The Revival III UPDATED-48, 49 and 50

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Posted: 13 years ago
The third installment is here! :D Edited by Pooj@ - 11 years ago


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Posted: 13 years ago
I'm really sorry, I just got a new computer and it is refusing to process my documents. I'll have to transfer my documents again, I'm really sorry for the delay.The first chapters will be up by this evening. :( :(
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(Typical Special Squad type)

A long corridor leading to a huge room, filled with hazy smoke.In the corner, a girl is sitting, looking at the people chatting with each other.

She sniffs and then takes a long draught out of her glass of liquor.

Her eyes stray to a young man, dancing in the crowd with other girls.

Next morning, everyone is lying everywhere in the room, drunk, too tired to move because of the terrible hangover.

A girl goes towards the girl sitting in the corner, and gently nudges her.She falls down.

Special Squad Office
Inner Cabin


Aaryan opened his eyes blearily. A cup of coffee was lying inches away from his fingertips.His smile widened.

"Thank you Neha."

The other person did not respond.

He tilted his head to look upwards, directly into the firing range of Deepika Ghosh.

He smiled to himself.

She had another cup of coffee in her hand, "Ek cup bas ya aur ek chahiye?"

He straightened and leaned back into his chair.The he fingered the cup of coffee.

He reached out to take the second cup of coffee from her. "Apne liye juice mangva lena."

He shuffled towards the door, an idiotic grin on his face, and hope in his heart.

The phone rang shrilly. "Deepika jara phone dekhna."

He lifted the two cups in air, showing his inability to pick up the phone.

Deepika tossed her hair angrily and reached for the phone.


(Aaryan, followed by Ajay, Boxer and Shotgun, heading towards the door.Joined outside the building by Junhui - music)

Crime Scene

Aaryan looked around the room, a disapproving look on his face. In the back, Boxer was interrogating a boy.


Aaryan turned to look at Boxer and walked towards him and thrusted out his chin in a questioning gesture.

"Ye hain Manoj. Sonia, yaani victim ka dost.Yahi kal ise party main laya tha."

Aaryan turned his gaze towards the young man. He was about 18 years of age and dressed in fashionable clothes.


"Sir...sir...main aur Sonia ek hi building main rehte  hain...College main saath hain iss liye humari dosti gehri hui...Phir kal raat Jeet ki party thi.Toh mere paas gaadi thi isi liye hum dono saath aye."

Aaryan: Sonia ke bare main kya jante ho tum?

Manoj: Sir...wo...wo apne maata pita ke saath rehti hain...par wo saal bhar Mumbai ke bahar hote hain ...isi liye wo akeli hi rehti thi.

Boxer lifted aneyebrow. "Akeli?"

Manoj nodded. "Use wo kya hota hain...eman...minor kuch-"

"Emancipated minor?"

Manoj: Haan uska darja mila tha...wo apne chacha chachi ke saath nahi rehna chahti thi.


Manoj shrugged. "Pata nahi."

"Tum uske kaafi acche dost the naa?"

Manoj nodded.

"Phir tumhe toh pata hoga. Uska kisi ke saath affair wagera kuch?"

Manoj swallowed. "Actually sir.wo Karan ko pasand karti thi...par Karan..."

Aaryan walked towards Shotgun.

Boxer: Thike hain. Apne address aur number de kar jaana. Aur shehar mat chodnaa.

Aaryan: Shotgun, kuch mila?

The room had been cleared of all people. They were held for questioning in the police station.


Special Squad Office
Discussion Table

Aaryan was standing at the head...Deepika sitting at the other end, Neha, Ajay and Boxer on one side, Junhui, Rajashree and Shotgun on the other.

Aaryan: Toh case kuch aisa hain...ek 18 saal ki ladki Sonia ki laash ek farmhouse main paie jaati hain...Wo Mumbai main akeli rahti hain, uske parents askaar bahar hi hote hain.Wahaan wo apne dost Manoj ke saath aaie thi.Wo dono saath padhte the.Manoj ne kya naam bataya?

Boxer: Karan Arora.

Aaryan: Neha, tum uske bare main pata lagao...Ajay Boxer, tum dono uske classmates ke saath baat karo..Neha aur ek baat..Iss Sonia ke parents kya karte hain, unke bare main poori information nikalo.Shotgun, Time of death?

Shotgun: Preliminary investihations se lagta hain raat ke 1 se 2 baje...Cause of death Autopsy ke baad hi pata chalegaa.

Aaryan: Okay.Guys, get to work!

Inner Cabin

Neha: Aaryan! Manie abhi abhi Sonia ke pita se baat ki.Wo log Swirtzerland main the...agli flight se wapas aa rahe hain...Haan, aur ek baat.Mr. Mehta ek international bank main kaam karte hain, aksar unhe doosre deshon main jaana padta hain...

Aaryan looked thoughtful.

College Campus

Ajay: (looking very cool) Mita, tum Karan aur Sonia ke relationship ke bare main kya bata sakti ho?

The girl, sobbing: Sonia Karan ko pasand karti thi.Par Karan kisi aur ke saath stable tha...Aur Manoj Sonia ko pasand karta tha.

Ajay and Boxer exchanged a significant glance.

Autopsy room

Aaryan (entering): What have you got for me?

Deepika's face was strained.

"Aaryan, drug overdose hain, ye toh obvious hain.Par ek cheez mere samajh main nahi aa rahi hain."

Aaryan looked at her questioningly, as she led the way out of the room towards the cabin.

"Mera shaq hain ki drug ka use marne ke liye nahi tha...drug ke overdose ki wajah se hi mauth hui hain."


"Mera maanaa hain ki uske drink main shayad ye drug milaya gaya tha aur..."

"Aur kya?"

"Iss drug se use intoxicate karna tha...par uski mauth ho gayi."

"I still don't get it."

"Iss drug se usse behosh karke uska fayda uthane ka plan tha...par wo mar gayi Aaryan." Deepika stated clearly.

"Oh...Aur drug ka naam?"

"Tumhe yakeen nahi hoga.Laudinum."

"Kya? Laudinum? Are you sure?"

Deepika slammed her book on the desk and began to walk towards the autopsy Aaryan trailing behind her.

"Smell her lips" she ordered.

Aaryan bent down.The smell was unmistakable.

Shotgun and Rajashree were watching this exchange with amused expressions. When Aaryan stared at them, they hurriedly changed their facial expressions.


3. NEW CASE (3)

Discussion table

Aaryan had thrown his jacket on the chair and was pacing up and down furiously

"Laudinum ek bahut rare drug hain...Iska istemaal Victorian kaal main hota tha.Par ab uska production band hua hain.I don't understand one thing...Agar rape ye motive tha, toh laudinum ka istemaal kyun hua?"

Boxer: Matlab?

Rajashree: Are you refering to GHB or Rynophol?

Deepika: Correct!

Ajay: Ek minute.Speak in English, please (He smirked at Neha and Boxer, who suppressed a smile.)

Shotgun: Gamma-hydroxybutyric acid, and benzodiazepines, such as flunitrazepam, also known as Rohypnol or "roofies".

Ajay: Baap re! Maine English kaha tha.Chalo, Hindi main karo baat.

Junhui rolled her eyes, "Yaani aisa drug jisse amnesic effect aa sakta hain.jise boli bhasha main date rape drug kaha jata hain."

Deepika nodded at her.

"Aise batao naa!" Ajay smirked.

"Kaun use ye drug dena chahega?" Junhui asked.

Ajay smirked in his peculiar style. "Abhi hum uss college main gaye the.Wahaan se, Sonia ke doston se baat karke hume pata chala ki yahaan ek" (whistled) "Love triangle shuru tha..."

Boxer sighted. (Indicating with his pen) "Sonia Karan se pyaar karti thi, jo kisii aur se, yaani Parul naam ki ek ladki se pyaar karta tha.Par Mohan, humara hero Sonia se pyaar karta thaa."

Zubeen was following the conversation by making shapes with his fingers.

Zubeen: Tumne toh love triangle kaha tha! Yeh ek rectangle hain. Yaani Karan aur Mohan ek dusre se-

Boxer chuckled. "Nahi nahi.Parul.Mohan" He traced an imaginary line between the two invisible names.

Aaryan looked at him murderously.

"Tum dono ek kaam karo...uske ghar jaakar uski background ka pata lagao, aur iss Karan ka bhi.Neha, tum bhi dekho agar kuch mil jaaye..."

The team left as he turned around to look at the photos pinned on the board...

4. New Case (4)

Sometime later
Inner Cabin

Neha: Aaryan ek baat pata chali hain..Maine Ajay Boxer ko bhi convey kiya aur unhe bhi yahi pata chala hain.Ek saal pehle, ek haadse ke baad, Karan ki family yahaan Mumbai main shift hui thi.Thodi digging ke baad pata cha, (looking at Deepika) ki uska surname pehle Mishra tha, jo unhone badal kar Arora kiya.

Aaryan: Par kyun?

Neha (pushing up her specs): Kyunki Bhatinda, jahaan wo rehte the, wahaan ek ladki ki mauth hui thi..aur police ka manna tha ki laudinum ke wajah se mauth hui hain.Uske bade bhai Aakash ko convict kiya gaya tha.

Deepika (sharply): Neha ye tumhe kahaan se pata chala?

Neha (flustered): Routine, newspapers, police data.

Deepika: Neha main Surname ke bare main baat kar rahi hoon.

Aaryan: Kya farak padta hain Deepika? Neha Ajay Boxer se kaho ki Karan ko yahaan laye.

Deepika glared at him, as Neha rushed out thankfully.

Interrogation Room

Karan: Sir, please mujhe jaane dijiye.Maine kuch nahi kiya hain.

Aaryan: Main jaanta hoon...Karan Arora...naah Karan Mishra right?

The boy turned visibly paler and whimpered. Deepika was observing his facial expression keenly from behind the two way mirror.

Ajay: Ab bataoge us din kya hua tha?

Karan: Haan sir.haaMere family ne beizzati se bachne ke liye.apna surname din hum parul main...Jeet ke party ko...saath-saath...Sonia...mujhe...

Deepika banged on the door of the room and motioned to Aaryan. He went outside.

"Kya hua Deepika?"

"Isse chod do.Issne kuch nahi kiya hain.."

"Nahi Deepika, isi ne-"

"Aaryan!" she pushed past him into the room and sat beside Karan.

"Karan, Bhatinda main ek saalpehle kya hua tha ye tum batao...aur darna mat..." she said softly.

He nodded...

"Aakash ko convict kiya gaya Mere Uncle ke ghar se usne ek drug churakar uski girlfriend ko..." he trailed off...

"Tumhare Uncle?"

"Mere uncle, Shamkumar Mishra...wo Mumbai main rehte hain...(reminiscising) He is a great guy...Main aur mere kuch dost pichle hafte unke ghar gaye...He is a researcher on medivieal drugs."

Ajay and Boxer looked at each other significantly.

"Tumhare...past ke bare main kaun kaun jaanta hain?"

He looked up at Deepika. "Parul, Mohan, Jeet, aur Sonia."

5. New Case (5)

Inner Cabin

Ajay: (entering) Deepika tum sahi thi ye ladka kuch nahi kar sakta hain.Isne toh Parul ko apne feeling ke bare bhi nahi bataya wo kya use karega?

Boxer was pacing up and down.Deepik's gaze strayed to the other end of the room.

Aaryan was shooting balls into a steel coffee cup.

Ajay and Boxer exited sometime later.

Aaryan was still shooting balls.

Isne toh Parul ko apne feeling ke bare bhi nahi bataya. apna surname din.. Sonia Karan se pyaar karti thi, jo kisii aur se, yaani Parul naam ki ek ladki se pyaar karta tha Par Mohan, humara hero Sonia se pyaar karta thaa.. Main aur mere kuch dost pichle hafte unke ghar gaye"Tumhare...past ke bare main kaun kaun jaanta hain?" "Parul, Mohan, Jeet, aur Sonia..."

He looked up, shocked.

Junhui came rushing inside "Kya hua Aaryan?"

"Deepika kahaan hain?"



Aaryan: Deepika! Mohan.Mohan hi killer hain!

Deepika: Kya bol rahe ho Aaryan?

They are joined by the rest of the team.

"Mohan.Sonia se pyaar karta tha.wo Karan ke past ke bare main jaanta tha use pata tha agar Laudinum use hoga, toh saara shaq Karan par jaata''.Agar hum Karan se pooche ki uske doston main se Shamkumar ke ghar kaun kaun gaya hoga toh use Mohan ka bhi naam shaamil hoga!"

Interrogation room

Junhui was circling his chair in a dangerous manner'.Leaning down, she whispered in his ear, "Kyun?"

He looked up with a vacant stare, "I loved her'..But'.she was blindly in love with the brother of a murderer'." He spat with rage''..

Aaryan shook his head silently'.

Juhui said to him in a silent voice, "Pyaar hamesha jaan deta hain'leta nahi hain'."


Aaryan stretched as they walked down the corridor to the cabin'He looked at his watch and a lazy grin spread across his face.

"Deepika'.tum yahaan kya kar rahi ho?"

She looked at him surprised.

"Nahi raat ke 1 baje hain'tum abhi bhi office main'."

"This is Special Squad Aaryan. Jab hum log cases pe hote hain, to aksar der raat tak yaheen rehte hain."

He acknowledged her with raised eyebrows.

They pushed the door open together and walked inside'



Few days before

Boxer was pacing up and down the passage in Khan Bungalow. Nilu watched his movements, sitting on the swing, pushing the ground lightly'.

Every time her feet kicked the ground, a soft 'chum' would resound in the verandah, her heavy payal taking all the credit for the melodious interlude in Boxer's pacing'''

"Isme sochne jaisi kya baat hain Abbas?"

"Sochne jaisi baat nahi ka kya matlab hua Niloufer? Par kya aap is decision ke bare main pakki hain?"

He bit his tongue. The look on her face said enough'.

"Main kisi cheez ke bare main itni confident nahi thi'."

He smiled at her gratefully.

Her small sentences were so simple, yet so deep'..She truly completed him.

He nodded. A small smile appeared on his face.

"Shaayad aap sach keh rahi hain."

She pouted. "Shayad?"

He smiled again. "In that case''kya aap mujhse shaadi karengi?"

She blushed, and managed to stammer. "Teesri baar pooch rahe hain."

He came closer to her and whispered in her ear. "Waise aap ko Kashmir pasand hain ya Kerala?"

She looked up at him, her eyes wide as the realization of his words sunk in.

She blushed deeply.



"Aaryan! Aaryan!"

He looked up from his golf stick-coffee mug routine.

Deepika was standing behind him. A small smile adorned her angelic face.

He straightened and looked back at her.

A brown wisp came forward and rested on her cheek. She shook her head, and the wisp went back into the brown mass of her hair.


She leaned forward slowly and picked up the white ball.

Playing with it, she glanced at him from the corner of her eyes.

"Paperwork Aaryan."


"Pichle case ka paperwork tumne abhi tak poora nahi kiya hain."

He twirled the golf stick in his hand. Looking at the other side, he motioned to a staff.


She glared at him.

The staff arrived with another golf ball.

She stared at the unfortunate man, till he disappeared from her view.

He noticed this and smiled, amused.

"Uski taraf aise dekhogi toh wahi chakkar aa kar gir jayega bechara."

Her brown orbs turned towards him. She pursed her lips.

Reaching out, she yanked the golf stick from his hand. Keeping it in one hand, she leaned in and picked up the second ball.

"Pehle paperwork submit karo."

Still avoiding her gaze, he turned to make signs at the staff.

She marched and stood in between him and the staff.

He smirked to himself, taking pleasure in her ire. She pulled his arm.

"Aaj dopahar tak paperwork nahi mila toh'."

His eyebrows rose.

She brought out the deadliest weapon in her arsenal.

"Toh agle do hafte tak sirf paperwork karna padega. Aur no new cases."

Satisfied at the look of horror on his face and with the sense of a mission accomplished, she walked back to her desk, twirling the golf stick in her hand, pushing the two balls in his hands.

"By the way, I am still confiscating this'."

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It's not well edited, but I'll get around to it!! :D Hope you like it. 
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Originally posted by: Pooj@

It's not well edited, but I'll get around to it!! :D Hope you like it. 

HATS OFF👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
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congrats on ur new thread...awesome update
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Thanks a lot guys!!!! :D :) 
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2 Good...
Especially last part which are golf stick and ball...
Really its 2 good...
Waiting for more...😍
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U r a super girl dear... Awww humare team ke baare me kya kehena!!!! hai... It is so wonderful to read it again after a long time... Ajay bhi naa, language problem hai use, he should study 😉
Had a tough day at office yesterday yaar... Was upset the whole day and am still... But after reading this, my tensions have become choo mantar... Thanks a lot Pooja Ji!!!!!!
Ab to around the corner ek shaadi hai nahi!??! Aur Boxer bhai to aage ka bahut sochne lage 😳
Aur humari ye AD jodi ko kisi ki nazar naa lage... Choti choti dekh, nok jhok bahut whole some banati hai unki jodi ko ⭐️
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When are you posting the next one? Pretty please???😊Edited by Amri174 - 12 years ago