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hi guyz... its my first topic here in PKYEK forum though i m a big abhiya and mishika fan!

many of u do know me.. but many of u dont. so for those who dont know me.. i m Priya aka kracker or i hav many more Dangerous nick names that are given by my ViVi  dungeonmatesLOL

love u guyz(dungeonmates)... well from a very long time i was thinking of writing on abhiya.. but didn't had guts on hw to start.. as its a vampire story.. so its difficult u know...


warning: this SS is not meant for the ppl who can't wait long. Coz I am a very very very lazy girl. I will update once a week or two. You all will have to bear with me!..Unhappysorry guyz I cant help it.. my univ doesn't allow me much time!..hope u'll understand my turmoil!


Ok guyz now without much ado heres the SSLOL



SS(short story):

Dawn: A Start or An End..



Late at night while walking beside the dark forest after visiting a late night party  at misha's house and refusing kabir for lift, Piya walked along the jungle that lay as the deep secret in the middle of dehradun hills. It was infact scary to walk all alone when you don't even know who might follow you! But for piya- she was in no mood to think about all this crap, she had many good things to do and think.. one being thinking about the trip to pandher palace with abhay ' and how he came out to be her saviour when she was on the verge of being killed. It was not the first time that abhay had  saved her infact he had saved her uncountable times and yet  he was a part of her and everyone's hatred. He never did anything willingly,at least this was what he always wanted to show.. and especially to piya!


On piya's part.. she didn't know why he treated her with immense hatred ,and never left any chance to insult her.. but then always saved her from all the dangers! No matter what- he always came out to be her savior..her knight in the shinning armor! She didn't know what it was? Or why it was?.. but she does respect him.. she definitely did owe her life to him.. not once or twice but uncountable times by now. Even in her immense hatred she did care for him- for the thoughts he had of her- yes it did matter to her!


And she also knew that he also did care for her.. no matter what he shows of.. but in the end he would end up with saving her, helping her.




In forest


A man is standing behind some trees in the wood. A man in black coat and jeans. His back is towards the road. And behind  whom there is a girl- she is also in black clothes though her short mini and tight black top and dark shade of lipstick describes her to be ultramodern with a sheepish smile and looking at man with unusual glint in her eyes of seductiveness ' it looked that some thing not good in there. 


They were at spotable distance from the place where piya was standing.


Out of curiosity piya neared them. She thought the guy in black to be abhay as his broad shoulders and fair shkin of neck which could ne seen decribed him to be him and only him.. She neared them to hear there conversation but was not able to hear there hush-hush conversation. She was frustrated, as all she could hear was nothing but laugh of the gurl.. which looked sick to piya.


Piya(to her self): abhay .. iss waqt yahan.. Jungle mein.. yeh yaha kya kar raha hai.. aur vo bhi kisi larki ke saath.. aur ye larki isse pehle to nahi dekha.. na college mein na kabhi pehle.. ye hai kaun?


She was happy to see abhay but was really angry to see some other girl with him.. and that to at this hour! The spark of jealousy can easily be noticed in her eyes.


Piya (tp her self): abhay kabhi mujhse toh ise baat nahi krta.. jab dekho naraz rehta hai.. aur iss larki ke saath itne ache se baat kr raha hai.( she was fuming in anger)


It was the first time that piya experienced this type of feeling.


After sometime she saw that girl was sheepishly smiling and then she came close to him clutched his collar and planted a kiss on his cheek.


It was just too much for her to still stand here. She hated that sight. The only thought that came o her," hw could abhay let her do anything like that". She was truly disgusted! She hated abhay more now. " what does he think he is" she said under her breath. She consoled herself that all these things just do not matter to her. That she didn't feel anything for abhay." But how could her allow some random chick to touch him even. Ewww'." She was still standing behind the tree.




Abhay's monologue


She is the only one who can keep a close eye on piya. Her life is in danger. My dad could do anything to her, once he has already tried to take her life .. I cannot take chances with her. No matter what.. but she is very precious to me. I can't let anything thing to happen to her. No matter I how much I pretend that I am unaffected by her.. which is really not true coz her presence does affect me.. she is not like maithali in any aspect but face. But I cannot say that she is not precious. Becoz she is.


After maithali, I just lived without any aim, I jst wandered from city to city, but never got any reason to live though I know my community doesn't allow me to think that way.. but I cannot help it. Though I know that I am nothing but a walking dead body, and that my hert  had stooped long ago with maithali but then I don't know from where this feling creeped up in me. Why I am caring for her. How does her existence matter to me. How she came so close to me. Why?  She is not even in single thing is like maithali- but something  in her eyes- the same love, the same faith, the same fear of loosing me' yes her eyes do reflect the same intensity as maithali. Her innocent eyes reflect  what she is think.. or in what turmoil she is.  I don't need her voice to understand what she is thinking coz her eyes already tell me about it!..


I know I may hav to give many answers of her questioning eyes ask me when I'll go near her or will try to protect her.. but I cant give nay answers. She wil not understand. She is a human.  And so I have to do this. I have to give this responsibility to Maya. She is the only one who can live in hostel with her. And make frnds with her and protect her fro every danger. I know she has fulcontrol over her.. and she is the best in protecting humans. She knows what to do.. where to do and how to do and how much to do. I hav faith in her that she will protect her from all forth coming dangers!..


I don't know why I am thinking about her so much-knowing the fact that we can never be one, that we are not meant to be, that our communities and existence just not allow us to think that way. And above all.. I am a vampire- the most dangerous species on earth. And knowing the fact that piya is not safe with me- no not at all' I am thinking about our relationship, about our love,.. no I can't. if I feel anything about her.. ever the little most care then I should do this.. yes then I should distance my self from her!


 Don't know what has become of me after I met piya. I was so different  before I met her, so cold towards everything, so distanced from everything- every feeling, everyone. I had in all senses become a vampire. But she changed me. Or may be just her presence changed me. After I lost maithali- I became remorse towards everything, I didn't even knew that iff there was some humanity left. I don't know from where this possessiveness came from, from where this feeling of protectiveness aroused from? Why I have started thinking like abhayendra knowing that he died more than two hundred years ago! Why?


Is it love which is connecting me and piya or just because her face resembles maithali I am doing it-protecting her. Does she thinks about me same way. What if she does? But still she doesn't know about true reality behind my existence. What if she leaves me? How wil I stay without her? I just can't think of her leaving me., but before anything happens I'll distance my self from her.. no matter how much pain I go throughy.. after all I am dead and deads don't have pain!


Abhay's monologue ends




Piya's monologue


Why abhay is not saying anything thing to this girl! I can't even tolerate that girl near abhay even when I am so far.. and abhay' "ye abhay ko hua kya hai? Aaj mish ki party mein bhi nahi aaya. Aur yahan iss ladki ke saath aise khada hai.. mai shayad kabhi abhay ko nahi samajh paungi!" she thumped her foot in frustration of not able to hear anything of there(abhay-maya) convo. And also not able tolerate that girl with abhay that to so close!


Piya was indeed confused regarding her feling for abhay. For once she knew its just not only any type of concern.. but something else. But what? She was not able to give that feeling a name. firstly- he was always ruthless towards piya; secondly she didn't want to indulge her self in all this.. remembereing her mother was also become the prey of this beast called love. She wanted to keep love  far from her life. Little did she know that her life is gonna give world a great and unusual story. A love story, that no body hav though of and which no body will forget!. A love story that will become the history





Ok guyz that's it for now.. do tell me how u found it! And iff u guys want me to continue.

Who wants to be in pm list pls tell me..

Pls press the like button and ur appreciation/criticism is welcome!

Love ya guyz..


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PM list

super kool
jal izda best

anyone else who wants to be in the PM list pls let me know.. 
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awesome prologue!
the title n d monologue...everythin was so amazing!.....really interesting!
m really looking fwd to this ss of urz!!
do cont soonTongueBig smile
thnx for d pmEmbarrassed
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the starting is really seeme to be very interesting...i want to be in the pm list...if possible plz add me....
love uuu
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hey Priya......good one
i guess badey ghro se Vivu ka pic dekha hai......fair skin colour haanWink and sweetie get one thing clear after reading this fantabulous work of urs i can't wait that long Approve jaldi update krna warna...........Cool wink
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everything is just superb!Thumbs Up
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awesome prologue!
continue soon
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Wow.....................add me in ur pm list
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