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Posted: 12 years ago

Wow what an episode….

Ranveer tells rukmi he remembers everything and he remembered it before he slaped her but he had to put up an act front of the family members because Deep is very claver and we are taken a flash back as ranveer tells story how rukmi and he met first and then in marriage night he thought she betrayed him to cover her mom and he did what his family told him to get married to rasal and how she told him that deep killed my father but I did not believe you and made you ask forgiveness from deep and deep was the one who told me and made me drink and made me think you ware the bad omen in my life so I tried to take that sindoor out of your forehead and cross my limits and raped you and he was the one who got our accident so you can lose the child and he use to blackmail you with yash and I even found with yash and even though you told me that time it is all deeps game I did not believe you but when I found the file where you told me it was I confronted him and that was my mistake as he push me out the hill and found you and you tried to push me away for rasal's shake but I would not let you and you even took many beatings form me and many other things family did towards you and today when you said I will take that injection I was baffled by you love and I am sorry that I had to slap you and rukmi says I don't care even if you had killed me I would not care after finding you  have your memory back and he says to rukmi she is crazy in love for him and for govind and for rasal and rukmi says but rasal does not think so and ranveer says we will fix that as you have returned her to her 1st love and she is very happy i am going to do same by giving you all happiness and rukmi says but we have to be careful of deep as he will try to kill govind and ranveer says no as deep is only behind property so he wont bother much but we have to act as we still hate one another as we need to show everyone from his own mouth otherwise it can turn bad and rukmi agrees chanchel tells deep that we have to be sure later in life ranveer does not change his plan we need to send govind off to rasal and BT calls ranveer to ask if he is sure to send rukmi away as govind only listens to her and ranveer thinks what do these people have in mind and that when chanchel comes and tells him about govind going to rasals and ranveer agrees and the 3 evils are very happy he calls MS and tells him the story and chacnhel adds spice to stories and tells rasal and tells rasal to come also to haveli to get the child and as rasal comes to haveli she looks at ruki and says you have come to your true self and dadis says we never said anything to rukmi please ask he why she is doing this to us and MS yells at her and everyone is happy and as MS says I cant even yell front of everyone as I am embarrass by your act he takes her to room and apologizes and rasal walks in and show ends on rasals shock face as she overhears MS was just acting about yelling at rukmi

Tomorrow: rasal is reminding rukmi that you had vow to god that you will never become pregnant and will never have child of your own and ranveer hears all this and is very shocked


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Posted: 12 years ago
Thank you so much for your lovely updates. I am expecting this kind of turning point before one month. But at the end of the story, they bring that.That was big mistake done by script writer.If they move the story towards ranveer and deep along with rukmi defintely the story will move up to one year more successfully. But what to do now? defintely i  miss rukmi and ranveer daily by 9.30
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Posted: 12 years ago
now in which serial ranveer and rukmi will work after this serial.
will they work together again would love to see them again in a new serial?can you tell me that aksshat has a new serial or jaya has a new serial i am now crying about ranveer and rukmi really missing them?they really had the best chemistry in kesariya?for the frist time in my life in india i had never seen such a beautifull couple i wonder i need them to work again in a new serial.thank you
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Posted: 12 years ago
Thanks alot for the lovely Written update:D
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Posted: 12 years ago
Thanks for the lovely update...!!!!!!
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Posted: 12 years ago
Oh , in deen it sounds a mind blowing episode . Rukmi n Ranveer r the best couple ever . They look just perfect wid each oder . The story is finally moving ahead . Hate the fact tht the show ended . Now wid this kind of changes it should've run much much longer , more thn another yr . Very very sad n depressed n feeling very hollow inside tht the show , my most favorite show ever ending , n I'll sooo much miss my most favorite couple RukVeer . N ur very lovely n visual updates too.