Hope's Take 5 - December 14, 2010

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Posted: 12 years ago


This woman is not cut out for manual labour.  Her decision to seperate households will backfire on her big time. What a stupidass thing to do. Cut your nose to spite your face.   Anyways some people need to take the thorny path to attain nirvana and she has just started on her self-imposed journey.

they were in a hurry to get  to work. yet she had invited Jaywant to breakfast? was she going to do a drive-by breakfast or does her office dole out spot half-days? weird, think it was an oversight by CVs

the lady is a twit married to an imbecile. enough said. both blow hot air and now its like seeing a twin blower at work.

I don't feel even the slightest bad for Sulo and Archu. Only feel bad for Manav and Manohar. the ladies invited this on themselves by placing Manjusha on the DIL and vahini pedestal and doing her pooja with every breathe. Ab bhukto. My poor Manohar - no chai. how the hell will he survive and my Mannu - he was already feeling bad this just made it worse.


Archu loves mannu - we get that but doesn't she understand that if she keeps ignoring her health and chasing him on rooftops and throwing healthcare to the wind. Mannu will be the one that suffers. how can you make your loved one suffer? arre baba if she does not become strong becasue of this rooftop raas-leela then how will they leave and if they don't leave wont' Manav have to face Manjusha's indignities daily? Archu if you really care for Manav heal fast - don't play foot lose and catching cook on the rooftops and around the house and then take hubby dearest and move out


HOT        HOT          HOT   and Some  more HOTTTTTTTTTTTTTT

Wow nice to see My Damien back on screen. He was giving his killer daredevil looks and just kept getting hotter by the second. So enjoyable to watch a gorgeous devil. Though Manav is cute to look at as well.

Man, if a woman ever desired being chased by two men, I think Archu has hit the jackpot

I don't think Jaywant loves Archu but he has this unquenchable desire which stems from an unexpected rejection. He finds her detachment a turn on and  his attraction is the chase not the prey at the end of it. I think Manav is a bigger draw for him in this chase than Archana.

He reintroduced himselfLOL   Wah Kya ishtyle hai bhai. he was like  - Hi I'm Jaywant Rane. and I was like I know honey now tell me another one.  My ears are all perked up.LOL

Satish and Varsha

Varsha felt a twinge of guilt or something at seeing Bhavna's reaction to the flat.

I have found much fault in Varsha but I do not find fault with her desire to establish a seperate nest with her hubby.  they share such a relationship and Varsha is better suited to a nuclear family set up than a joint. I think she should let Bhavna be - and focus on the joy in Satish's eyes.  She should pick her cues from Satish not Bhavna.

Manav and Manohar

Did good today.
Manav avoiding Jaywant and not taking the obvious bait.
Manohar rejecting Vinod and demonstrating what a "seperate grihasti and parental alienation" truly is
Hugs, kisses and pat on the back to both


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Posted: 12 years ago

Hope di brilliant take on ManjushaThumbs UpEvil Smile-------> Manjusha in the raw form!!!!

Well that Rane should take away all the money from batatawada and make him a kangal insaan, since he his the one who keeps on talking so high about Rane, and Vinod shouldn't be thrown out of his job which was a gift from Rane through his highly influential bad peopleCensored............................
Then Armans helping Vinod, and that Dharmesh....................They should be shamed for not trusting a good person like ManavStern Smile
Archu is a lucky lot, two man going at each other!!!Day Dreaming
Posted: 12 years ago
i noticed that too- they wer in a rush to go to work, then all of a sudden, jaywant was there for his breakfast invitation. Manju and vinod looked too happy to see him. Manju is a dumbass, how the heck does she think she can take care of things w/o help? And not letting punni hv her aji's shira was too cruel... Im still utterly confusd as to y vinod has agreed to seperate grihastis. How cruel can u be to ur aged parents? Then y is he still living there? If he is not contributing, then he's just living there for free..i want mano-sulo to throw them out so bad, but then i feel sorry for the lil kids. Im wondering how varsha-vaishu will react to vinod's decision... And y is varsha trying to liv seperatly ? Didnt she go bring her inlaws back to all liv 2gether?... Loved that manav took the high road and removd himself from the situation. And my God, how long does it take to get over the flu or watever archana?? Ok, thas all that's on my brain :)s.
Posted: 12 years ago
wonderful take buddy...i must say hope this rane does have a lot of clout...such a high position where he can hire vinod..and just think Archu was in an even higher position than him..she was probably making a crap load of money...but where is it and how come she is so broke...did she not save any when she was employed?
Posted: 12 years ago
Well done Hope .
I was also happy and a little worried at the same time with the return of Jaywant rane .'
happy that the slow story picked up. Worried because clearly  the way he was looking at Archan , that was dangerous . Tere was lust , not for the girl but lust for revenge  which he will get by destroying her life ..
Archu is in trouble , she really has to watch over her shoulders all the time .I am very happy she got manav down to sleep in a nice warm bed instead of sleeping in cold when everyone  elae i nthe house was comfy .She obviously  could not accept it  ,she loves the guy so much ...
And I don't think she is the kind of a girl who will get excited with the idea of 2 men running  after her .In fact she  would  rather run after her hubby , as she always runs after only this guy ,  and wait patiently for him to get in a romantic mood maybe some day ..
I was happy to see the way both Sulochna and manohar behaved ..
Posted: 12 years ago

i do not feel sorry for Manohar or Mannu, it self inflected helplessness. clearly the women in their life have the tendency to make matters worse...they need to think for themselves. i understand Mannu's problem. but what's Manohar's excuse?

Jaywant Rana...my thoughts....tell me more...Evil Smile.
Posted: 12 years ago
Great take as usual!!!

what they are showing in PR.....the LOC in K's ghar....is quite real actually. I knew a family exactly like that. the elderlies were thrown out eventually....they are living separately now and in very bad condition. 

Manjusha is cheap, evil, disgusting.....yet more real than ajit and jaywant. Ajit and jay play up big schemes which happens in rare occasions in middle class zindagi. Its the daily evilness of manjusha that is real. 

I don't expect Sulo to say anything to Manju.....i want manohar to tell the duo....this is are home if you want separate grahasti go live in your 2 BHK apptt. N i hope he says it soon.

I don't like women/men lusting for married ppl. Its vulgar for me. why can't PR cvs show Jay wanting to destroy ArMan without hinting the 'lustful' angle. Jay should have been shown just wanting revenge....his character would haven't been vulgar then. Just nice evil....ajit's replacement.....just more evil and conniving. although have to say Manav and jay's chemistry is rocking....their eye-locks are mesmerizing. (not more than arman's though and thank god for that!)

I really liked sulo aai in yesterday's epi. she had no reasons for being upset for Jaywant's welcome at home coz the family has high regard for him. But as a MIL she wanted no competition for Manav.....she has truly accepted him as an SIL and doesn't want him to be awkward even for a second.

am actually bored watching Pr these days waise.....they are just showing only villains. Everybody being made one to fill the villain quota. its like screen shot 1: villain 1 screen shot 2: villain 2.......villain number 9999. uff!!! 

N manav is showing no interest in looking for a job???......jobs are not got at home delivery service. Manav needs to get a job pronto and leave K's antankwadi ghar. 


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Posted: 12 years ago
Hi Hope!
Excellent take.
I'm sort of happy that Manju decided to separate the grihasti. Now we can see a couple of good storylines from here:
1.) Sulo-Mano should get a paying guest and ask Vinod Manju to move out saying if grihasti is separate then income will also be separate, and we wish to lease out your rooms since you have refused to support us. Tab ayega Mazaaa!!! I saw a film like that once (Sansaar) and it gave a good message in the end that do not take your parents for granted or helpless- they are not.
2.) Manav will be getting a job soon, (that 1000 rupee note was a good sign I tell you.. something good will come out of it- the man will be impressed by Manav's honesty and give him a job or something). Now it would be nice to see Manav earn for Sulo-Mano-Archu- and himself and show Vinod-Manju that the Karanjkars really do not need him.
3.) I would love to see Vinod repent, thaw when he sees Sulo feeding Manav loadfuls of food and fussing over Archu, but not giving him any attention and even say that Manav, YOU are the SON of his house. I would love to see Vinod's face when he realises that his place has gone to someone else.
4.) I would love to see Sulo Mano live comfortably and happily while Vinod- Manju struggle to manage their kids, jobs and household chores.
5.) Show Vinod falling ill or something and Manju unable to handle him and grumbling all the time, while his mother peeks worriedly behind curtains and Vinod feels guilty watching her.
6.) Lastly show that this alienation was Manav's idea to teach Vinod-Manju a lesson. In the past too, when Manju had called Sulo naukrani, then he was the one who had instigated Archu that if your own people harm you in this manner, then you should deal with them iron-handedly. And then Archu had given Manju the blasting of her life.
7.) In the end show Jay cheating/harming Vinod in some way and Vinod realising his mistake and repenting.
Show me this CV's and I will love it.
Bcos now I think Manju is not the sole culprit- Vinod is an equal partner. He has been taking his sister and parents for granted, forget Manav who has helped him so much from time to time. He sides with his evil wife time and again. He needs a lesson too.
Harsh of me, I know. But you need hard lessons in life sometimes when you don't learn your lessons the easy way.

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