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Hey Guys,
You read the banner, welcome to our Mytho World's Songs/Dialogues Gallery!HugHugHug
This is the thread to come if you want to post the lyrics or dialogues to a favorite song/scene in any mytho show you want.WinkBig smile You can also post the links/vids to any of the songs in place of lyrics as well, and request someone from the forum to post lyrics from that vid if you so wish.
I shall manage the Table of Contents in the posts below according to which show each of the songs/dialogues is from, and also the order in which each song and/or dialogue occurred in the respective show/movie.
One important thing. As you can see, I listed only a few mythos under each ToC heading. That is because I do not know all the mythological shows/movies which have been directed thus far. Please do not become offended if a favorite mythological show/movie of yours has not been included. Just tell me the name of the show/movie, its director, and also whether it is an old/new mytho in case of a show, and I shall include it as soon as possible.Big smile 
I hope this thread becomes very useful and enjoyable to all of you, but please do keep in mind a few rules:
1. Only Songs/Dialogues from a mythological show/movie are allowed...however, if there is a song from a Bolly/Tolly/Kolly/etc non-mytho movie which is religious and meaningful in its content, and you consider it deserves to be posted here, then feel free to do so.
2. Please no chatting whatsoever. You may leave a comment or two on the songs/dialogues posted, but do not start heavy-load discussions on them. There are separate threads for that. However, you may feel free to suggest a song/dialogue to be posted, and if anyone here knows it, they will do so for you.
3. Please do not bash any of the composers/directors of the songs/dialogues. If you do not like something they wrote, then please do not comment on it as it hurts fans' sentiments.
4. Please please please specify which show/movie you are posting a song or dialogue from, or else I may become confused as to where to put it in the ToC.Embarrassed
5. And last but not least, please do not quote whole posts when commenting. Some of the lyrics may be long, and if you quote the whole thing, the page may become slow.
That's basically it! Have fun, and remember, make this one of the most active threads in the forum!Wink
- JanakiRaghunath 
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 -Old Mythological Shows-
SitaRam Charit Ati Paavan (Title Song) - Pg. 8
Vishnu Stuti by Lord Brahma - Pg. 5
Ram Navami Celebration Song - Pg. 5
Aaja Aaja Ri Nindiya (Rajmatas' Lullaby) - Pg. 8
Nindiya Rani, Aa Ri, Aaja Nindiya (Sita Ma's Lullaby) - Pg. 8
Lalit Kare Nav Bhor Vandana - Pg. 8
Damarupaani, Shoolpaani...He Nataraajan Namo Namo! - Pg. 8
Ahalya Stuti - Pg. 8
Dekhan Nagar Bhoopsut Aaye - Pg. 8
Ram-Sita First Glance @ Pushp Vatika - Pg. 8
Prachi Disi Shashi Uyau Suhaava - Pg. 8
Shri Krishna Govind Hare Murare (Title Song) - Pg. 8
Dash Avatar Songs (Shuk Dev to Parikshit Maharaj) - Pg. 2, 4
Vaman Bhagwan's speech to Raja Bali - Pg. 4
Prahlad-Hiranyakashipa Conversation - Pg. 5
Muni Katha Sunaate, Ram Sakal Sukh Dhaam Ki! - Pg. 8
Radha So Shyam, Shyam Soi Radha - Pg. 7
Soja Lalla Soja (Devaki Ma's Lullaby) - Pg. 8
Nand-Krishna Final Farewell Dialogue - Pg. 4
Mann Hai Vyaakul, Nain Sajal Hai - Pg. 4
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- New Mythological Shows -
 Title Song - Pg. 1
Oh Maiya Mori - Pg. 5
Jai Radherani Namo Namah - Pg. 2
Jai Giridhari, Kunj Vihari, Krishna Murari, Narayan - Pg. 5
Bahe Jamuna Ki Dhar, Ho Ke Phan Pe Savar - Pg. 5
Chedi Aisi Taan, Ek Radha Ka Sivai - Pg. 5
Man Mein Base Hai Krishna - Pg. 5
Dekho Dekho O' Sakhi Dekho Re Dekho - Pg. 6
Tan Mein Base Kanhaiyya - Pg. 6
He Muralidhar Kunj Bihari - Pg. 6
Mangal Kaarini Chinta Haarini Dukh Nivaarini Tulsi Maa - Pg. 6
Oh Mere Man Mohana - Pg. 6
Kanha Ban Gaye Radhika, aur Radha Bani Kanhayi - Pg. 6
Jai Jai Jai Giriraj Kishori - Pg. 6
He Sur Nayak, He Asurari - Pg. 6
Kanha Dede Tu Paavan Pyaar (Maharaas Leela) - Pg. 7
Radha Boli Na Tohse Batiya - Pg. 7
Kans Ne Bheje Asur Apar - Pg. 7
Kajarare Nainoke Dware - Pg. 7
July 17, 2009 Dialogue between Nand-Krishna - Pg. 3
July 20, 2009 Dialogue between Radha-Krishna - Pg. 3
Nand-Krishna Final Farewell Dialogue - Pg. 4
Chod Sab Sakhiyan Saheli (Title Track) - Pg. 7
Chulbul Chulbul Pyaari Pyaari - Pg. 7
Hey Murlidhar Krishna Murari - Pg. 7
Mere to Giridhar Gopal - Pg. 7
Kaun Se Kajal Meera, Nain Mein Lagati Thi - Pg. 7
Guddo Mharo Amar Suhaag - Pg. 7
Bhaiyya Mohan Ka Roop - Pg. 7
Mahal Jharokhe - Pg. 7
Ek Jogan Rajasthani...Meera Giridhar Ki Prem Deewani - Pg. 7
Manmohan Kanha - Pg. 7
Still editing....
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- Mythological Movies/Non-Mythological Shows -
Krishna Govind Govind Gopal Nand Laal (Bhajan Ras-Volume 2) - Pg. 2
Hey Bhole...Shankar Padhaaro (Shiv Mahima) - Pg. 2
O' Kanha... (Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai) - Pg. 7
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reserved ! songs from JSK and Meera

and Janu JSK ended on 17th sept 2009
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Originally posted by ...PARiNA...

reserved ! songs from JSK and Meera

and Janu JSK ended on 17th sept 2009
Thanks for the info, Parina.Smile
Btw, there's no need to reserve posts, just post a song whenever you find time.Wink  And so the thread moves fast, post one song in each post, like that, so separate the songs into different posts.
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Posted: 2010-11-10T05:29:54Z
@janaki: can I just suggest something, wouldn't it be better to compile songs in one post just so that it's easier to find it for us. we don't have to go through pages and pages to look for a song. but whichever way works for everyone I guess.
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Posted: 2010-11-10T05:46:55Z
ok dear here i go
title track of JSK

Gwalon ke sang gaiyaa charayein
Gopiyon ke sang raas rachayeing
Makhan chor Krishen kanhaiyaaaa
Bada natkhat Tera Lal O Maiyaa

Jai Govinda Jai Gopala Jai Jai Radhe Krishna
Murli Mahonahar Krishn Kanhaiya
bolo JAI SHRI KRISHNA ... Jai Shri Krishna

Yug aayaeinge, yug jaayenge, log gaate raheinge

this was posted by Sita on JSK-IF long back . Thanks Big smile
i edited a little. Tongue

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