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Posted: 2011-07-20T23:30:21Z
Hi friends... I am Ria and this is my first OS. hope you guys like it. it is not specifically related to any couple. Do feel free to comment/ criticise n dont forget to press the like tab, if u liked it!
I quietly opened the bedroom door and entered the room, tiptoeing so that i do not make any noise... i noticed the time and date. it was 14th july 2011, 2 a.m. and was quite dark, yet i could see her face... an angelic beauty, sleeping on the bed with her eyes swollen and lashes wet, since she had been crying for the past couple of hours... she had been angry and annoyed and upset... i did understand what she felt, but perhaps she dint even feel my presence there...
For those who don't know yet, i am talking about the love of my life, my wife, who is very angry at the moment... i sit next to her on the bed with her face facing me, and eyes shut tightly. She had a hurt expression on her face. I notice the things she had thrown on the bed. My photoframe with her hands placed firmly yet lovingly on it, her diary, her red-silvery bangles and her mobile phone on which our family photo kept flashing whenever someone called up..
I brushed my fingers on those things and opened her diary. I know she was possessive about her diary and it is bad manners to read, but hey, she is my wife... she had a habit of writing the days events before she went to bed.
"it makes memories" she told me when i used to ask her the reason. i opened the first few pages and stop at an entry made on 12th feb 2011 on which she had scribbled something...
I hate this habit of his. After telling him more than a million times, he always keeps his wet towel on the bed. When will he understand? N even Rohan has picked up the same habit... why am i not surprised? Like father, like son... but no matter what, they are the best family! N i am proud to be a part of it, even though i have all my energy drained out by the end of the day... :(
I laughed to myself. Rohan, our 5 yr old son had picked up some of the "not-so-good" habits from me like waking up late, throwing wet towels on the bed and cushions,  spilling crumbs while eating. Inspite of telling us so many times that even God must have lost count of it, she never complained, she loved us and we all loved each other.
I flipped the pages of the diary, until i reached her last entry... 12th july 2011, i.e. 2 days back.
Tomorrow is Rohan's birthday. All arrangements have been made. Friends have been invited, the best caterers in town have been called, a huge "mickey mouse" cake has been ordered... gosh this is going to be one memorable birthday... n yes, not to forget that my chicken got burnt coz my husband was in a mood of kitchen romance.. though i shouted at him for the loss of my chicken, i did love when he kissed me... anyway, got a long day tomorrow and i need some sleep badly...
I smiled. She was definitely unpredictable. she enjoyed the kitchen romance? I smiled to myself. And then  it all came back... 13th july - Yesterday...  Rohan's  fifth birthday...
I had taken an off from office. I wanted to spend some time with my son and help at home. But yet again i caused trouble. I was strictly instructed by my mom and my wife to just be with Rohan, while they completed the birthday arrangements. They were experts when it came to organizing parties and events. I had asked my wife not to stress much, but since she was having her mood swings in the fourth month of her pregnancy (yes, she was carrying our second baby), she asked me to sit quietly and i dint dare to argue.
The day went on well with Rohan's friends coming home, and relatives calling him up to wish him. Soon it was evening. The party was to start at 7.30pm.. it was then at around 6.45pm when she told me that the cake had not yet been brought, which was followed by a lecture on how irresponsible i am... i told her that i would get the cake in half an hour. I grabbed my car keys and was about to go out, when suddenly she grabbed my arm.
"come soon, don't be late" she said and hugged me.
I was surprised. She was angry a minute ago and now she was okay. These mood swings were driving me crazy too.. however, i hugged her back and and kissed her forehead. I told Rohan that i'll be back with the cake, which made him go all excited.
I drove from home and reached the shop in time. It was 7pm.i still had time. I collected the cake and started the car to drive back. I placed the cake in the back seat and started off.  My phone flashed "wifey calling", but i dint pick up coz i was driving. I drove for a while and halted due to heavy traffic and then BOOM...
The bomb had blasted off. I could not understand what was happening. I saw my vision getting blur as blood trickled down my forehead. I was in pain. There was fire and chaos everywhere. I saw my phone fallen far away from me. I tried reaching out for it, but i couldn't move. After many tries, I gave up and i closed my eyes, with my entire life flashing in front of me. I remembered her, her smile, her laughter, her anger, her cuteness... i remembered my childhood, my college days, my wedding... i remembered the promise i made to Rohan, that i would be back with the cake, a promise i made to my wife that i would mow the lawn on sunday, the promise i made to my mom that i would take her to the optician to get her glasses repaired...  I opened my eyes... everything was blur...
"I'm sorry, i broke my promise" i said and closed my eyes, this time forever...
And here i was, sitting next to her, while she mourned over my death. I had checked on my mom and saw her looking at my childhood photos, with tears in her eyes. I had just been to Rohan's room where i saw him sleeping, hugging the teddy bear i had given him on his last birthday. He mumbled in his sleep "come back dada, i miss you..." i wanted to hug him and say sorry for not coming back, sorry for breaking my promise, but i could not.
They did not feel my presence around them , because i was no more. I placed my hand on her slightly swollen belly. i bent down to talk to my little one inside her...
"i know that your mama misses me. But please take care of her. Take care of your brother. I know you are really small and i am giving you a really huge responsibility. Take care of them. Love them. And most of all, never leave them, like i did..."
I wanted to cry but i couldnt. i couldnt even see my baby when it would be born. I kissed her belly and felt her move. I stroked her hair till she fell asleep again. It was time for me to leave... leave everything behind and move on unto eternal light.
They say life doesn't stop. True. Nothing stops after death too.  Everything keeps moving on! I wish i hadn't died. I wish the bomb hadn't blasted. I wish i had lived.. lived on to celebrate my son's birthday, lived to see my wife smiling, lived to see my second baby, carry the little one in my arms, lived to see my kids growing up, lived to LIVE...
But it rarely happens that we get what we ask for. I don't expect those terrorists to be punished or to be hanged to death, coz that will not bring me back to my family. I don't want to plead for justice, because i know that God will reward everyone for their deeds. I just pray that those people may be forgiven for what they have done and hope that God will show them and turn them to the right path.
I don't understand what did they gain by killing so many people, what pleasure did they gain by injuring so many, by killing so many families, by shattering so many dreams, by creating rivers of blood... does it really harm to be a little human?
I look at my wife's face. She is really hurt. I whisper into her ear "everything will be fine. Life goes on. i am sorry i could not fulfill my promise. i promised to be with you, for life. I am sorry honey. I Love you..."
And i know that she would be fine some day. Some day she would be redeemed from this pain of separation.  And for the last time i place my hand on her belly, bidding goodbye to my unborn baby, my wife, my son, my family, my world!
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Posted: 2011-07-20T23:42:15Z
OMG! Such a beautiful piece, painful, unbearable, real and yet so beautiful! Amazing!
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Posted: 2011-07-20T23:44:43Z
Originally posted by trinket

OMG! Such a beautiful piece, painful, unbearable, real and yet so beautiful! Amazing!
thanks Tehzeeb  Smile
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Posted: 2011-07-21T00:46:01Z
beautiful os but so painful
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Posted: 2011-07-21T00:48:45Z
Beautiful gave me goosebumps.. I had tears .. Very nicely written !!
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Posted: 2011-07-21T00:50:59Z
Originally posted by aamirkhanfan

beautiful os but so painful
thanks a lot Smile
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Posted: 2011-07-21T00:51:54Z
Originally posted by shanti05

Beautiful gave me goosebumps.. I had tears .. Very nicely written !!
thanks a lot Smile
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Posted: 2011-07-21T01:47:01Z
Amazing , Fantastic ,Mind blowing Os Love it Thank You For Pm Dear
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