Written Update 11th Feb 2011

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Posted: 11 years ago
I'm sorry if you've had too much of my update already lol

but its my turn again :P

Episode starts with:
Khanak pulling clothes from the line. 

Khanak: i dont care what ppl say..shan will remain burthal
anand does it all and turns away

khanak: anand!!!

he turns n comes 
anand: how did u know i..

khanak: aapke ilawa aur kon kar sakta hai (who else can do it except u)
anand: mazak kar raha tha (i was just kidding)

she puts it all on the line again

anand: why are u in such a good mood (he meant bad mood)
khanak: becuz my husband has arrived
anand: really i wanted to ask him how he bardashtofies (tolerates) u, where is he?
khanak: he's not here..he is living in his dabba (box)..he cannot handle the air here, so he's living in his van

anand: that sadu?!! (he recognizes him)
khanak : aap unse tameez se baat keejiye, mere pati hain i can say everything (you dont talk about my husband like that, he's my husband so i can)
anand: cant u speak straight, u people are used to talking in circles!!!
he gets upset and leaves.. 

kids playing in gaoon with water..shan watches enjoying
shan remembers khanak throwing water at him

shan thinks: khanak is very upset.
she didnt even notice me..
ab may gaoon may dhammal machaoonga to she will have to forgive me (now i'll create a ruckus in the village and she will have to forgive me)

kids throw water at him
he goes n throws water at them

khanak sees him playing with water

he's stripped into his vest

women are watching..

khanak is embarrassed

khanak: shantanu, u will get sick if you play in water like this..lets go from here..

she takes him away
he says bye to the kids
she glares
he's afraid

rahul scene..

rahul waiting for someone

jenny comes..

J: is someone coming, if i had known id have done something to the house..
R: point one the house is only mine, point 2: jthe person whos coming is not a guest, you can say he/she's family, its their job to kick uninvited guests out

J: whos coming 
R: tumhara  baap, (your dad) start counting

bell rings

Scene change..
shan sneezes..
covered in towel
red vest

khanak gives him tea and says atleast think about your family
shaan: thats what i'm doing, leaving mom dad behind i came to u
khanakk: you are in ur sasural (wife's house)
shan: exactly, i heard u were pampered in sasural and wat m i getting...

khanak: poora boliye(complete ur sentence)...i can see wat ur doing..do u think aisi bachkani harkatein karke aap mujhe mana leinge..( do you think u can please me with these childish acts)

shan: i told u i'm sorry, forgive me

khanak: i dont want to talk abt it, u plz leave

he pulls palu

goes from behind: khanak ek baar meri baat sun to lo, ek bar dekho to meri taraf (listen to me once, look at me )
khanak: i dont even want to look at u
shaan: why will u get scared at nite
khanak: no i will get nightmares

shaan: soch lo may chala jaoonga.. (i will go away, think about it)
he warns 3 times
chala jaoonga may (i'm going)
keh raha hoon haan chala jaonga may (i will go)

theek hai ja raha hoon may (fine i'm going)

he leaves throwing the towel

khanak looks at him from behind.. picks the towel he threw up

smells it

(aww baby)

hugs the towel..

Scene change..

jenny's dad has come

jennys scared

rahul is smiling: uncle all urs

to jenny: im surprised didnt ur dad know u were living here..and u'r playing a joke with a young man..

rahul: jenny you should be ashamed , you're living with a man, i can do anything with u here..

J: dad aap yahan.. apne to kaha tha seedha shadi may ayenge..guest list banayenge, card baanteinge etc etc (dad what are u doing here u said u wud come directly to the wedding..u said u had work)

rahul: game over, acting finish karo picture is over

Scene change..

khanak is again hugging the towel

thinks abt shan giving her thepla



"kiun karte ho shantanu aap aisa. har bar naraz karne ka koi na koi tareeka dhoond lete ho, " (why do u do this shantanu, why do u keep looking for ways to upset me)

sits and opens a peti..big peti..

larkiyon ke saamne iss tarha nahana, besharmi ki bhi hadd hoti hai, acha hua ghar ke buzurg sab teerat pe chale gaye, meri bai dekhti to behosh hojati (showering in front of everyone like that, there's a limit to besharmi, its good the elders are at teerat, if bai would have seen shan like that she'd have fainted)..she pulls out a mirror
cleans it

sees herself
thinks abt shan saying "khanak look at me once"

Scene change..

anand pastes a poster on the wall

"search search search poster"
kid: 001 wanted

anand: no, 100% mard chaiye (man wante)
hoshiyar ho, khubsurat ho, chalak  ho, takatwar ho, kudd lamba ho, rang gora gora ho (smart, handsome, sly, strong, tall, fair)

kids: itni sari cheezein 1 man cannot have (one man cannot have all this)

some other kid shouts "hosakti hai"(they can!)

its "mummy" (the kid who saved anand from the mouse)

she comes forward

"kiu nai hosakta, ye kaho ke tummay koi cheez nai hai" (it is possible for a man to have all these qualities,  u jst say that u dont have all these qualities)
they fight over girls vs. boys strenghts

both are fighting ke who shud say sorry

both ask anand to decide whos right

he starts laughing

anand starts talkin abt shan

"shan has come to manaofy khanak, but khanak doesnt want to see shan's face, ab shan face nai dikhayega to manayega kaise..." (if shan doesnt show her his face, how will he manaofy her) 

girl: so that is why u made the poster

anand: yea now if i've done friendship i'll have to pay the price

he tells his plan to kids

they all hifive

scene change

rahul: jenny dad's looking upste

papa is a bonga man only glaring

papa starts laughing

Papa: jenny my darling i missed u.. they hug..

rahul: ye kia tha (what's happening)

Papa says he likes his son in law..

jenny: ur the best dad

papa: jenny rahul is a good boy

papa: we've invited all ur relatives

rahul: look jenny enough is enough

they laugh

papa gives a schedule of the wedding day, who will take how many steps where..

rahul is frustrated

Scene change:

khanak cooking..

someone knocks

khanak: shantanu hi honge (must be shantanu)

boy: musKLE, n everything, am i not a MAN

khanak: Yea u're a small cute man

boy: a man is never cute, i thought i would fix u up with me (disappointed)

khanak: kids shouldnt speak like this

boy: first u said u need someone, now ur scolding like a mummy

khanak: i need someone? 100% man? who told u

he shows poster

boy: whole of dhulwadi knows

khanak is surprised

she is angry: shouts SHANTANUuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu


jenny police scene

rahul has called the police
Posted: 11 years ago
Teech.. lovely update.. and thanks so much for the translations.. Lovz dear!
Posted: 11 years ago
Thanks for the update Teech !!..........it was really good....
Shanak scene and Shaan playing in water seem to be interesting.....
I just hope I get time to watch the episodes soon.....lol....
Posted: 11 years ago
dont miss it mani

i'm liking this jenny girl

she can stay with rahul

i dont know how they can bring her into his life but i dont mind her staying

i hope what WE want happens
Posted: 11 years ago
Originally posted by IFsKhanak

dont miss it mani

i'm liking this jenny girl

she can stay with rahul

i dont know how they can bring her into his life but i dont mind her staying

i hope what WE want happens

@ bold - Amen !!

yeah....I won't miss....will watch soon but just don't want to watch randomly so waiting to get some time to watch it together in sequence......lol
Posted: 11 years ago
thnx for the update teech!!...
 im sad tht KT is out of town :(
Posted: 11 years ago
thanks yaar 4 the update....
Posted: 11 years ago
thanx 4 the updateSmile

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