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We all have doubts that the CVs of Saathiya are visiting the forum, since there are some changes in the story, expression of characters. i m writing this to bring it to the CVs attentions if the visit the forum
1.We had already writing an open letter which resulted in minuscule change in Goham.

2. when the main lead (Gopi-Aham) and second lead(Rashi-Jigar) are there why is the story uselessly projected on Kinjal and her unimportant love less?

3. The show reaches its TRP only when there is a decent Goham Scene.

4. There is lots of negative character and their wining ways, when will goodness and truth win?

5. what is the use of always showing only kitchen, puja and hall of the house.?

6 where is the social life of the people?

7 Every family has its own friends and neighbors, they are not shown, some times the husbands go missing.

8.Come-on guys, there is a whole world outside Modi mansion why not show a proper relationship.

9 Most important of all, we want the show to focus more on gopi-aham, instead of these ring-a-ringa -roses.

please friends i m posting it because i m really frustrated after this weeks show. does any one care kinjal is pregnant or not, we want the show to move forward. but the pace which it uses i will be dead before they reach a conclusion.

okay CVs does do something which will make our hearts go lup tup with a goham romance
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On Oct 11, there was a letter posted to the CVs.  Sadhli asked me to repost it here. The original link is:

And here is the text:

Dear CVs,

In our attempt to get you to understand your fans, we submit to you the following wish list:

1.  Develop the Modi Family into a real, honest to goodness family.  Let their interactions be real and not so very esoteric.  The parents should be a good example of what a good marriage is like for the young marrieds.  Let Koki respect Parag as she should.  They are adults!  Let them communicate with each other!   No one in this family laughs, or has a heart felt smile.  Let the young couples interact outside of the home and build relationships!  There is not a scene shown when one person isn't in fear of some kind!  Or sad, or crying.  None of the relationships share any kind of chemistry.  Not the older couples, not the younger couples, not the siblings, not the parents for their children.  Plain and simple, there is no love in this home!  Every family has their moments.  Every family endures hardship.  But love is what holds it all together. We fully expect this family to fall apart before our eyes due to lack of love.  Is this the image you want?

2.  Remember that Aham/Gopi and Jigar Rashi are the leads of the show.  While the other characters are somewhat necessary, don't focus on them.  We were lead to believe this was a show about the dreams of two young women who are newly married.  If this is true, why are we constantly show everything and everyone BUT them?  Why, after all of this time, has Aham not had a real conversation with his wife?  Jigar is not much better with Rashi.   Why is there no time spent in developing these vital relationships?  We don't care about Umang and Kinjal.  In fact, they annoy us and we wish they would just go away.

3.  Continuity Why did Gopi rub the cream on one side of Koki's face only to have the other side react?  Do you think we don't  notice these kinds of things?  

4.  Please spend more time on making the characters consistent!  Koki is a ticking time bomb, Aham can't make up his mind whether to be mean to Gopi or not, and Gopi acts like an idiot most of the time, when we know she's not.  

Regarding Gopi, we know she is not educated, but that doesn't mean she's not smart.  Why do you continue to portray her as a two year old who knows nothing?  Why in the world would she wash Aham's computer?  Gopi is not stupid.  She wouldn't wash a toaster, or a TV.  Why then would she think it would be okay to wash a laptop?  Gopi's character is no doubt naive.  She helps everyone with the best of intentions, and doesn't want to see anyone in trouble.  This behavior earns her nothing but scoldings and tears.  So apparently, nice, decent people are to be looked down upon, right?

With regards to the Modi men, are they so castrated that they can't have an opinion?  Chirag and Parag are an affront to men everywhere!  What man would sit by and watch Koki destroy a young girl without saying anything?  You had a great opportunity for Parag to step up and be a father to Gopi and you let it slip through your fingers.  Aham's cruelty to Gopi is unpardonable.  Jigar just smiles and nods like he's not quite all there in the head.

Hetal is another matter entirely.  Can you say wishy- washy?    Kinjal - We know you think she is important to the story, but frankly, we don't care about her.  She's evil.  What kind of daughter purposely plans to harm her mother?  Is this really what you want to portray?  That this kind of behavior is okay?  Because so far, she's gotten away with everything.  Rashi is everything that is wrong with her generation.  Spoiled, pampered, vain, deceitful.  And yet, she seems to get away with everything.  Nice life lesson.  Bravo.

5.  Romance/Passion.   So far, zilch, nada, none.  We're not looking for ripped bodices and passionate kisses.  But can't the leads at least be civil to each other?  When offering ointment to your wife is the most passionate thing we've seen on the show, it's kindof a letdown.  At this point, I'd be happy if Aham could be in the same room with his wife without scowling or yelling.  No eye-lock required. Can't he even have a decent conversation with her?  They've been married for how long?  

6.  Social Responsibility As long as you continue to portray Gopi as you are, there is little hope for the young women who are actually in her situation.  When a young bride has no worth in her family, and that devaluation is consistently shown, what message are you portraying? Good is portrayed as stupid and uneducated and evil has no consequences.

7.  Redundancy.  We keep going around in a big circle.  Nothing has changed.  Kinjal still hates Gopi, so does Aham and Rashi.  Rashi and Kinjal are still plotting evil.  Gopi gets yelled at on a daily basis.  Koki is reputed to be a good MIL.  Parag and Chirag are cardboard cutouts.  Hetal can do little more than smile.  These things we know.  You have pounded them into our heads for the last oh, four months or so.  We get it.  Now move the story along!  Show us something different. 

Please do not treat your viewers like you treat Gopi, i.e. assuming we are stupid.  By turning over such bad quality scripting and episodes, the implication is that you think that as TV viewers, we will swallow bad writing, illogical sequences and unrealistic characters and situations.  Please understand that whilst we watch your show, we are not asking to be treated with the contempt you presently seem to be exposing us on the basis above.


The Members of the SNS - IF Forum

ps - we reserve the right to edit this letter.

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Posted: 12 years ago
I totally agree with you!
Posted: 12 years ago
I am with you.....these days I am back to not watching the entire episodes. 
Posted: 12 years ago
agree with you shruti..
i hope cv's are reading this
Posted: 12 years ago
agree  !!


nOwadays there is not even Aham !!  :(

Posted: 12 years ago
maybe this is how they claim the show to be different....
" leads will be fillers and the actual fillers will occupy more screen space"
its different....
 i have been cheated Angry ... i want my time n my money back...
Posted: 12 years ago
Originally posted by fungirl

maybe this is how they claim the show to be different....
" leads will be fillers and the actual fillers will occupy more screen space"
its different....
 i have been cheated Angry ... i want my time n my money back...

agree nisha.......
@bold....thats called the Real

and Shruthi for this second thought after ur points....

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