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Posted: 18 years ago
Till death do us part
   By: Anita Raheja & Heena Agarwal
   February 11, 2006

Parmeet Sethi and Archana Puran Singh have been married for more than a decade now but their romance has only grown stronger with each passing year. Parents of two lovely sons, Arymann and Ayushmann, the twosome continue to be each other's Valentine. She affectionately calls him Bittu while he lovingly  addresses her as Micky.

Thought for food

Parmeet Sethi and Archana Puran Singh
Parmeet: I like to drink a litre of water followed by a cup of tea. I like to experiment with different flavours. My current favourite is Earl Grey.
Archana: I like to eat as soon as I wake up. I begin my day with tea, biscuits and some whole wheat toast. I like a good English breakfast.
I am a..
Parmeet: non-vegetarian.
Archana: pure vegetarian.

Lunch at home is
Dal, roti, rice and salad. Dahi is a must. We eat garden fresh vegetables grown in our vegetable garden.
Archana: A glass of fresh carrot juice is a must for me while Bittu likes to have fresh nimbu-pani and sweet lassi.

In the evenings, I snack on
Parmeet: I don't snack in the evenings, but if I don't have a cup of tea I get a headache.
Archana:  I like to snack on biscuits, rusks and cookies from Dehradoon. I get them especially flown from there.

At night, we dine on
If we are at home  Parmeet likes to have rajma chawal or kadi , roti, baigan ka bhartha, raita and salad with a glass of fresh nimbu pani. I am happy with my diet Coke or Pepsi with my meal.

After dinner I like to eat
Fruits. I try and resist chocolates.
Archana: I like to eat fruits. Or at times a chocolate brownie or a piece of mithai.

My favourite vegetable
I like baigan ka bhartha and palak.
Archana: I like tinda.

I am allergic to:
Remembering anything and turnips (shalgam)
Archana: Good-looking women, the kitchen and cooking.

I hate eating:
Archana: Non-vegetarian food.

My favourite cuisine
Indian and everything Italian.
Archana: Italian. I love fettucini and spaghetti, I love the arrabbiata sauce.

Our favourite restaurant:
We love eating at the Four Seasons in New York, Scalini, an Italian restaurant in London. In India, our favourite coffee shop is the one at Marriot. For Avadhi food we recommend Zikr in Oshiwara. For Italian food we love eating at the Casalinga, Juhu.

One food / drink that has a childhood memory for me:
Mutton biryani.
Archana: Gajar ka halwa and besan ka halwa. My mom makes them with the right blend of ingredients and lots of love.

My fitness regime:
I play tennis in the evenings to keep fit.
Archana: I don't have any, but I try to take a walk as often as I can.

Since we have a double storied bungalow, I keep going up and  down – it's the perfect exercise. I have recently joined Shiamak Davar's dance classes.

For shootings, I always carry:
Lots and lots of responsibility, my hair brush, home food, apples and water.
Archana: Fruits, cookies, biscuits, water and something sweet to munch.

My best dining friends are:
Apurva Agnihotri  and  his wife Shilpa.
Archana: My two sons Arymann and Ayushmann.

In my fridge you will always find:
Cold cuts like salami, sausages and eggs. I can't do without eggs they are my saviours.
Archana: Diet cola, lots of fruits, chocolates and a variety of cheese.

Our Sunday lunch is:
Usually, kadi chawal, puri alu, parathas with dahi and raita.

My favourite cook from my family is:
My mother Sushil Sethi, she makes excellent mutton biryani.
Archana: My mom. She makes even the simplest food seem most exotic. She makes excellent halwas and panjri.

The one dish I expertise in:
A simple brandy chicken.
Archana: I can make the most amazing parathas. Believe it or not, they actually phulao.

My comfort food is:
Vegetable soup.
Archana: Sweet, rich ,sinful and mostly chocolatey dessert or some hot jalebis.

I love the sight of:
Parmeet: A well-made salad.
Archana: Fresh mango with ice-cream.

I love the sound of
Anything being sauted in a wok.
Archana: The sound of puris being fried.

I love the aroma of:
Parmeet: Rosemary in a meat sauce.
Archana: Besan being roasted.

I love the touch of:
Parmeet: Dal chawal on my fingers.
Archana: Pulao on my hands.

I love the taste of:
Parmeet: Rajma.
Archana: Aam ka achar.

food stuffs I can't resist buying:
Parmeet: spring onions.
Archana: Australian cookies and mangoes. During the mango, season I can eat two kilos of mangoes at one go.

I feel guilty after eating:
Parmeet: A sinfully rich chocolate cake.
Archana: Desserts because a moment on the lips is forever on the hips.

The craziest combination I have tried in food:
Parmeet: I can't remember.
Archana: Bournvita and a banana sandwich. When one is starving in a hostel, one doesn't stop at trying anything.

The vegetable I think my partner resembles
Parmeet: Archana resembles a carrot. I can eat her as a salad raw or cooked. I dare not call her a baingan.
Archana: Parmeet resembles a lauki because he is tall, slim and a real chikna.

On our first date
We went to a disco called Xanadu, we danced like crazy till four in the morning. We  were too engrossed in each other to eat anything.

Before a kiss I would never eat:
Parmeet: Onions.
Archana: Garlic and onions.

Our idea of a romantic meal is: 
The choicest wine, soft music and a good three course meal. We would love to go to Mezzo Mezzo.

After making love
I would probably have some iced tea. I would like to watch TV with her and make small talk.
Archana: I like to cuddle, talk for a while and then fall asleep.


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i am now really confused as to what they like and what they dont... 😕

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look who are parmeet's dining partners
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yday i saw ddlj and he looked really handsome in that
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ermm..😕😕 so what are their like and dislikes exactly???me toooo confused.. anyway, thanks cb.. 😛
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So they like a lot of Indian and Italian stuff hmmm
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love parmeet..hate archana 😆
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thanks for that 😛 ...i'm really confused as to what they like and don't like now 😆