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Posted: 12 years ago

Everything is covered well by Vrish, just wanted to add 1 thing, Krishna's discus is shown moving in anti-clockwise direction, shouldn't that be moving in clockwise direction.( In IPL Mumbai Indian's symbol discus, when changed from anti-clockwise movement to clockwise movement , they started doing better๐Ÿ˜†)

Posted: 12 years ago
^^^ ASR made the same mistake - if you see my avatar - the first gif of Narayan, the discus on his finger is rotating anti-clockwise, just like Krishna's in this serial.  But since both were right handed, shouldn't it have spun clockwise?  Anti-clockwise would have made sense if sent from the left hand index finger, no?
Posted: 12 years ago
Originally posted by mnx12

Everything is covered well by Vrish, just wanted to add 1 thing, Krishna's discus is shown moving in anti-clockwise direction, shouldn't that be moving in clockwise direction.( In IPL Mumbai Indian's symbol discus, when changed from anti-clockwise movement to clockwise movement , they started doing better๐Ÿ˜†)


LOL eagle eyes!!! ๐Ÿ˜†
Posted: 12 years ago
Originally posted by camella


LOL eagle eyes!!! ๐Ÿ˜†
 There was an article about this๐Ÿ˜†
Posted: 12 years ago
Most of us would have noticed, as the battle b/w Krishna and Narakasura is in progress, Krishna uses all his weapons- viz- Sudarshan Chakra, Kaumodaki, Nandaka, Sharanga and Panchajanya. 

Here is a sloka in praise of all of Vishnu's weapons-

Sphurad sahasrara Shikhadhi theevram,
Sudarshanam Bhaskara koti thulyam,
Suradvisham prana vinasi vishno,
Chakram Sadaham saranam prapadhye. 1 {Sudarshan Chakra}

surrender always to the Vishnu's wheel,
Which is sharper than thousands of flames,
Which is equal to billion suns,
And which takes out the life of Rakshasas.

Vishnor mkhothonila poorithasya,
Yasya dwanir Dhanava dharpa hantha,
Tham Pancha janyam, sasi koto shubhram,
SAnkham sadaham saranam Prapadhye. 2 {Panchajanya- Conch}

I surrender always to Lord Vishnu's conch,
Which makes sound due to the air from mouth of the Lord,
Whose sound humbles the pride of Rakshasas,
And which shines like billions of moons.

Hiranmayim Meru samana saram,
Koumodhakeem daithya kulaika hanthrim,
Vaikunta vamagra karabhimrushtam,
Gadham sadaham saranam prapadhye. 3 {Koumodaki - Mace}

I surrender always to Lord Vishnu's mace,
Which is golden and shines like mount Meru,
Which is Koumodhaki, the destroyer of Rakshasa clans,
And which is lucky to be touched by the left hand of Vishnu.

Raksho uraanaam katinogra kanadach-,
Chethakshara sonitha digdha dhaaraam,
Tam Nandakam nama Hare pradeeptham,
Gadgam sadaham saranam prapadhye. 4  {Nandaka-sword}

I surrender always to the sword of Lord Vishnu,
Which is hard, powerful and shines red due to the blood,
Which flows when it cuts the heads of Rakshasas,
And which is called Nandaka and shines in the hand of the Lord.

Ya jjayani nadha sravanath suraanam,
Chethamsi nirmuktha bhayani sadhya,
Bhavanthi daithyasani bana varsha,
SArngam sadaham, saranam prapadhye, 5 {Sharanga - bow}

I surrender always to the Sarnga bow of Vishnu,
Whose sound heralds victory in the mind of devas,
And whose presence removes the fear from their minds,
By reminding of the arrow down pour against Asuras.

Posted: 12 years ago
One aspect of how Krishna is depicted in mythos is his choice of astra - shastras.  Some serials, like BRC, showed him as a one dimensional warrior who only used his Sudarshan chakra, and nothing else.  Some others, like RSK,did a better job in showing him (and Balarama) use other weapons, like their bows.  Since Krishna is best known as Arjun's charioteer, it is better that he's shown as an all-round warrior in the battles & wars that he did fight in, rather than just someone who used a one-size-fits-all Sudarshan chakra for everything.

This serial has not disappointed me in that regard, whatever its other shortcomings are.  In Krishna's battle w/ Rukmi, they showed him fight using first his arrows, then his sword.  Similarly, Balarama knocked Sishupala's sword b4 getting into a mace fight w/ him.

In Krishna's battle w/ Jambavan, it was a wrestling match, which they somewhat spoiled by having Jambavan attack him w/ weapons.  Earlier, when Krishna fought some demons, he used his arrows to counter their weapons b4 sending his discus @ them.

But nowhere did they show the diversity of Krishna's weapons better than last night.  He used his Saranga bow to destroy the rocks coming @ him, his Sudarshan Chakra to cut into the ocean and twisters, his Nandaki sword to fend off the arrows and his Kaumodaki mace to destroy the boulder blocking him. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ

I look forward to more of these battles when he fights Shalva and Paundra Vasudeva.  Oh, and if they show him battling Mahadev (during that Banasura chapter), they should show them use their bows, and same w/ Kartikeya and Pradhyumna.

Use this thread to discuss Krishna's astras, as well as his battles & wars aside from this one (but not including the Kurukshetra war)
Posted: 12 years ago
Sorry  Vrish,  whlst you were creating this thread, I had simultaneously  posted a sloka on Krishna's different weapons. Only after posting my post did I see this thread. Sorry about it, If you want you can merge the two. 

BTW, shouldn't the topic read as "Krishna's diverse shastra"  as opposed to astra?  Astra, as far as I understand are the special mantra- charged arrows, ropes etc used from a Shastra. Shastra is the actual weapon itself. Astra is what is launched from it. Think of Brahmastra, Paashupatastra etc
Edited by varaali - 12 years ago
Posted: 12 years ago
No need to apologize, and I've merged them, and made it this week's DOTW.  I've also renamed it to astra-shastras - I believe the Saranga would be a shastra, while the Sudarshan, the Kaumodaki and Nandaka would be astras, right?  Incidentally, I never knew that Narayan has a sword - I thought that he only has his Sudarshan and Kaumodaki, while the bow is the one that Parashurama gave Rama after the latter's wedding, and which Rama gave to Varuna later.
Edited by _Vrish_ - 12 years ago
Posted: 12 years ago
 As far as I know, the Bhagavatham and other texts merely state that Satyabhama accompanied Krishna in his battle against Narakasura.

It is only in Hari Vamsa- another Vyasa Creation- that we find a detailed description of Satyabhama actually battling Narakasura.

The battle is at its height and both warriors are discharging countless arrows at one another. During the course of the battle, Garuda is also injured. The Bird also begins to attack Naraka who pummels it with his fist. Naraka then discharges a sharp arrow aimed at Krishna's forehead. Due to its impact, Krishna sits down in a swoon, his head reeling. Satyabhama fans him and brings him to consiousness. Krishna, then hands over his bow, Sharanga, to her and asks her to continue the fight. Satyabhama receives  it with reverence and after touching the bow to her forehead, begins to fight. She broke his flag, his chariot, and injured his horses. Naraka too tormented her by piercing her body with sharp arrows. Naraka aimed a mace and other weapons at her which she easily broke into two with her arrows.

She then killed Naraka's charioteer, by severing his head. At this Krishna became greatly delighted and after gently wiping of the persipartion from her face, rewarded her with a priceless necklace (which he did not give to even Rukmini) . The necklace had been obtained by Vamana from Bali. Many times in the past Satyabhama had requested for the same, but Krishna had not obliged. Now he tied the necklace on her neck with his own hands. 

Refreshed and rested Krishna took the bow from Bhama's hand and continued the fight 

Posted: 12 years ago
In today's battle, Satyabhama bravely held her own b4 Mura b4 her sword was knocked off.  Later, Mura assumed the form of 5 Muras, and 2 of them fought her and played maya tricks on her, constantly disappearing.  During all this time, Satyabhama was turning towards each of the Muras w/ her bow.
Just wondering - where did she get her bow from?  And if she had one, couldn't she and Krishna have fired arrows at the sea of arrows that confronted them earlier, instead of fending them off w/ their swords?

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