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Posted: 10 years ago
About the Forum

The intention of this forum is to provide members a place to discuss Indian mythology (or that of other civilizations), philosophy, and spirituality in general, with the mythological serials that have been an important part of the Indian Television landscape for almost three decades as our point of departure. We will welcome topics on everything from interpreting specific scenes/incidents from specific shows to very broad conversations on our faith and that which constitutes it. We hope for it to become a place that's active, interesting, enlightening, entertaining, and free of conflict - so in order to assure that, we ask that you all abide by the following rules and guidelines. Do read them before creating and participating in any threads of this forum, please.

Here are the Rules:

1. Absolutely no bashing - this includes disrespectful, harsh, or condescending language directed at fellow members, the actors they like, or the shows they're discussing. Intelligent critiques of the writing/production are welcome, but avoid criticism based on subjective criteria like looks and acting... pasand apni apni.

2. Please post content in the appropriate threads -
there is a Member Introduction thread in which new participants can tell us a little bit about themselves and their interests with regard to mythos; please do NOT open a separate topic titled "I'm new" since this intro thread already exists
a Picture Gallery for ONSCREEN pics from all mythological serials and films; the thread welcomes brief discussions of scenes from which pics were recently posted
a Creations Gallery for all avatars and signatures of the mythos and their stars
an Offscreen Pics, Interviews, and Info topic to post news about the actors and vids/pics of them that are either offscreen or in other shows and movies:
 a Bhakti Lounge for sharing bhajans that aren't from the serials, as well as devotional paintings. This thread also welcomes information on famous temples/murtis/places of pilgrimage around the world
a Chat Thread for having any conversations unrelated to mythos - this includes congratulating fellow members on their accomplishments at IF (winning contests outside the mytho section, earning a new title based on post count, etc.)
Separate threads for any of the content that fits under these categories are unnecessary.

3.No comparison polls concerning multiple shows are allowed - that means no "who did a better job portraying Character X", no "who makes a more attractive Character Y", and no "who's TV version of Scripture Z did you prefer". We've had these before, and they only lead to arguments and hard feelings. Polls that concern a single show at a time, like "Which was your favorite funny scene in Show A", "which of these characters do you think is the most underrated", and so on would be safer bets and are therefore quite welcome. Still, as with threads, no polls are to ask members to rate appearances/acting skills/etc. since we want to respect everyone's opinions.

In debates, no personal attacks... and if possible/necessary, give credit to your sources. This rule is especially important because each member has his/her own beliefs depending on the region/sect/school of philosophy to which they belong. Some may even prioritize different scriptures than others. Feel free to disagree with them, but do not disrespect them or their religious beliefs.

Crediting your sources does NOT give you license to disrespect contradicting texts. Hinduism is rich with diversity; everyone has a particular reverence for different scriptures and forms of God depending on geographic region/social surroundings/personal nature. They may contradict one another and create doubts about authenticity. The objective discussion and resolution of such doubts is welcome; subjectively claiming overall superiority of one text and putting down others (consequentially insulting all those members who have faith in them) is not. The use of distasteful language to describe the elements of someone's faith, be it their scriptures, deities, prophets, or anything else, will NOT be tolerated.

Here are some guidelines:

Basically, any topic that does not violate the above mentioned rules is welcome in this forum. Some ideas of what you can share with us: Any interesting stories from scriptures or the lives of saints or even the inspiring Chicken Soup for the Soul types would be appreciated. Any relevant articles by scholars, gurus, etc. or notes on speeches you may have seen would be nice. Any interesting interpretations/observations you'd like to share with regard to mythology and/or spirituality are great. Broad topics such as those we've covered in our previous Chat Clubs which invite insights from multiple shows/movies/books to make a point or welcome (i.e. gender roles during Vedic times, duties of children as suggested in the mythos, conflicts of duties... see the Archives thread for other ideas). And of course, you are welcome to put forth any specific doubts/questions you would like others to shed light on. There are probably numerous other categories of topics that you can feel free to cover without getting in any trouble, but the above list might help if you're ever really stumped LOL

If you've read the rules and agree to follow them while participating in this thread, please press the like button. Then, happy posting!!
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These guidelines are applicable to all the members, topics, posts of this forum.

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