Cute Sonali-Chandu-Susheela

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Posted: 11 years ago
hey ,

Baghwan koi topic open kyu nahin kartha yaar Angry, show itna bhi bekar nahin hai LOL

Anyways,  Sonali is so funny, i loved her expressions when she was narrating her shot Embarrassed, she is so cute and funny yaar,

I adore the scene btw chandu and his mother , such a lovely and simple scene which shows love and care between them in simplest possible way , no heavy bari barthan dialogues and all , .............

what exactly is chandu doing ?? is he a student or something ??


J .

Posted: 11 years ago
i truly AGREE jaya......gosh cuteness personified!!!! Chandu is D Darling of Bhosle Family in all manners.....

when d show started...d onli thing i loved abt PMMKA ws Chandu....

bt nw aftr seein 13 epis i can defo say i hv new reasons in PMMKA to love abt other than d biggest reason of Chandu....

1)Chandu-Sarje Bonding
2)Chandu-Sonali bondin
3)Chandu-Susheela aunty bondin

these 3 relationships i am really lookin each epis pass by..i am more n more likin these bonding....each r really spl n unique in their own way......
Posted: 11 years ago
completely agree with u nikki.the reason of watching pmmkas is its powerful and brilliant actors' outstanding performance and its simplicity.
Posted: 11 years ago epi was fab..the story is getting pacier. I love sonali..i m liking her char..chandu & her, chandu&mom- the scenes were too god. Jun is fab. He brings a smile on my face..lolz.
Niru was good today. Liked tht she challenged her sis.
Posted: 11 years ago
i just love the mother-son bonding....and also that particular scene with sonali-chandu-sushila....sonali is so cute!....they kept waiting to hear the big dialogue and it turned out to be a mere "main doctor ko bula ke laati hu" haha....and loved how sonali teased chandu about niru......though chandu guitar ko class main le kar kyun ja raha hai???LOL....i adore the 3 kids with their mom....they have such a sweet relationship....and i loved what sushila told chandu about his future wife....that she will be the luckiest girl because he wont let her face any problems like that in both of his characters mayank and chandu, the mom-son bond is very strong and sweet.....and thats a similarity with arjun as well Embarrassed........naina
Posted: 11 years ago
Thanks Jaya for opening this topic and honestly I am loving the performances of every actor representing the Bhonsle family....

Sarja, Chandu, Sonali, Susheela, Maruti and the interaction between each of them is worth watching but I feel the reason for this entertaining performance is bec
the dialogs are par excellence bec of its simplicity and subtle humor which also comes thru their performances....
I dont like those really serious dialogs which always have undercurrent of tensions
It is clever writing which has subtle humor which we all understand....
Posted: 11 years ago
awwwwww...sonali-chandu are so adorable!..loved thier bonding!.
sonial is such a cutie pie, loved her excitement on dialogue and then awww..her mom.."thek se bol na"..awwww...mothers are mothers, an chandu.."aram se sonali"..
and i love when sonlai calls chanu "dada"..she looks adorable and then i loved her teasing..sinali--niru bonding is surley to be looked forward! ..
an then my chand..Day Dreaming Day Dreaming..he is asugar candy!.
@jaya..i think chandu goes for preperation classes for some entrance test for police job..Embarrassed
Posted: 11 years ago
agree Juna, the more u keep it simple the more its easy to understand and enjoy ................ yes nothing is bari barthan dialogues

@Mehak:- i get that , but why he is roaming with Guitar ,

more than anything i liked the silence of Chandu , when his mom was like what after retirement of ur father, we have no right on Damu salary , and not on Sarja, ........ Chandu did not jump in assuring he is there as he very well know he is not yet independent , so no point in giving false hopes from his side ...............
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