Behenein 28th April Written Update

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Posted: 13 years ago
Mihir and Purva loan Shamaldas a rickshaw. He picks up Aakashi from the hospital and resolves to win her back. Mihir thinks about Nisha and worries about her well being. He confides in Purva. Kamini and Mihir settle Nisha into their house, while Purva and Smriti bring Anokhi back from the hospital. The family plays games and everyone enjoys themselves. Bhavesh proposes marriage to Anokhi. Thrilled, Anokhi accepts. Nisha thanks the family for their hospitality. She requests the family to get Smriti and Jay married. The family is thrilled. Gomti watches as Shamal tries to put together a meal for himself. She feels sorry for him and gives him some food. He begs her for forgiveness. They share an emotional moment together. Aakashi watches as Shamal deposits his days' earnings in front of her photograph.


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Posted: 13 years ago
Thanks for the written update