RS ending - good or bad?

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Posted: 12 years ago
People who have already seen RS ending ( i haven't yet seen it but read about it and i think it's crap)    did anyone think it was a good ending or culd it be more better?

i personally think it wasn't gud if anajali didn't plot much against sandhya but time was less, they shuld ave shown 1 hour specials.

what did you guys think of sarla's death?

and also did anyone think they shuld've shown the jagidars towards end?

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Posted: 12 years ago
I commented on the ending in the final update, but will say this: the ending was mediocre (certainly not crap) and could have been a lot better.  To list a few, they just showed Shradhya leaving the house, w/o showing where she went.  Yeah, probably she'd have gone to Savita or Sakshi, but show it.  As I noted, I hated her pregnancy track - wish they reversed that.

I liked Anjali's reformation - unlike others, this one was at least credible, and once Anjali overheard Sarla's plan to murder Sandhya, she did a volte-face, even though they didn't show it.  So since she did reform, I'd have liked them to show a mini leap of a few weeks/months and show her getting exonerated by a court, and returning to a welcome from Anmol, Purvi, Sarita & Sandhya.

I thought that Sarla's death was overkill - too much of a punishment.  As noted earlier, she wasn't anywhere near as evil as Prabhavati, Yuvraj & DK, and previously had no rap sheet (other than covering up Gayatri's daughter's murder) I'd have preferred it if after the arrest of the Jagirdars, they didn't show them at all - no Damodar, no Yuvraj's death, no Sarla bail...

I think a mega-episode on Saturday to wind up the serial would have been appropriate.  In that, they could have done the above - show Shradhya returning to one of her sisters, and describing the whole story, and getting shown as not pregnant (sorry, I'm not for single parents) Also, show GB getting exposed, and either kicked out of the house, or properly punished for separating Neerdhya.  Very importantly, I'd have wanted that vrath to be lifted.

I'd also have liked Purvi to have witnessed all this, and Purvi & Sarita apologize to Sandhya for hating & hurting her for no reason - at least bring closure to that.  They could then have combined and welcomed Anjali back. 

Another possibility - Anjali returns from jail, Sandhya gets a call from Sakshi, and Sandhya/Neeraj go to visit them and see Shradhya, who's there w/ all the other sisters & Jijus.  They all promise to help Shradhya out the same way they did Sandhya, and on this scene and note, they could have ended the serial.  It started w/ a shot of Sandhya's entire family, and could have ended that way as well. 

Also, it could have had Savratkar's voice-over, where he could have stated that he's now @ peace that Sandhya's happily settled w/ Neeraj, and Shradhya is out of that hell-hole.  He could either said that he realizes that marriage is not everything and Shradhya being unmarried is better than her being in the ugly marriage w/ Rohit.  Other alternative, if he doesn't believe that - show Shradhya getting engaged to Bhosle, whom everyone thank for bringing justice to Savratkar & saving Sandhya, and end it on that note.
Posted: 12 years ago
sorry dn't think i read ur update den oda wise wuldn't have posted dis. i'd say this that u have some gud ideas maybe u shuld;ve made RS. lol. i agree with every single idea u put and if they had 1 hr epsiode they culd have given it a good ending rather than rushing and leaving gaps..
Posted: 12 years ago
The ending must have been full of crap.
Kavya's law of shows:It is "impossible for an imagine tv show to end before its all crap"

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