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Posted: 12 years ago

Hey guys I am back with the updates'but I am sorry I have not watched all the old episode and I have no plan to so I will be writing from today's date and tomorrows update will be together with Thursdays'

Not much has been happening from what i saw the 3 evils are still trying to kill rasals baby but are unsuccessful and comes up with new plan as there is a baby shower to happen because of the rain the guest are not able to come so all the women of the house continue with the ceremony before the ceremony ranveer teaches rukmi to record the whole ceremony and tells her to put it to side so no one notices it and she agrees mamasa comes to call ranveer to outhouse because all the men are not needed for baby shower and he goes as the men play chacnhel tells the family to do aarti before starting so deep get chance to lose the screw of the swing rasal was to sit on and this is all recorded on the video camera that no one knows about (and I hope ranveer doesn't say it out loud that there is a camera so let's go back to look at it) as everyone cintinuse with ceremony chanchel starts by says hope your child is safe'.from all the bad deeds and then goes DD and says your child will come as king and moomal says hope your child is as beautiful and intelligent as you and rukmi was to go but chanchel makes servant goes first (since they didn't have enough people they asked a servant) and she says hope you have healthy boy and rukmi says wish my kanna plays in your lap and give me privilege to be her Yashodha and rasal says please don't put up act just fins the ritual and go sit down and rukmi is hurt and swing her and the screw comes lose and rasal falls everyone screams and show ends on everyone around rukmi

Tomorrow: chanchel says when we all did the ritualts nothing happen to rasal why only when rukmi did the swing broke and DD says rukmi has always been jealous of rasal'(what crap I hope Deep and chanchel get caught because I am tired of them blaming rukmi)

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