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Posted: 12 years ago
I tried making a poll but i culdn't find it so here's da question again

Who did you like best as a villain in Rakt sambhand and which scene?

1) DK
11) BUA

if anyone is missed out plz state :)
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Posted: 12 years ago
DK easily!!!  I mean, yeah, I hated him killing Shyamrao and hanging him, torturing and then deceiving Sunita, attempting to rape Sandhya and all that, but one thing about him - he wasn't self centered like Yuvraj or Prabhavati.  Sandhya and Sarla did manage to erode his loyaltry by demonstrating to him how little his family valued his loyalty - Yuvraj was willing to kill him, as was Prabhavati, Pankaj always preferred Prabhavati over him, and had he gone to jail alone, he realized that they'd not have lifted a finger to help him.  Hence, his plea bargain w/ Sandhya.  Favorite scene - DK slapping Prabhavati and giving her a litany of the crimes she made him commit.

I had some sympathy for Yuvraj's condition, but my patience w/ him ran out very quickly.  Not only did he betray Neeraj, but he didn't care about his own family.  So what if his grandfather had willed everything to his mom due to him - he could have been generous towards Pankaj, DK, Jyoti & Priya and ensured that they had their share of the property.  And his obsession over his sexuality just ruined it for me.

Prabhavati I hated over everyone else - she rivals Padma & Bhairavi in Jyoti, Vidya Bua in PKCM, BJ in GkD, Ragini in Sarvagunn Sampann, Ramlali in Jamuniya and Shauriya's mom in Kashi.  I think it's tragic that Sarla had to die instead of her, while she was barking orders from jail and didn't even get exposed, let alone punished.

Speaking of Sarla, she started out good, and was in the same ballpark as Sunita - she was clearly uncomfortable about Sandhya being deceived, Sunita being tortured (despite Sunita stealing 5 lakhs from her), and was willing to risk it in saving Sandhya after Neeraj's 'death'.  Her transformation into Sandhya's enemy was somewhat inexplicable, but I don't blame her for being resentful about what she perceived was Sandhya's ingratitude.  I'd rather have seen her join Sunita and leave Panjkaj after their daughters were married, and be a part of the plea deal over GD's daughter.  So sorry, it's been very tough for me to even dislike Sarla - I don't even count her as a real villain.

As for Pankaj, I consider him a weasel & a lap-dog.  Yeah, I understand loyalty to your larger family, but that doens't mean that he doesn't care about his own kids @ all.  He could have suggested to Puru to train his daughters & DK so that they could also fulfill business roles, rather than leaving it all to Puru.  He could also have persuaded DK & Sunita to produce a varis, so that there would be no need for Yuvraj to deceive Sandhya and marry her.  I think Pankaj is beneath contempt, and doesn't deserve any attention.

Rohit & Abha - they certainly rival Prabhavati, and equally noxious was that Godman that they worshipped.  Rohit is just mildly better in that he did try to be nice to Shradhya in secret, but was too much of a weasel when it was in front of his dad.  It was tragic that it took the entire serial for Shradhya to walk out on them, and that too after she was pregnant.  I'd have preferred it if Shradhya, after hearing Sandhya's account of how she dealt w/ the Jagirdars, had taken a page out of her and ended her marriage then and there, and joined Sandhya in Savratkar's house.  That would have been ideal.

Damodar and Raghu bhai were too peripheral characters - Damodar was a mere pickpocket, and I was a tad disappointed that the Jagirdars didn't find out that fact about him, and that he had spent 6 months in jail.  Other than that, he was funny to watch, particularly in that Christmas party.
  Raghu bhai was brutal, yes, the way he dealt w/ that kid who was witholding one of his client's daughters, but I do like him for sheltering Neeraj b4 he regained his memory.  Don't like him for putting that hit job on Sandhya on basis of Damodar - had he contacted Sandhya, he'd probably have gotten more money from her to turn Damodar in to the police.

Besides the above, the only ones you've left out are GB in Neeraj's family, and maybe Anjali.  Anjali wasn't bad to start w/, but GB made her bitter by first 'exposing' that Neeraj was in love w/ her when it was just a plain misunderstanding, exacerbated by Sandhya (and Sandhya certainly deserved that bit of punishment).  GB however went thru the serial scott free - I was disappointed that she wasn't exposed @ the end.  I also didn't exactly like Dadaji - found him to overbearing in ordering Purvi to split her work w/ Sandhya.  Also, the way he raised Hasmukh & GB, and had this family of losers, and also the way he originally had punished Neeraj's dad by taking a bath in front of him on his marriage day - I actually was on Neeraj's side on it and thought it unforgivable enough that Neeraj shouldn't have returned w/ him.

Purvi was my favorite female villain, and I don't blame her.  Initially, she didn't want Anjali to get married into that family, and seeing Anjali's behavior, I believe she was right.  I don't blame her for hating Sandhya for pressing Neeraj to marry Anjali and then finding out that he really loved her.  I like how she read Anjali the riot act, but rebuffed Sandhya when she went to thank her.  I liked her no nonsense way of dealing w/ Sandhya.  My favorite scene w/ Purvi was when she bluntly told GB that had she known how to mind her own business, she'd not be rotting in her maayka - that one was priceless!!!

So in the end, my prize for the greatest villains in this serial are
Abha Deshmukh & Prabhavati Jagirdar.  But the ones I liked were DK and Purvi

P.S. The poll button is b/w the New Topic and Post Reply buttons both above & below the table of contents on the right
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Posted: 12 years ago
Gosh dat was long but interesting. i also liked DK the best, and ecspecially the scenes when he tries exposing to the family that vrinda is sandhya. Prabhavati just cares about her son and no one else in the family. greedy bitch but yeah she was a good villain. Abba was a good villain to, tight on his wife and daughter in law. Pankaj doesn't even do much as a villain he just follows prabhavati but yh my faves one is DK - i love his expression when he tries to be nice with sunita and when he hugs he has a evil face.LOLClap lol

oh yeh thought id forgotten someone! thanks
and about the poll i mde it but when it says subjects i put rakt samband and it gave me an error
and i didn't add purvi coz i didn't know she'd turn bad (watch it on tv so still hasn't finished for me)
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