ff-i hate u like i luv u

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hola!me and selina thought to write a short ff on abhid and selina's love...so tell us if u like it!


Abhid-(chandeena's son)Strinkingly handsome guy...Hot,sexy.Every girl of the college wants to date him.completed half century of girlfriends...
but this time destiny has saves something else for him...
abhay and sid's younger brother...

Selina:a beautiful ,sweet and kind orphan girl...who lives alone and loves abhid a lot...
wants to be loved by everyone and carve for real love!which she never got.abhay's ex-secretary.

Viran and Karan: likes selina and r obsessed for her!

shanaya: loves abhid and hates selina...can do anything to get abhid.

Meera: She is beautiful and hot.. Every guy in the town wants to date her..she never fell in love with anyone no, one can rule her heart...but is a great flirt ...serious and calm at times but usually a whole kindergarten into one...

 Abhid and Meera and their secrets are not yet known by abhay n sid. They don't know that chandeena's other children exist.

Piya :an orphan girl waiting for her destiny to glow

Misha , kabir :pia's childhood friends

 abhiya,sid and others will be introduced soon...

Chapter-9, page 61
Chapter10-page 65
Chapter11-page 74
Chapter 12-page 78
Chapter13-page 82
Chapter 14-page 90
Chapter15-page 94
Ch17 -running from the blues-107
Ch20-Just u &me -119
Ch21-Dancing under the moon-123
Ch22-Right by your side-125
Ch23-facing the blues-128


frm page 88-this one... suku's so cute!!!Embarrassed

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Chapter Index:

Chapter 1 ...Pg 1

Chapter 2...Pg 16
Chapter 3...21

Chapter 4..24

Chapter 5...31
Chapter 6...34
Chapter 7...
Chapter 8..50

Guys if u want PM..then plzz press the like button...Smile
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selina's room

selina:(angry)I will kill him..but if i don't suceed in killing him..then he will have to kill me..

if he doesn't kill me then i will make him jealous...and when he will come back to me..i will torture him...and at last if nothing works i will SUCIDE...

door bell ring's

abhid:selz open the door...

selina:i have got a new bf.go away...as i don't have the time to open the door...

My bf..wants to have a cold coffee...so...get lost.

abhid :but...



abhid:fine(fuming but doesn't go from there and is listening) 

selz:(in phone) FIVE STAR HOTEL(near beach)...at 8:00 pm tomorrow...

(thinking)    By the way Abhid didn't let me drink at many parties..now I will have a date with whom i can dance..I danced with Abhid too but still...I will get fully drunk ..i will drink 3 full bottles of champagne and then jump in the sea and swim at night..And i will slap my date too..before i dive into the sea..and i have a date who let's me drink a lot...

 selina's pov-(flashback)

Yesterday was the day when Abhid proposed me to be his GF...i was like...

Wow...He told me that he loves me...
Selina went to the  COFFEE SHOP...where her childhood friend was working.
And when she went to the reception ..she saw Abhid with some other girl..
She went near them...
Abhid:saisha..I like u baby..
Saisha:I like u too...Then she kissed him on his lips and Abhid returned the favour too...

8pm -

 selina was on a date with Virian..when suddenly Abhid came there fuming with Anger...

Abhid(angry):Selina come with me...
Selina(not giving much attention):No..who the hell are u?Ya..virian...
Virian:I was saying that...u are looking to beautiful,hot...today..
Abhid gets really angry...
Abhid:Selina..come with me..or else...
Selina stands up..
Selina:Or else..what?
Abhid:U will regret...if u won't come with me.


this is for now tell me if u all like it!!
i know our imaginary luv story too funny to handleLOLbut yr!love story hai...respect karo and press like button and long..comment
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kitne velle ho yaar tum log. but hoefully ab halla bol ki posts abhina ki story se nahin bharengi ROFL
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Posted: 2011-07-15T04:03:18Z
Meera i thought u were just joking...
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Posted: 2011-07-15T04:03:34Z
are guyz it was owesum , wat a startTongue ... abhid and sel ... add me to ur pm list ok i wanna read wat happens nxtBig smile ...

P.S  seroiusly meera i totally thought u guyz were jokingShockedLOL
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Originally posted by abhayfan_dishu

kitne velle ho yaar tum log. but hoefully ab halla bol ki posts abhina ki story se nahin bharengi ROFL

yeah halla bol ko bachane ke liye hi toh yeh banaya hai nahi toh mera pm inbox inki luv story se bhar raha thaLOL
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Posted: 2011-07-15T04:04:30Z
Originally posted by Selinapiya

Meera i thought u were just joking...

i also thought i wasLOLbut not nowROFL
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