Take Ten: Amita Chandekar

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Posted: 18 years ago
Amita Chandekar
She made her debut with Balaji Telefilms Kuttumb three years back after which she followed it up with Qayamat on DD, Kamal on Zee, Kya Hadsa Kya Haqeeqat on Sony and Kahiin To Milenge on SaharaOne.

Amita Chandekar was famous for her role as  Malini in the recent daily Piya Ka Ghar. Now she is CID special Bureau's very own investigative cop Ashwini and also portrays the character of a famous and glamorous actress on Zee TV's new daily 'Kasamh Se'.

Your birth date and star sign?
I am a Taurean born on April 23

Do you believe in astrology and numerology?
I am not very interested in Numerology but Astrology, yes.

Where were you born and which school did you go to?
I was born in  Mumbai and I did my schooling from GK High School, Lokhandwala.

What was your first  job and how much was the paycheck for?
I think it was when I was in Std 9. I gave tuitions to this girl who was a class lower than me and I earned 400 bucks a month.

One thing you are bad at?
I can't hide my feelings.

What is your favourite smell?
I love the smell of freshness. I like natural things.

Where would rather be living?
I love Lokhandwala. I have grown up here and want to live here only.

What phone do you use?
Nokia 6610

What car do you drive?
Honda City

Do you regret loosing touch with anyone?
A really close friend, we just stopped talking recently. I hope things get better soon.