soon!
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Posted: 2006-02-24T23:04:09Z
oh another dk-disha, angad-kripa fanfic.

more fun for me.

thanks kajal, continue soon its good Big smile
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