Sagar's New-Gen Mytho Shows

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to the world of Sagar's

We are here to discuss about New-Gen Mytho Shows  of Sagar's

Meenakshi Sagar's Jai Shri Krishna

Anand Sagar's Ramayan

Meenakshri Sagar's Meera

Amrit Sagar's Mahavir Hanuman

Prem Sagar's Mahima Shani Dev Ki

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 ~*~*~ All About The Shows ~*~*~

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Jai Shri Krishna
Jai Shri Krishna, a Meenakshi Sagar Production speaks of the joyful story of God Krishna's childhood adventures. A multi-layered, magnificent epic tale of this universal God will trace natkhat gopal's journey right from his birth under dire circumstances to being taken to Gokul and being nurtured by his surrogate mother Yashoda and finally leading to the killing of his sinister uncle Kans.

source : IF

Jai Shri Krishna' is the joyful story of God Krishna's childhood adventures. A multi-layered, magnificent epic tale of this universal God will trace natkhat gopal's journey from his birth under dire circumstances to being taken to Gokul and being nurtured by his surrogate mother Yashoda. The story of this 'Murli Manohar' transcends across all age groups with his mischievous yet, sweet and playful actions compelling the Gopis of Gokul to designate him as 'Makhan Chor'. It chronicles the growing ...up years of the Krishna in Gokul and traverses his tales in Mathura wherein he brings to task his evil uncle Kans and his sinister designs.
Source : burrp


Jai Shri Krishna is an Indian television series produced by Sagar Pictures which airs on the newly launched Indian channel Colors. It is a Remake of Late Ramanand Sagar's successful show Sri Krishna and will be handled by the new generation of Sagars. It is based on Mahabharata, Harivamsa, Bhagavata Purana and the Vishnu Purana.

It tells the story of the Bhagavana Vishnu's Avaatar, Shree Krishna. The story took place in India, covering cities like Gokhul, Mathura, Hastinapur, Dawaraka. It shows the different leelas or stories of Shree Krishna from his birth, childhood, teenage years, prince of Mathura and prince of Dwaraka.

He was known as Makhan Chor (butter thief). His eternal friendship with Sudama is a good example of true friendship. He killed demon queen Putana and tamed the venomous serpent Kaliya. Yet another amazing story is, how the little boy shows the entire Universe in his open mouth to his Mother, Yashoda.

As a teenager he shared a divine relationship with Radha. His dance with the Gopis (milkmaids) of Vrindavana became known as the Rasa lila. When he became a fully grown man he slayed his evil uncle Kans.

Later as a prince Krishna married Rukmini, Satyabhama and Jambavati.Krishna also married 16,100 maidens who were being held in captivity by demon Narakasura, to save their honor. Krishna's wives are believed to be forms of the goddess Lakshmi - consort of Vishnu.

Krishna was the cousin of Pandavas, and best friend of Arjun. He was like a brother to Draupadi and rescued her when she was insulted and almost assaulted by the the Kauravs, who had unfairly won her, along with with the rest of the Pandava's assets, in a wager. He imparted the knowledge of Bhagvad Gita to motivate Arjuna, prior to the great battle of Kurukshetra.

He was the perfect son, husband, brother, friend, king and lover. The show follows every aspect of lord Krishna's life starting from his childhood days to his life as a teenager, prince and the king of Dwaraka.


Actor/Actress Role
Dhriti Bhatia Kanhaiya (child)
Zeb Khan
Aditi Sajwan Yashodha
Meghan Jadhav Kanhaiya (young)
Kritika Sharma Radha
Nitin Prabhat Balram

Source : Wikipedia

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Meenakshi Sagar's Jai Shri Krishna, which aired from July 21, 2008 - 2009, is a recent mythological series that, unlike most of the other options on television nowadays, is perfect for the whole family. It is an imaginative, heartwarming take on Lord Krishna's childhood. A remake of the Late Ramanand Sagar's Shri Krishna, Meenakshi Sagar's Jai Shri Krishna used as its sources the Shrimad Bhagavat Puran, Harivamsa, and Vishnu Puran as its sources. The soul of the show lied in the prodigious performance of child actress Dhriti Bhatia, who portrayed both the "masti" and the divine compassion of young Shri Krishna with astonishing precision and captivating charm. The teenage Krishna played by Meghan Jadhav was equally charming; his depth and sincerity brought Shri Krishna's most famous "prem leelas" with Radha Rani to life beautifully. Add Aditi Sajwan and Zeb Khan to the mix as Yashoda Maiya and Nand Baba respectively, and you have the perfect loving family with whom you can laugh, cry, and learn so much along the way.

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NDTV Imagine Ramayan - A  new series based on Valmiki's Ramayan and Tulsidas' Ramcharitmanas. Produced by Sagar Arts, the family that introduced mythology on television, this age old classic is retold with grand sets, a new star cast and lilting music.

The enthralling production values and fresh approach to the storytelling gives the new Ramayan an appeal that will entertain and delight viewers across all age groups.

source : IF

Ramayan, based on Valmiki's Ramayana and Tulsidas's Ramcharitmanas, as well as Chakbasta's Urdu Ramayana, is an Indian television series produced by Sagar Arts which airs on NDTV Imagine. It is also partly derived from portions of Kambar's Kambaramayanam.

It is a remake of the highly successful Ramayan that was created, written, and directed by Ramanand Sagar and which aired on Doordarshan from 1987 to 1988.

This new version of Ramayan has good ratings. It is also winning awards and rave reviews. It got the Most Promising New Show of the Year award at's New Talent Awards. Gurmeet Choudhary who plays the lead role of Lord Rama also won the Most Promising New Talent of Tomorrow award.


    * Gurmeet Choudhary as Lord Ram
    * Debina Bonnerjee as Mata Sita
    * Ankit Arora as Lakshman
    * Vikram Sharma as Lord Hanuman
    * Akhilendra Mishra as King Ravana
    * Punkaj Kalraa as King Dashrath
    * Vijay Bhatia as Bharat
    * Lalit Negi as Shatrughna
    * Rajni Chandra as Kaushalya
    * Jaya Ojha as Mandodari
    * Kavita as Kaikeyi
    * Vinood Kapoor as Vibhishana
    * Praphulla Pandey as Meghnaad aka Indrajeet
    * Rishabh as Kush
    * Perin as Luv

Source : Wikipedia

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MH banner winner - Janu Clap

Mahavir Hanuman gives you a glimpse into the life of the Monkey God of Hindu mythology. Hanuman worship is not a new concept, the deity, who represents physical strength, devotion and is known as Sankat Mochan. He has never had a dearth of followers from social classes and age groups. He is a God who is popular amongst every age group and every social class.

Most people don't know the story of Hanuman; the story of his father, the story of Hanuman's birth, Anjana sending Hanuman to serve Ram, or even the first time Hanuman meets Ram. Mahavir Hanuman will give you a full narration of the life and times of Hanuman.

Source : IF

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The timeless story of Meera will trace the trials and triumphs of this staunch Krishna bhakt, who found herself to be deeply drawn towards Lord Krishna at a tender age of four years. The show will explore her life from her childhood days and the influences and events that led her to become Meerabai the 'Jogan'. Meera will provide audiences with an insight into the life of this strong woman, who remains an inspiration to women even today.

The characters in Meera will be essayed by a new generation of actors ' Aashika Bhatia all of 9 years will be seen playing the lead of young Meera and Aditi Sajwan as elder Meera, the key characters of Veer Kunwari (Meera's mother) will be played by Gauri Harmit Kaur and Ratan Singh (Meera's dad) will be played by Kunal Bakshi respectively. Paras Arora will be seen playing Meera's cousin brother Jaimal while Twara Desai will be seen playing Meera's friend Lalita.
Source : IF

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Dialogues from Janamastami Special Episode
where Meghan hosted the show as Krishna and many Guru/Aacharya too talked about Krishna

Meri katha aunne aayen hai na aap?
Parantu meri katha aapko sunayega kon?
Mere athron pe saji yeh bansuri aapko meri jeevan katha sunaegi...?
Jise poore Gokul ne suna hai, gopiyon ne guana hai
Parantu issne toh mere aaath Kurkshetra nahin dekha ...
Phir mere athron par Geeta aai
Tab toh yeh murli sooi hui thi....
Toh kya yeh Sudarshan Chakra meri katha suna payega?
Yeh to Yashoda maiya ko pehchan bhi nahin payega...
Isne youdh dekhe hai, Radha ka prem nahin dekha hai...
Mera Maharaas nahin dekha hai
Kon batayega ki main kon hun ??

Kahin jagha par unka rudra avtar
Kahin jagha pe uska madhuri avtar
Kahin jagha par voh prem
Kabhi basuri bajata hia
Kabhi shankh bajata hai
Mahabharat ka Krishna jo hai
Mere hisab se woh Brahma hain
Aaapko aisna hain lagega ki prabhu ko pakad saktey hain,
yeh haath mein hee nahin aate.

Chaloo mathura... jahan aik aakashwani ne tumhari duniya mein mere aagman ka danka baja diya hai. Yog maya mujhe bula rahi hai. Dharti par mera vansh bhoomi nakshatra sab taye ho chuke hain. Janam se pehle hee meera sangharash shuru ho chuka hai.

Parmatma ka janam, Shri Krishna ka janam humare shashtron ke anusaar 5236 varsh purv hua hai. Unka avtar shukal paksh ke 12 baje chanra prakash mein hua hai lekin issi chanra prakash mein aik raja hue hain jinka naam vadhu hai isilye inhein vadhu vansh kehne lage hain.

*Krishna birth shown from Ramanand Sagar's Shri Krishna
Devki to Vasudev - Kans ke aane se pehle tum is baalak ko gokul le jao. yashoda ke yahan abhi abhi aik balika ne janam liya hai usse whan se utha kar yahan le aao

Bhagwan ke avtar lete he kans ke pehradar so gaye, hathkadiya khul gaien. Bhagwan ne janam lete hee saari tarkeeb Devki aur Vasudev ko samjhadi thi. Ussi anusaar Vasudev ji balak ko lekar Gokul chele. Jab Yamuna ji mein padhare aur Yamuna ji badne lagi. Prabhu ne apne pairr bhar nikale aur Yanuma ji ne unke charan sparsh kiye. Bahut varsha thi pani baras raha tha tabhi Sheshnaag ji ne apni chaya karte hue Gokul mein Nand ke ghar se yog maya ko lekar chal diye.

Parantu mere jivan mein chainn kahan.....

7 varsh mein 7 din ke liye Govardhan parvat baayein haath ki choti ungli par uthaya.

Kyun tha Maha Raas kabhi soocha ? Radha aur mujhe mein bheedh mitt gaya tha, sara vrindavan doob gaya tha Radha aur Bihari Maharaas mein. aur main Maharaas mein. Tab toh mein 6 baras ka tha.

Maharaas 2 baar hua, Prabhu ne maha raas kia kisi bhi raas ke aaye maha shabd nahin laga hai Bhagwan sab ki manokamna iss maharaas se ki hai. Raas matlab mill jana chinni aik baar ghul jaye to use gurr se alag nahin kia ja sakta
Krishna jab 5 baras ke the to milna hua aur jab chood kar gaye to 11 aur bichadna 100 baras ka.

Radha ab mujhe jana hoga mama Kans ne mujhe bunaya hai. Wahi Mathura vahi karagar se shuru hui thi maine apni jeevan yatra .. 11 varsh 6 mahene aur 4 din.

Krishna ne narad ko bola , narad ne kans ko aur kans ne akroor ko krishna aur Balran ko lene bheja

Killing of kans shown form old Shri Krishna

Dekhi meri leela ab Dwarika basani hai aur ghar bhi to basana hai.

Thakur ji ki 21 varsh ki awastha thi unka vivah bhismak naam ke raja ki beti Rukmani se hua, 16108 vivah sampan kiye

Wakt badal raha hai baal gopal raas aur sab se vida leyni hogi. Mahabharat ki taiyari shuru karni hai. Adharmaiyon ka vinash karne ke liye hi to main ne janam liya hai, parantu jara therereye Pandavoon ko shiksha toh de doon. Yudhishtir ne raj yag mein bulaya hai

Yudhishtir nee bhagwan to nimantran dia, yag pura hone par Bhishm pitamaha ke kehne par pradhan ne shri krishna ki yagh dev ki puja ki. Kurushtara mein Bhagwan ki aayu 85 varsh ki thi

Mahabharat mein meri bhumika mehtv hone wali hai. Arjun nar aur main Narayan. Woh meri ichcha ke viprit kaise ja sakta hai?  Usse moh paksh ne jakda hua hai taki mein aap sabko geeta ka gyan de sakun.

BR Chopra's Mahabharat kurukshetra scene shown.
Arjun : Yeh main kisse youdh karna ja raha hun
Krishna : yeh youdh mein aane se pehle sochna chayehe tha

Achca hua jo Arjun ne pocha nahin to humme geeta ka gyaan prapt nahin hota
krishna ne arjun to kareeb 5311 varsh poov geeta sunai thi tab veh 90 varsh ke the

Pura jeevan mukti baanne wala main apne hee praband se kaise mukta hua ?

100 saal na krishna gaye Radha se milne aur na radha gai krishan se milne .. 100saal baas veh kurukshetra mein mile.

aap jab bhi pukaroge main dooda chal aaunga aapka kanha prem ki pukar se bandha tha aur sadev rahega!! 

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Pari, please add me to the member's list!  Big smile

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