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Posted: 12 years ago
I dont want to see any person like Rasal's Character.What a character she was? From childhood itself she knew about her sister. Now how she always insulting her? If the child with rasal mean, definetly its not growing as good child. It is also become bad as like mother. She is telling she wont trust rukmi.What is this? When her Ex-husband ranveer hates her sister, at that time she wont hate him. Instead she got married with him.Ranveer spoiled rukmi's life at that time she wont hate him. her mother spoiled rukmi's life at that time she wont hate her mother.Now when ranveer again loves rukmi and give her another life with the help of rukmi, at that time also she forgave ranveer. But she wont trust rukmi. What is this? Every body doing bad thing. She wont hate anybody except rukmi. Why the direction surrounds rasal character is pucca irritating


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Posted: 12 years ago
I agree with you somewhat. I think the reason she is sooo against rukmani is because she trusted rukmani more than anyone in her life. And she was betrayed by her. Rukmani didn't tell ranvir anything about his past life and she didn't inform rasal that he was alive. She could only imagine what rasal was going through without ranveer. Plus she let ranvir fall in love with her eventhough she could tell him that he is married and about to become a father. I mean obviously rasal would hate her. Rukmani should have told her from the beginning that deep wants to kill him.. etc...

The part that I lost all respect for rasal is when she is ready to leave her kid. I don't care if rukmani takes care of the kid or anyone else. Rasal is the mother and she should not abandon her kid for any reason.

And we cannot really blame rasal for sleeping with ranver in the beginning when he hated rukmnai because when he was against rasal, rukmani also slept with him. I think this show is just stupid. Ranvir always gets what he wants and both the female leads have to suffer.
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Posted: 12 years ago
I agree with you that rukmi has done one mistake.She did not inform rasal about ranveer. But i wont agree that rasal has strong faith before on rukmi. Because when rasal during her first pregnancy,trusting chanchal's words instead of her sister rukmi,she followed them to temple and lead to abortion of child.Then during deep beat rukmi with belt or rope at that time also she wont help rukmi.Then deep show the CD of rukmi and ranveer at that time also she wont beleive until padma explains. Then during rukmi's pregnancy at that time also she sent rukmi out of haveli with out trusting her. From the beginning itself she did not beleive her and get any explaination from her.Except rukmi, rasal get the explaination from everybody and apologise them. I dont accept she trust rukmi more. 
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Posted: 12 years ago
Ranveer pucca gentle man.Thinks only about his happiness. 
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Posted: 12 years ago
KK , I completely agree with u on what u said , u r correct in explaining Rasal's character , she gets on my nerves , Rukmi has done what not for her , she always put Rasal's happiness as the topmost priority n always sacrifices herself n her own happiness for the sake of her younger sister .Also , Rasal never trusted Rukmi , she has DD's bad blood in her n bad blood will out .Very selfish character she is.
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Posted: 12 years ago
Ya correct friend.DD blood is there.There is nothing special in it. But i can't accept every one accepts her cruel character. Definetly she should get punishment for this. I am expecting that only. For that how many episodes they are going to drag? God only knows that. In a week, 5 episodes mean,4 episodes are fully with rasal's anger,shouting,crying etc
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Posted: 12 years ago
correct i hv never thought that rasal wud change her mind like dis.