Happy Birthday Princess Neha Jhulka <33

Posted: 12 years ago

Nadia:Well Maryam wat do u knw today is someone specials Bday😎

Maryam: Whose bday is it🤔

Nadia: hw cn u forget bekaar woman😳

Maryam: Coz I'm ghajini isliye I forgot che🤣

Nadia: She's gorgoues and She's beautiful

Maryam: Oye hoye lemme guess, its not mine aur kika che🤣

Nadia :Oye hoye  urs is soon che haan wait wait🤣

Nadia: She's our princess😳and the guitar queen😎

Maryam: Ahan princess and guitar that can only be one person!Ok its nehoodis bday☺️

Nadia: Yess there's onli one princess in our world😍

Maryam: She's soo special che☺️Damn theres no one like her!

Maryam: one and only u mean😍

Nadia :Yess she is☺️

Maryam: sometimes I wish I cud be her prince😍

Nadia :Omg yeah I knw u wud go gay for her 🤣

Maryam: Ahan I soo wud☺️  any day😍who wudnt😳 Imean the only downside of being a girl is tht u can't have nehoodi 😒

Nadia :Aaahhh I knw man pshhhttt 😳 shes soo special and gorgeous☺️

Maryam: Ya I knw man shes totally hot and perfect!😍

Nadia Let's be guys for today and drool shool over our princess😳

Maryam: Ahan ok done😳


Nadia :Have u seen her songs frm her tamil film?She looks amazing  I was looking yest <3

Maryam: Some of them I have😳 bt hayeee she is soo pretty ❤️ She is soo talented also😉

Nadia :I knw che she's the most gorgoues woman I have seen<3<3

Maryam: That she is, But coming to think about it she can model act and make million of heart skips beats !🤪

Nadia! I know such a heart stealer😳

Maryam: Shes someone who cant be ignored because she stands out!☺️

Nadia: Totally after all shes princess. And Talking about multi tasking shes outstanding in kaisey kahein her Bollywood debut!😳

Maryam: Ya I agree man😳she's soo cute there I love her hair in that film!And the guy is crap🤣 Bt her acting makes it worth watching😍Though I wish it had her own voice coz her voice is soo cahuttee che😳

Nadia :Tell me abt it I missed her voice

Maryam: She said once on fb she doesn't have a good voice🤣

Nadia :Haila she's mad 🤣 she has the besht voice ever☺️

Maryam: shes a behoodi😎 with an adorablelicious voice😍

Nadia : I wish I had her voice 😍Wen I hear it I'm like awww adorableness😳

Maryam: We can only wish😉Tehe waise wat wud we do if we met her on her bday☺️

Nadia :Haila I dunno😳I wud faint bt that wud waste tym so umm 🤣lemme think

Maryam: Kameeni stop fainting🤣Kuch original soch coz we are original😎

Nadia: Haan u have a point

Maryam: I always have a point

Nadia: Ya your bery shmart tms

Maryam: Wish there was a cake cutting scene in dmg tehe☺️ they never used her full potential <\3 But their loss

Nadia: Tell me about it!😳

Maryam: Im so proud of her for leaving it

Nadia: So am I shes too sexy for DMG😎 They could never get anyone like her coz no one like her exists ☺️

Maryam: She made me smile soo much after she took that decision😍

Nadia: She always makes us smile remember the time when she came back to dmg just for us!😳

Maryam: OMG how can I forget we spammed that petition soo much LOL and she appreciated it and came jst for us! Tht feeling was soo epic man😍

Nadia: I know shes truly loves us☺️ One of the most down to earth celebs isn't she?

Maryam: Ahan she totally is too sweet ! Even the people who aren't her fans can't ignore her sweetness☺️

Nadia: I soo want to give her a hug for this!😍

Maryam: I know me too wish we cud hug her on her birthday😍

Nadia:and never let her go☺️

Maryam: Oye hoye😳

Nadia : Waise we shud buy her a guitar for her bday🤪

Maryam: Omg ya and I soo wanna hear her sing and play the guitar☺️

Nadia :Haaan😍 me too

Maryam: We can faint while she plays the guitar Coz she's awesome like tht😎

Nadia:Nahi ji no wasting time🤣 I think I want her to sing and we cn dance and enjoy ☺️

Maryam: Or we can jst stare at her😍

Nadia: We can form a band with her 🤣

Maryam: band par kahe ko 🤣

Nadia: Aveyn aveyn

Maryam: Aveyn Aveyn hum nehoodi ke liye loot gaye,😳 I wanna see her dance on that😍

Nadia: OMG me too!

Maryam: Waise she's very friendly also, gets along with everyone☺️

Nadia :I knw she's too sweet and grounded 😳

Maryam: Remember tt interviewand when sehbu said that she's exactly like naina ☺️

Nadia: And when she came as Pari in Geet DD said shes soo sweet and cute😍

Maryam: I bet he fell for her first day☺️

Nadia :Haaan and that's the beauty part🤪we have to invite sehbu for her bday party🤔

Maryam: Ofcourse It wud be adhoora without him☺️

Nadia : Jst her him and us ☺️

Maryam: Haila tht thought makes me wanna faint🤪

Nadia :Haila dnt that wud waste tym pagal 🤣

Maryam: bt we will leave haan after our phangirlish moments so tht they can have privacy☺️🤣

Nadia: I knw we'll leave a hidden camera and go 🤣

Maryam: I know we will 🤣

Nadia:Ab let's stop bakwas and let's bring the walls down, set the dance floor on fire And rock this party

Maryam: Oye hoye🥳

Nadia: Happy Bitrthday Nehoodi🤗

Maryam: Happy Birthday Princess You're the Best! the best che🤗 ❤️

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Posted: 12 years ago

Neha Jhulka... 
WHat can i say about her😳 she is everything👏 An AMazing Human Being, An Adorable Co Star, A rocking Actor😳 She's Totally perfect in everything she does.
Neha Jhulka, She started off as a Model, She was a Participant in Femina Miss India 2006.

She didnt win the pageant but She was still loved by many ppl 😳 and went on to do Loads of Ads and Modelling Campaigns😛 Such as: Numis Hair gloss, Airtel, Intel Pentium Processor, Parker Pen, HDFC, Tata Indicom. Neha has also appeared in print advertisements for Reliance Mobile, Nivea Cold Cream, SBI ADVT, Ponds Prickly Heat Talc, CLUB HP, Chick Shampoo, TVS Scooty Pep, and Black Slick Shine Shampoo. She Appeared in a Airtel ad with Kajol in which she picturised a gorgoues bride and Oh my did she look AMazingly Beautiful🤪

In 2007 she was offered a few telugu films, she done her debut in telugu films with Viyyala Vari Kayyalu, 

Looking gorgoues as ever 😍 then she wnt on to do another telugu Film Called Okkudunnadu...

Then in 2007 she Made her Bollywood Debut with Kaisay Kahein, The film was pretty gud and her acting was Appreciated by one and all😳👏

She looked adorable, her haircut, her Style, I just love her dude😳 She just looks simply stunning and AMAZING!!!!!!!!!
After KK she went on to do One more Bollywood film Called "Phir Kabhi" in 2009 with stars like Mithun and Dimple.

She also starred in a music video with Abhijeet sawant in 2009😛

AFter that came her Best Work yet ❤️ 🤪 😍 DILL MILL GAYE😳

In DIll Mill Gaye, SHe was just Herself, and that made the character so memorable and Much more adorable. It Made Everyone love her, Each person that saw her had to love her for being herself <3
Thats our Nehoodi The gorgoues and Beautiful Princes 😍 Wish she lasted longer but she didnt let anyone put her down and took a stand and Left the show, which made her fans so proud of her 😍 And for those fans and there support she did cum back in sept 2010 but after 3 episodes left yet again because DMG CVs cudnt treat her character well enuf 😳 But we are so proud of u princess and so happy that we got to see you as Naina Mehta no one cud have done it better 🤗 actually NO ONE COULD HAVE DONE IT THE WAY SHE DID😳

AFter DMG she was offered a Cameo in Geet, as Pari😳

ANd just like a ANgel sent from heaven she reunited the couple and made us fall more deeper in love with her adorableness <3
Thats the reason we love her 😍
ANd hope to see her doing alot more stuff in the future coz we miss her cuteness on TV😳

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Posted: 12 years ago
They say that every girl needs that one special  guy in her life😳 Nehoodi got hers☺️ Well its pretty obvious its her chai juice bread coffee partner😍 and without him the day is completely adhoora coz nehoodi is adhoori without sehbulcious😍 He makes her smile soo much ☺️

So yes they would probably have a blast on her birthday! She would play the guitar for him coz their jst unique😎 Soo cahutte they are☺️ Btw as im very bad at writing and all im glad i have these imagination powers and i really hope you all have them too 🤣So ya they wud probably be doing something like this for her birthday coz its soo them☺️


And because i think this song would suit them while she will cut her cake and he will stare at her i shall post it☺️ OMG i wanna see them dancing to this🤪


Just them two and all other people have nothing to do☺️ I can't take my eyes off YOU <33

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Posted: 12 years ago

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PRINCESSS SSS😍 Wat do i say about her now🤔 i dunno how to express my feelings ive always beeen realy bad it 🤣 bt then i jst seem to waffle yeah thts my speciality tehe :P 

Ok now we tareefed her beauty her adorableness so imma jst talk abt how i fell in love with her😳 Its a filmy story i love typing it ☺️ well shes the reason why i gave dmg 2 a chance coz her promo was L O V E! it was jst breath taking her behoodiness the spark the new look jst everything made me love her! love the character of DR naina mehta she was such a naughty princess from day one stealig everyone hearts away and she stole mine too ☺️ thankgod i saw her promo🤪

The way she lied made me love her even more 🤣 bt the way she interferred and the way she carried herself being annoying yet soo gorgeous😍 bt her annoying factor is wat attracted me to her i dont usually fall for ppl easily so she is deffo special  her acting skills were amazing from the beginning the sad happy naughty foolish scenes were soo her <33 naina was lovable coz nehoodi is kyuke usse kung fu bhi aata hai☺️ and neha is the only actress on tv who can carry western eastern yet im not able to decide wat she looks best in coz she makes my heart skip beats in watever she does I LOVE HER! the cuteness the hotness the everything!

As its her bday imma tell a secret 🤣 well i was more of a sehbu fan first bt nehoodi blew me away and made me fall in love with her😍 i realised how important she was to me after a time bt i did i did😎 im slow ok 🤣 bt every decision she made was right and im soo proud of u neha for leaving dmg oh yes i am and then coming back jst for us u make me smile ☺️ i also jst wanna thank for for every moment she made me smile :$ be it as naina or with her cahuteee 1 2 3 start in the TT int ily princess ☺️ oh and shes the most adorable thing ever she even sang for her fans who does tht! OMG and wenever she replies on fb its like magic coz shes soo sweet!😳

I wish her the best in life coz shes the best ❤️ hope allah fulfills all ur wishes princess🤗 and ur dreams come true! ur a total sweetheart so jst remain the same and ur the only girl in this world i can go gay for😍 and im soo serious bout tht no one makes me feel the way tht u do lmao! Miss u sooo much onscreeen we need u back asap coz we miss seeing u! bt i know u will come back with a bang sooon :) and even if u dont u will rock in watever u day
once a rockstar always a rockstar😎 I LOVE U ☺️

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Posted: 12 years ago
Happy Bday tp our Princess, WIll be back tomorrow to talk abt ehr 🤪 im so sleepy nw lub u 🤗
Posted: 12 years ago
 Oye hoye the post looks amazing dont we rock😎 🤣 Happy brithday princess lub u always <33
Im soo excited so had to post baraat

Posted: 12 years ago
Happpy Birthday Princesss Love you sooo much🤗 ur the best mwah hope you get everything you wish for <33 amazing post guys love everything and the creations are soo gorgeous ☺️
Posted: 12 years ago
 YAYYY!!! i was soo excited for this post and aaah its lovely☺️ loved the convo 🤣 and its her day and i agree shes too special man <2 Happy birthday princess🤗 wishing you all the success in life misss u :( but hope to see you soon on tv 😳 Love you always !
Posted: 12 years ago
 awww you guys came😎goood good princess ka bday che we have to rock sock haan😍

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