Posted: 2011-08-21T10:34:39Z
nice observation but I beg 2 defer that it uses saas bahu tricks I think its just gng by its name
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Posted: 2011-08-21T10:41:42Z
I dont agree . Kis angle se saas bahu tricks use hota hai yaar ? Its a youth show , theres no bakwaas rona dhona crap ! :SSS
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Posted: 2011-08-21T11:06:31Z
I'm sorry, but something doesn't make sense. 

[QUOTE]i am done here . i am not a fan . i don't droll over these characters 
i dislike most things about this show because those things make this show and its characters idiotic personalities and in a way degrade the actors and their efforts  .

at the same time this show entertains me too . that's all [/QUOTE]

You say that you "dislike" most of the things about the show, but still say that the show "entertains" you? How? 

It is understandable that you don't drool over the characters and all. But, that part did not make any sense to me. If you dislike this show SO much, then don't freaking watch it! If you're not interested in "stupid" eye locks and all, don't watch the show. NOBODY is forcing you to watch it. Why waste your time on something that you DON'T want to watch?! Please tell me. 
Edited by -Aicha- - 2011-08-21T11:07:49Z
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Posted: 2011-08-21T11:42:01Z
Ok i respect ur perception
but i m unable to undrstnd who's forcing u to watch the show
if u dislike them don't watch it sweets
wat more confuses me is the fact that u don't like the show much bt still u cum to this forum where all the fans of the show are present expect that people mite agree
thats weird
if u think they show sas bahu material
then i don't have any prob. Saying that i luv this type of sas bahu material
u know in my pov if nobody is perfect then no show can be perfect as imperfect humans make it
and supply always depends upon demand
so they show what the majority demands
just my view n m sory if i offend u in any way
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Posted: 2011-08-21T11:56:15Z

I Dont Agree at all!

I think this show is very different from most other shows. This show is only 5 months old.. and it takes time for any show to KICK START.. This month, we got to see so many dances, which I think were freaking fabulous!!!!!!. The stories take time to develop.. AND although the tracks are predictable, I think the backdrop of the story is UNUSUAL. .

About the actors and acting... Please dont forget, they are all DANCERS.. who I think have done a TREMENDOUS job at their first shot at ACTING!!
They have improved 1000 times over since their first week

Even if you DONT like the show all that much, I still encourage you to watch it .. as a Support to these YOUNG dancers who have WORKED so hard to come so far in life.. I think they all deserve a CHANCE.. AND I hope you do the right think by giving them this CHANCE!

If not, then good luck to you.. I am here because I want to support Amar and Shakti.. as they are achievers in REAL LIFE! .. and no matter how BAD they were in acting in the first few episodes, I never gave up hope on them.. and today.. I literally LOVE their characters.. and I love the SHOW.. and I love them 10 times more! and for that reason.. I absolutely LOVE drooling over them and will continue to do so.. till the very end!. I am a LOYAL FAN!
Edited by MAYURFAN001 - 2011-08-21T11:57:18Z
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Posted: 2011-08-21T12:04:15Z
Originally posted by rajin90

but i think i have said everything possible its upto people to understand it  or not . change the eyes and maybe you all feel the same in a way .

LOL, what ?!?Stern Smile are you trying to make us ' dislike' the show and it's content Ermm? confusion confusionShockedShocked
Edited by eshaaax3. - 2011-08-21T12:51:41Z
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