Amisha's grand gift for Ashmit - Article

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Posted: 12 years ago
Amisha's grand gift for Ashmit
" Whenever I get time I make sure I watch him in Bigg Boss. I believe he is one of the genuine and natural contenders in Bigg Boss. So I want him to win," says Amisha Patel.

Amisha feels that many people like Ashmit and that's why he is inside the house, " If only I was voting for him I don't think he would have stayed there. It's a huge section of the audience that likes Ashmit and is voting for him. Wherever I go unknown people tell me that Ashmit is one real contender in the house and they all like him and are voting for him."

When asked about Manoj Tiwari, she said, " I don't know Manoj personally but I believe if he would have been a bigger star he would have stayed back. But Ashmit's fans have voted for him so I don't know and I don't even bother what he feels for Ashmit because Ashmit is a Bollywood star." How delusional is she!

We all have seen the hot and steamy romance going on inside the house between Ashmit and Veena Malik. So does the sister believe that the romance will last after the show? " I don't know whatever is happening as it's inside the house. I will know about it once they come out and if they decide that they will work on their relationship then I am happy to accept them," she replied.

So who does she like besides Ashmit? "I think Khali and Seema ji are one of the strongest contenders too. Both are very genuine."
What's more, Amisha has a gift for her brother if he wins. "I am looking for some new properties these days and recently I have been to Navi Mumbai where the new airport is coming up. So I was planning to buy a flat for me and if Ashmit wins Bigg Boss I will gift him a flat right next to mine," said the excited sister who is very sure that brother Ashmit Patel will win the show for sure.

But the question here is from where will Amisha get the cash to finance a flat for herself and for her brother? She is not a top Bollywood actress!
Posted: 12 years ago
i thot amisha is out of work these completely out of money
Posted: 12 years ago
ashmit's a bollywood star? yeh right!!!
ashmit stayed in the house nt cos of voting bt cos his romance with veena brings trp to the shw thts y they kept him in to maintain the trps etc
Posted: 12 years ago
hmmm star... khud star nahi hai to apne bhai ko star keh rahi hai.. dreams!!!!!
Posted: 12 years ago
lol who says she doesnt have money...are films the only source they have ?Wink
this is the right time to buy as its a festive mood around u know..Tongue
Posted: 12 years ago
She is banking on the prize money that BB will give Ashmit . Tongue Edited by TSakshi - 12 years ago
Posted: 12 years ago
Wait - did Amisha Patel claim that her borther is Bollywood Star?!?! Was it my imagination or didn't the Patel Boy say that he's "struggling these days and hence took up Bigg Boss" on the very first day they all entered the Bigg Boss house!!
Yeah I'm quite sure of that... He was never a star (probably in his own mind) and nor can he act
Posted: 12 years ago
Sad that his sister supports all his traits.... how will he improve unless someone shows him the mirror. "if he wins she'll gift him a flat"...LOL...what sense does that make... he'll need it more if he doesn't win.Wink 

Also since when did ASHMIT BECOME A BOLLYWOOD STAR.... !!Shocked LOL
Viewbie's Note: This post was edited to remove the word 'ass' as a nickname for Ashmit.
Edited by sarah1024 - 12 years ago

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