OS: Abhay's birthday bash

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This OS starts just before Abhay is on cue to enter his home for his "surprise" party. Since everyone's been so upset about Piya's jasoosi/obsession, I thought I'd write something light and postive. My version of what went down at that party. Smile

Hope you all like it.

OS: Abhay's birthday bash


Abhay stood at the door to his home, key in hand. He had to put on a smile and be polite and act surprised when he went in. Not his strong suit. He didn't smile except sarcastically, and he was rarely polite. This was NOT going to be fun, he thought stepping into the dark living room.


"Surprise!" everyone yelled together, as the lights came one. A small, tight smile curved Abhay's lips as he feigned surprise. He kissed his Mom on the cheek and hugged his Dad, thanking them for the nice party. Everyone came up to him to wish him. "T" was first in line. She clung to his arm with her one non-broken arm and wouldn't let go. He finally whispered in her ear that unless she wanted a matching sequined sling for her other arm, she should let go. She walked off, annoyed.


He stood there, with a fake smile plastered on his lips, for what seemed like hours. Tracker, Angad, Misha, Panchi, Shaurya and even Kabir trooped up to him to say Happy Birthday. Only Piya stood aloof. Their last altercation in the library had left her shaken. Her findings about him and Maithili since then had only strengthened her resolve to ferret out his secret for once and for all. She couldn't stand not knowing. She loved him. She loved him with every fiber of her being. She knew he cared for her, in his own peculiar "Stay away from me-don't interfere in my life-I'll save yours whenever you need me" way. And she was determined to know the truth before the night was out. She had a plan.


The band started playing. Abhay took his mom out for a spin on the floor. Haseena loved to dance, and she was good at it. Chaand had 2 left feet and didn't dance. Abhay and his mother had a complicated relationship. On the one hand, she wasn't really his mother. Not biologically. Not his adopted mother either. They just lived in one house together. On the other hand, they'd played the role of loving mother and son for so long that they really did care for each other. Haseena looked out for him and shielded him from Chaand's vitriolic temper. Abhay reciprocated by trying his best never to defy her. He did as he was told, where Haseena was concerned. Chaand was another matter entirely.


"Happy?" he asked her as they twirled around slowly to the tune of "Have I told you lately that I love you?"


"Hmm. You need to smile better. It looks fake, the one you've had on for the last 30 minutes or so."


"It IS fake, Mom!"


"Try harder! And after this one, ask Piya to dance."


"What! No!"


"Abhay, its not a request."


"But why? I hate her."


"I don't care how you feel about her. She is the reason we've thrown this party and you will be civil to her. If you don't ask her to dance, I'll tell Chaand. He will."


"Chaand will make chutney of her toes."


"Since you hate her, why do you care about her toes?"


"You know what, just to shut you up, I'll do it." Said Abhay in a resigned tone.


"Good boy. Sometimes, Abhay, I almost want to hug you. Almost." Said Haseena smilingly.


"Oh face it Mommy! You adore me. You're actually enjoying throwing this stupid party and making me put on this fake smile and cut that silly cake. You actually like me." Said Abhay. Haseena didn't say anything, but a small smile played on her lips. Their dance being over, he led her off the floor and went in search of Piya. He couldn't find her anywhere. And then he saw her. She was on the floor. Dancing with Kabir. She had hers arms around his neck. He had his on her waist, and was holding her (Abhay thought) unnecessarily close. He stood there, scowling at them till the dance was over. Piya saw him and smiled to herself. Then she walked up to him.


"Dance with me?" she asked. Abhay was so surprised she asked, that he couldn't react, he just walked out to the floor with her. Panchi and Misha nudged each other and grinned.


The band struck up "Chasing cars" by Snow Patrol.


"Shut up and don't say a word." Said Abhay warningly as Piya opened her mouth to say something. He held her close. So close he could hear her heart beating. It was thumping very loudly, actually. She thought everyone in the room could hear it.


We'll do it all
On our own

We don't need
Or anyone

If I lay here
If I just lay here
Would you lie with me
And just forget the world?

I don't quite know
How to say
How I feel

Those three words
Are said too much
They're not enough

If I lay here
If I just lay here
Would you lie with me
And just forget the world?

Forget what we're told
Before we get too old
Show me a garden
That's bursting into life

Let's waste time
Chasing cars
Around our heads

I need your grace
To remind me
To find my own

If I lay here
If I just lay here
Would you lie with me
And just forget the world?

Forget what we're told
Before we get too old
Show me a garden
That's bursting into life

All that I am
All that I ever was
Is here in your perfect eyes
They're all I can see

I don't know where
Confused about how as well
Just know that these things
Will never change for us at all

If I lay here
If I just lay here
Would you lie with me
And just forget the world?


They danced quietly. She leaned into his embrace. He enveloped her in his arms. She'd never felt better, she thought. "Me too, Piya, me too", thought Abhay, as he read her mind. He signaled to the band to play it again. Piya didn't even realize the music stopped and started again. She was content.


"Isn't this enough for you, Piya?" he asked, after he'd led her off the floor and out into the garden. "That song. It was perfect for us. I need your grace, To remind me
To find my own. All that I am, All that I ever was, Is here in your perfect eyes, They're all I can see." He said, speaking softly. More softly than he'd ever spoken to her. With more light shining in his eyes than she'd ever seen before.


"Can't we just be as we are now? Is this not enough for you? To be in my arms, with me?" he asked. "Do you need to know the truth? It will change everything. You will hate me."


"I could never hate you." She said.


"You will. I'm afraid you will. Haven't you ever had a secret you don't want anyone to know? Something you fear people's reactions to? It's a terrifying feeling Piya." He forced himself to close his mind to her thoughts. He didn't want to invade her privacy when he knew she'd be thinking about her deepest secret. Piya fell silent. She did have such a secret. She was terrified of people finding out about her father. She was scared of losing Panchi and Misha's friendship if they ever found out. She didn't want to deal with everyone's curious questions in college. She didn't even want to face her own father, because though she loved him, she didn't respect him. She couldn't help loving him. But she had nothing but disdain for the decisions he had taken that had led to her living in an orphanage with no one to call her own. She looked up at Abhay.


"Yes. Yes I do."


"Are you going to tell me what it is?" he asked.


"No." she said shortly.


"Why not?" he asked. "Don't you trust me?"


"I trust you with my life Abhay. But I can't tell you this. It's too painful. Rakes up too many memories. There's too much at stake. Let it rest, Abhay. Please."


Exactly my point, Piya." He said abruptly. "Let it rest. Please."


"Hmm. There is a difference between your secret and mine. Mine won't affect your life. Yours has a deep impact on mine." She said. "But, I do see your point. A little. And since it IS your birthday, I will not pry tonight. But someday Abhay, you will have to tell me." She warned. "Or, I will do something drastic to find out."


"Piya, I will be there to prevent you from doing every stupid thing you can think of. Because I'll always be there for you. And with you. Kind of like a friendly stalker." He smiled.


"Friendly? Abhay Raichand? You're kidding, right? I've met hungry Alsatians friendlier than you!" she quipped. "Anyways, I did buy you a birthday gift." She said, extending a small gaily wrapped package towards him.


"What's this?"


"Open it up and see."


He went about unwrapping it carefully so as to not tear the wrapping.


"Oh! You're one of those! Gimme that. You're supposed to rip it off!" she said, taking it from his hands and yanking the shiny red wrapping off. It had a small, flat black box that she gave to him. Inside it lay his favorite pen, that he'd dropped in the locker room rubble while rescuing Misha. The initials AR were carved in gold on the top of the pen. And she had had someone engrave Abhay "Clark Kent" Raichand on the side, as a joke.


"Thanks Piya!" he said, displaying his dimples to her for the first time. He'd flashed them at Tracker and even T, but never her. "Clark Kent, huh? So you think I'm Superman?"


"Be still my beating heart. Abhay "akdu" Raichand just smiled at me." Said Piya. "And you think I'm superwoman, so we're quite the pair, no?" she asked.


"So, I know what to get you for your birthday, then. Superwoman wears a red hot miniskirt and long kinky boots." Said Abhay.


"Sure. I'll even wear it to college." She said, to get a rise out of him.


"No. No you won't" he said heatedly, then he saw her laughing. "You did that on purpose Piya!"


"Oh look! Haseena aunty's coming this way. Its time to cut the cake, I think. Come on Clark!" she said pulling him in with her.


So, Abhay cut his cake, which in true-blue Raichand fashion was a black-colored Blackforest cake shaped like a bat. (Just kidding. It was a strawberry shortcake, rectangular in shape with pink roses even!) Haseena and Chaand were forced to eat that cake because he fed them large pieces in front of everyone, as revenge for throwing him the party. As it tasted like cardboard to them, they didn't really enjoy it. Piya fed Abhay a little piece, as did he. Misha and Panchi actually dared to smear a piece all over his face. And he took it all without flinching. He even smiled at Panchi when she took a picture of him, caked up! All in all, Abhay's first birthday party in 180 years or so went pretty well. He and Piya had struck up a truce. Haseena was as pleased as the cat that got the cream. Chaand was pleased if Haseena was pleased. And the gang knew how to have fun anywhere. So, all in all, a good time was had by all.


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Posted: 2011-01-16T10:18:16Z
Your Piya is so much better than the Sherlock Holmes we see in PKYEK.
Nice OS.Big smile
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Posted: 2011-01-16T10:28:36Z
very nice OS...
i am very glad  you wrote it...since the actual bday party in show is gonna be soo intense and painful..
it feels nice to read somethign like this light and positive...
i wish someday abhay and piya would talk like this..
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Posted: 2011-01-16T10:33:45Z
Very beautiful OS - beautifully written.
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Posted: 2011-01-16T10:37:22Z
Tht was so sweet :)
I loved reading it! Took my mind off the last episode! Thnxxx :D
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Posted: 2011-01-16T11:09:33Z
adorable OS!! loved the gift part and their convo abt it, lol.... superb
somehow its hard to imagine the cold dark Abhay having dialouges alike nd anything expect of the ' dont look at me like that' and 'stay away' lines over n over again, lol.... but would be nice too see even this side of him in the show sometime as ur oneshots:))
oh and... i am totally not upset abt piya's couriusity.... i dont even see it a issue...exactly as piya said in ur OS .... this truth is diffrent....involvs both of them deeply...the way CVs decided to handle this adds lot of suspense to the whole thing which is good for the show. he might be hurt first but the result of this truth will be help them both specially Abhay on near future, so its fine, exactly as we all were upset abt Abhay humiliating piya over nd over again but got over it since we knew he didnt want it deep inside.Edited by Melissa2 - 2011-01-16T11:13:27Z
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Posted: 2011-01-16T11:16:19Z
this is way better than wat we gone see in the show lol....really enjoyed it...thankx 4 the pm..
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Posted: 2011-01-16T11:17:15Z
Nice One!
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