I am fed up with these stupied fights and pranks

Posted: 2011-07-25T11:14:49Z
Seriously i am tried of these stuiped pranks and fights. Every epi from the start i have seen fighting fighting and fighting. Or pranks pranks pranks. 

I am fed up with these. I really love this show, but these silly fights are going on my nerves. I am tried with this Dazzler weakling thing. It feels that i am watching same thing every day. 

They all are thinking abt how play silly dumb not so funny pranks on weaklings. 

I really liked Vicky and Neha, but i am just getting fed up with Vicky's low comments on Neha i don't even find them funny.

And Sahron is thinking just how "LS" they weaklings are.

Kriya is thinking abt how start a new fight with the dazzlers, and then say that they stared.

And Rey and Swayam try to calm down everything, but inssted doing it even worst. 

And all the other members, like Vhiska Is ready to start a fight with the dazzlers or pass stuiped comments on them every time she sees them.

Pl show me something more then these stupied fights. Or i will stop watching this show. I cant see this fights every day and enjoy it.

Pl show more then these boring fights.

Is it just me or do you guys also feel this?


PL do comment
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Posted: 2011-07-25T11:19:52Z
i too feel the same...at first it was fun to watch them fight...
but then like they say too much of something is bad...therefore...i wish the CVs would stop creating so many fights...n i do wish kria n rey wont fight
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Posted: 2011-07-25T12:46:34Z
i also feel the same as u
before when they used to play those small pranks, those were fun n funny to see
but now its sort of going out of control
dazzlers playing pranks on weaklings n dazzlers being successful n weaklings not known that all that is done by dazzlers is sort of messed up
its not really thats interesting
they should show how they all prepare 4 footloose n how the couples think about each other whole practicing 
or they should show something else thats also interesting
i m also getting really tired of these babyish fights, pranks n misunderstandings 
i just hope CVs listen to us n show us something interesting n new
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Posted: 2011-07-25T13:54:00Z
arrgghh i hate d way dey played d pranksAngry but i guess dats how its supposed 2 beOuch...it was soo mean of d dazzlersDisapprove...but d best was dat Sharon nd Rey were not part of itBig smile nd Sharon actually wanted 2 listen 2 Swaym's xplanationBig smile...dat was reallly sweet...for d first tym luvd Sharon for getting angry at her frnds for SwaymEmbarrassed
but yeah man dey r dragging it tooo much especially d precapOuch...WAT WAS ALL DAT ABTAngry...d way dey attacked on Kria i hate itDead...nd i'm sure i'll hate watching tmrw's epiDisapprove...Rey misunderstnding...didnt xpect dat frm himCry
i hope dey stop dese stupid fights for sumtymDisapprove
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Posted: 2011-07-25T22:46:30Z
Same here...I feel the story isn't moving but its just stuck in one place. I don't mind that the love stories are not happening, but they need to cut down on the pranks and just focus on DANCE (there is no dance anymore).I would rather have them fight with eachother through dance.
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Posted: 2011-07-25T23:54:36Z
i noe man...itz gettin tirin der is  less dil less dosti n less dance n onlie fitesDead
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Posted: 2011-07-26T04:31:45Z
I too feel the same... they are dragging too much.. I dont like it wen they fight.. Not in dis way atleast.. As robinc07 said I wud like it if dey fight with each other through dane rather then playing this cheap pranks..Ouch
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Posted: 2011-07-26T07:24:17Z

Right now i guess the footloose competition is the main agenda for everyone, therefore CV are trying to fill the time inbetween with Jagra and Fighting.  But i agree its getting a bit too much, if in one episode they are working alongside each other then then next 3 episodes they are scheming to make the other group look bad.

 But i guess as long as there is weakling and dazzling grouping this will happen all the time, because one group will try to out do the other group, the only time this will finish is when there are no more grouping, which i dont think will be happening any time soon
I want the track to move ahead to find out more about the charcters past, like Rey and his family, Sharon and his and Swayam and his.  I want to find out the real reason why Kria's mom doesnt want her to dance,  revelations of these will add more substance to the storyline and give more scope, rather then showing fighting scenes every other episode.
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