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HugWelcone to the Mythological Shows Forum's Archive Mansion aka Rajmahal!Hug
Here you can find the links to all the useful forums/threads on IF where Indian mythologicals have last been discussed before the opening of this Forum. You can also find the links to various threads of this forum itself which are meaningful in its content and so have been stored for future reference. If you feel a thread deserves to be kept in the Archive Rajmahal, please do give me the link of the thread and I shall do so.Big smile
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Here are the links to the Important Topics of this Forum:
Photo Gallery #1
Creation Gallery #1
Creation Gallery #2
Songs/Dialogues Gallery #1
Video Library #1
Actors' Offscreen Pics/Info/Shows
Introduction of Members
Rules & Regulation
Suggestions/Help Desk
Bhakti Lounge
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 Now follow the links of all the Fan Clubs and Chat Clubs which were the last housing threads for Mythological talk related to the old Hindu Mythological Serials.
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To Read Goswami Tulsidas's Ramcharitmanas, Shrimad Bhagawad Gita, & Hanuman Chalisa:

Sagar Arts Website
Sagar World

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Here is a list of all the forums IF has had for the new Mythological Serials. Most of them are locked since the show(s) ended long back, but the threads are still viewable.
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Anand Sagar's Ramayan aired on NDTV Imagine
Meenakshri Sagar's Jai Shri Krishna aired on Colors'
Jai Shri Krishna
 Mahavir Hanuman aired on Colors'
Mahavir Hanuman
Amrit Sagar's Meera aired on NDTV Imagine
Raavan aired on Zee TV
Shirdi Saibaba aired on Sony TV
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Shakuntala aired on Star One
Shakuntala - An Eternal Love Story
Mata Ki Chowki aired on Sahara One
-There is no banner for this forum-
Ganesh Leela aired on Sahara One
-There is no banner for this forum-
These are all the shows I hunted up....if I missed any, please do tell me at once and give me the link to the forum so that I can add it to the list.Big smile
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- Other Important/Interesting Threads -

FaLtU ChIt ChAt CoRnEr
Mythologicals Fanfic Junction
|| Pearls of Wisdom ||
Biographies of Saints
|| Atha Shri Krishna Katha || - My Journey
|| Atha Shri Ram Katha || - Our Journey
Suno Ram Katha - AS Ramayan Episode Discussion
Meera: Preet Ki Sachi Kahani
Mahaprabhu ShrimadVallabhacharyaji
Impact of Ramayan on Mahabharat
Ramanand Sagar's Palatial Palace #1
BR Chopra's Perfect Paradise #1
Sagar's New-Gen Mytho Shows #1
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Mythological Masti Discussions/Debates

Aghori Baba
Analysis of Dashrath's Dilemma (Ramanand Sagar's Ramayan)
Bhakti Lessons from Maharishi Garg (Ramanand Sagar's Shri Krishna)
Viraat Swaroop/Darshan Scenes (Anand Sagar's Ramayan)
Lessons from Bhojraj (Amrit Sagar's Meera)

Most Underrated Character in Ramayan
Paranormal with Religion?
Shaadi Bhagwaan Se?
Brahman Hatya - possible for God of the Universe?
Divine Miracles
A Ramayan couple which deserves more limelight?
 Radha & Sita: Interesting Book, What's Our Take?
Ram's 'Eka Patnivrat' vs Krishna's 16,108 Wives
Ramayan and Mahabharat...the epics for humanity

UPANISHADS saying to Find Your "Sadguru"
Bharat or Lakshman: who was more loving to Ram?

Favorite Pandav from Mahabharat and why??

Discussion: The Pride of Radha and the Gopis
Which part of Shri Krishna Katha is your favorite?
Radha as Krishna and Krishna as Radha
Favorite Kand from Ramayan
What does marriage mean to you?
Head of Manjari b4?
Ashta Sakhis of Srikrishna !
Asking for a boon?
Duryodhan - a misunderstood character or not?
Mahabharat and Bhagvat Portrayal of Krishna
What if Krishna became the charioteer of Rama?
Ramayan of Krittivas Ojha: a study
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Game: Mytho Character Antaakshari !!!!
Diaries of Characters (from RS Mythos)
Mythological Masti Banner Contest #1
Mythological Masti Banner Contest #1 Results
Bhakti Lounge: Banner and Slogan Contest
Bhakti Lounge: Banner and Slogan Contest Results

Holiday Celebrations

Happy Republic Day!
Happy Ram Navami!
Hanuman Jayanti
Happy Mother's Day - Mytho Masti Style!
Good Friday/Easter
Narasimha Jayanti
Happy Buddha Purnima!
Shree Sita Jayanti
Bhagwan Shani Jayanti
Birthday Celebrations of Members

JanakiRaghunath (January-2011)
Dpka1415 (April-2011)
akki-rockstar (May-2011)
AishuJSKfan (May-2011)
ADMJCXNK97fan (May-2011)
Lola610 (June-2011)

Birthday Celebrations of Actors/Actresses

Dhriti Bhatia (2010)
Arun Govil (2011)
Aditi Sajwan (2011)
Gurmeet Choudhary (2011)
Annu Dangi (2011)
Kritika Sharma (2011)
Debina Choudhary (2011)
Deepika Topiwala (2011)
Meghan Jadhav (2011)
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Guys, please do not post anything yet....this is still under construction.
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Topic unlocked, Janu... hope this works now.
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^^ Yaaay, it finally does!Dancing Thanks a lot, Lola, will get to work right away before people become active again and the forum moves.
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