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About Don't Worry Chachu

Don't worry Chachu is a story of Chintan Poppatlal Desai and his joint family'A family which has unique and strange characters 'the story revolves around the reactions and interactions of all the members of this Desai family'Chintan Poppatlal Desai is an extremely good hearted man who has become over concerned due to his family'He has been sandwhiched between his strict father , the responsibilities of a joint family and raising his brothers' kids'somewhere his concern and love has turned into his hyper nature over the years'his wife Niti Chintan Desai compliments him with her chilled out nature'.
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Agham (Kunal Madhiwala)
Agham is bitten and smitten by the acting bug' he feels "zindagi ek rangmanch hai aur hum sab yahan apni bhoomika nibha rahein hai'

Alok (Neel Shah)
The youngest and cutest son 'he loves exaggerating while talking and makes up amazing stories 'they loving call him "feku"

Deepti Shrikant
They call Ayushi Black and White as she is four times more cultured and traditional than the heroines of the black n white era'but she has a hidden trait to her that she is a Chuppa Rustom 


Bhawana C. Desai (Sugandha Mishra)
Bhawana is Chintan's wife who is a carefree and easy going person 'she is always chilled out unlike her husband and she manages her family with ease and comfort..she is extremely helpful and dependable 

Chintan P. Desai (Asif Sheikh)
Chintan is the middle son of the family and has taken the responsibility of his family'He is a kind hearted person who is always concerned about his people so much so that his concern has now turned into a constant worry 'he has become like this because of his strict father and the responsibilities and bringing up his brothers' children as they have been away because of their professional commitments'he uses "don't worry " as his takiya kalaam when he himself is always panicked 'the entire locality calls him CHACHU

Chirag P. Desai (Sachin Parekh)
Chirag is the youngest son of the Desai family and runs a travel agency 'he has an amazing power to convince people'also there has been a record that in his entire span in his agency he has always goofed up on bookings may it be air , hotel reservations or pick ups or drops'but he still manages to run his agency 
Chiranjeev P Desai (Sanjeev Jotangiya)
Chiranjeev is the eldest son of the family who is a sales manager in an Ayurvedic Medicine Company and in a month 28 days he is out of town to achieve his targets'he is an over emotional person and he worships his parents and can do anything for them 

Dadaji : Shri Poppatlal Chhaganlal Desai (Anang Desai)
Dadaji is a  self made man and the head of this family 'he is strict to the core and gets angry at the blink of his eye'he is a man of word and never goes back on what he says'he is disciplined and loves the finer things of life'he has zero tolerance and is a non ' diplomatic person'Dadaji uses a takiya kalam "ek jhappad laga doonga"

Dadiji : Shrimati Kasturiben Poppatlal Desai (Farida Dadi)
Dadiji is a very sweet and loving grandmother'her entire life has gone in controlling Dadaji's anger and she has let go a lot of things in life 'so much so that whenever she begins a conversation her sentence starts with "jaane do '"
Munni (Priya)
Munni is the domestic help of the Desai family'she is a part of the family ..she has completely peculiar habits and is always super confused'she can make basundi out of dahi and kadhi out milk'such are her sensibilities and whenever she goofs up she says "munni ko badnaam na karo ji"  

Navya (Almas)
She is a talking encyclopedia 'she has amazing general knowledge and can talk on any topic under the sun'so much so that she can actually bore anyone with her GK'and she is named "chatu" as wo sabka dimag chat jaati hai.
Nikul (Yash Shah)
He is a whiz kid and has this amazing mechanical and technical knowledge and can repair almost any computer, laptop , etc'he is a pro at all gadgets and is a gadget freak 'he is known as "virus" in his family

Niti C. Desai (Sharmili Raj)
Diya  is the youngest daughter in law of this family'she is nave and superstitious'everybody calls her " musibat chachi" as she whatever she says in a given situation , exactly the opposite happens 

Raika (Chinky)
This little girl is a devil in disguise 'she behaves like a goon and she is roudy in nature'her boyish ways and attitude contribute to a lot of complains from school 

Rasha (Dhriti)
She is the princess of the family'at a very young age she walks , talks and behaves like a princess'She is stylish and up to date and very delicate and demure'Everybody in the family believes that she is a re- incarnation of dadaji's mom.

Rekha C. Desai (Anushka Singh)
Bhavna is the eldest daughter in law of the Desai family 'she is one confused soul and has never taken any decision in her life by herself'for some strange reason she is always nervous' 

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