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This thread will contain all Written/Video updates of Mano Ya Na Mano 2.

Since there are no regular updaters for this forum, a short recap of each episodes will be posted along with the episode video links.

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Summary/Recaps & Video Updates

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21st August 2010, Saturday

"Tears of blood"

Rashida was traumatized when her father died. She went into depression for a while. Rashida cries tears of blood when she is in pain. The reason is yet unknown. Rashida's family deserted her fearing presence of spirits. But Mohammad Aslam married her and took her to doctors. Once, Rashida helped a man and prayed for him. She fell ill after that, and the man was healthy. It is said, that Rashida's prayers are accepted when she prays for others

Episode 1 - Video links:

EPISODE 2 : 22nd August 2010, Sunday

"Bhoota Aradhana"

Mishal talks about a person in Mangalore who was brought back to life after death by the Bhootas (ghosts). Appa, who lived in Mangalore with his family died after a severe heart attack. Appa went through a lot of tensions due to some responsibilities ' he wanted to make a temple for the Bhootas and he had asked his brother Narayan for financial help but was refused. He had also taken a responsibility of getting Sundara, an orphan married but the alliance broke. Appa's house was also in debt. Before dying, Appa had called out Ventaka's name and but there was no one by this name in his family. Once a driver named Ananda and his master Lakshmi in Mangalore both practice what is called Bhoota Aradhana ' Pleasing the Ghosts. Ananda dresses like a Bhoota between February and March every year and blesses his devotees. Ananda blessed Appa and got him back to life. Appa's tensions have ended after the Bhootas bless him.

Episode 2 - Video links:

EPISODE 3 : 28th August 2010, Saturday


Mishal talks about Aghoris who are considered non'hindu due of their cannibalistic rituals. The Aghoris stay in a cemetery and consume human flesh. A man named Arun who lives in Varanasi is looking for his brother who has gone missing since 5 days. Arun files a complaint in the police station about his missing brother but even the police are unable to trace his brother. Arun's bother was killed by his son Raju for ill treating him and his mother as he was an illegitimate child. The police was unable to find Arun's brother's corpse. The corpse was taken by a Aghori who consumes its flesh to become immortal. The Aghoris eat human flesh after it is cremated. Arun who is still searching for his missing brother comes across and Aghori baba who tells him that he had cremated his brother and consumed his flesh. The baba gives Arun his brother's watch for identification. The Aghoris still continue this practice of consuming human flesh as they believe they can attain eternity by doing this.

Episode 3 - Video links:

Mano Ya Na Mano - 2-3-1 - Episode 3 - Clip: 1/5
Mano Ya Na Mano - 2-3-2 - Episode 3 - Clip: 2/5
Mano Ya Na Mano - 2-3-3 - Episode 3 - Clip: 3/5
Mano Ya Na Mano - 2-3-4 - Episode 3 - Clip: 4/5
Mano Ya Na Mano - 2-3-5 - Episode 3 - Clip: 5/5

EPISODE 4 :29th August 2010, Sunday

"The sixth sense"

This is a story of Jayashree who sees her dead math teacher who teaches her maths just a day before her exam. Jayashree passes with good marks the next day. After few years of Jayashree's marriage, her father passes away. Sonu, Jayashree's nephew was attached to Jayashree's father and after his death he used to cry profusely. One night when Jayashree couldn't handle Sonu's cry, she got him out to a porch where she saw her late father with Sonu. Sonu stopped crying immediately after that. After few years, Jayashree's mother in law comes to visit her in the night. Jayashree makes tea for her mother in law who demands to have tea made by her. Her mother in law gives Jayashree her ornaments and tells her to take care of her son after her death. Soon after that her mother in law disappears. The next morning when Jayashree goes to her mother in law's house, she is shocked to see her dead. Her son tells her that she was in coma the previous night. Jayashree's brother in law doesn't believe her when she says her mother in law visited her. The brother in law believes Jayashree when she shows the ornaments her mother in law gave her that night which is now missing from her mother in law's body.

Episode 4 - Video links:

Mano Ya Na Mano - 2-4-1 - Episode 4 - Clip: 1/5
Mano Ya Na Mano - 2-4-2 - Episode 4 - Clip: 2/5
Mano Ya Na Mano - 2-4-3 - Episode 4 - Clip: 3/5
Mano Ya Na Mano - 2-4-4 - Episode 4 - Clip: 4/5
Mano Ya Na Mano - 2-4-5 - Episode 4 - Clip: 5/5

source: www.starone.in

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S  E  P  T  E  M  B  E  R    2  0  1  0

EPISODE 5 : 4th September 2010, Saturday

"Bike worship"

Mishal talks about a bike and its rider who are offered prayers in Jodhpur Pali highway. Long back a rider named Om Banna met with an accident and it is believed that soon after this accident his spirit rose and decided to help people who meet with such mishaps on the highway. A couple is shown, named Siddhanth and Mansi, who is travelling on the same highway and stop by a dhaba. The dhaba owner warns the couple to visit the temple before travelling to avoid any road mishaps but they don't. The couple meet with an accident and Siddhanth gets injured terribly. Om Banna helps Mansi take Siddhanth to the hospital. Mansi then informs Siddhanth about the incident and convinces him to visit the temple. When they arrive at the temple, Mansi is shocked to learn that the rider who helped her is dead. The dhaba owner tells them that the locals of Johdpur worship the bike and its rider Om.

Episode 5 - Video links:

Mano Ya Na Mano - 2-5-1 - Episode 5 - Clip: 1/5
Mano Ya Na Mano - 2-5-2 - Episode 5 - Clip: 2/5
Mano Ya Na Mano - 2-5-3 - Episode 5 - Clip: 3/5
Mano Ya Na Mano - 2-5-4 - Episode 5 - Clip: 4/5
Mano Ya Na Mano - 2-5-5 - Episode 5 - Clip: 5/5

EPISODE 6 :5th September 2010, Sunday

"A man who hasn't eaten since 70 years"

Mishal talks about a man named Prahlad Jaani also known as Mataji, who lives in Gabbar Parbat, Gujurat and hasn't eaten since 70 years. A team of medical researchers conducted tests on Prahlad and found him healthy. It is said that 65 years back when Prahlad was 12 years old, a goddess blessed him. The goddess touched his pallet and since then Prahlad stopped eating and drinking. Since then Prahlad started to penance the goddess. One night Prahlad's mother saw him dressed as goddess. Soon Prahlad left his house after seeing his parent's worry. Everyone wonders how Prahlad lives without food and water. Prahlad claims to have a hole in his pallet from where he gets holy water which keeps him alive. Mataji's followers say that Mataji has fulfilled all their wishes. The scientists also wonder how Prahlad Jaani lives without food and water.

Episode 6 - Video links:

Mano Ya Na Mano - 2-6-1 - Episode 6 - Clip: 1/5
Mano Ya Na Mano - 2-6-2 - Episode 6 - Clip: 2/5
Mano Ya Na Mano - 2-6-3 - Episode 6 - Clip: 3/5
Mano Ya Na Mano - 2-6-4 - Episode 6 - Clip: 4/5
Mano Ya Na Mano - 2-6-5 - Episode 6 - Clip: 5/5

EPISODE 7 & 8 : 11th & 12th September 2010, Sat & Sun

"Chota Patna"

The people of Chota Patna are very rich and happy but no one from the village is ready to get married with a boy or girl of that village.  The back story is that, a newlywed bride was on her way to her husband's place. The tree under which she waited, had a witch which possessed her body.  Her behaviour was unusual since the time she had come to her husband's place. The husband got anxious and one night he asked his wife about it. Various strange incidents forced the woman to speak who she actually was and the story of this innocent daughter- in - law being possessed is so scary that till date people of the village have to move forever to get their children an appropriate bride or groom.

Episode 7 - Video links:

Mano Ya Na Mano - 2-7-1 - Episode 7 - Clip: 1/5
Mano Ya Na Mano - 2-7-2 - Episode 7 - Clip: 2/5
Mano Ya Na Mano - 2-7-3 - Episode 7 - Clip: 3/5
Mano Ya Na Mano - 2-7-4 - Episode 7 - Clip: 4/5
Mano Ya Na Mano - 2-7-5 - Episode 7 - Clip: 5/5

Episode 8 - Video links:

Mano Ya Na Mano - 2-8-1 - Episode 8 - Clip: 1/4
Mano Ya Na Mano - 2-8-2 - Episode 8 - Clip: 2/4
Mano Ya Na Mano - 2-8-3 - Episode 8 - Clip: 3/4
Mano Ya Na Mano - 2-8-4 - Episode 8 - Clip: 4/4

EPISODE 9 :18th September 2010, Saturday

"Give me my bones back"

This is a story that took place in 1960's. Jayshree Mande's grandmother was in her twenties that time. She stayed near a graveyard and she specialized in making medicines out of crushed bones of dead bodies. In order to get material for her medicines, she used to go to graveyard every night, rob bones from there and come back to crush them. The place where she made these medicines was a small bathroom. One day, she started listening to a woman's voice who said 'Give me my bones back' in Gujurati. The voice troubled her for several days. Innumerable numbers of bones were kept in the bathroom and lady didn't know which one was this spirit's bone. Finally after a week or so while she was crushing one of the bones the voice started shouting and turned ferocious. This lady had such a horrible time that forced to keep them back in the graveyard. This story is the scariest one heard by the family members.

Episode 9 - Video links:

Mano Ya Na Mano - 2-9-1 - Episode 9 - Clip: 1/4
Mano Ya Na Mano - 2-9-2 - Episode 9 - Clip: 2/4
Mano Ya Na Mano - 2-9-3 - Episode 9 - Clip: 3/4
Mano Ya Na Mano - 2-9-4 - Episode 9 - Clip: 4/4

EPISODE 10 :19th September 2010, Sunday


There is witch or a dayan, there is chudail, there is spirit or prt and there is pisach. What is so unusual about Pisach or Pisachinis? Or what is there in pisachinis that is not there in other mystical personalities mentioned above? Pisachinis come into life of men and seduce them in such a manner that men start listening to them and do whatever told. When a karna pisachini enters life of a man, she brings all happiness in her life and brings wealth in his life as well. But, slowly and steadily she destroys him and spoils everything around him. For that man, he maybe the lucky one as everything good is happening in his life. But the larger picture shows destruction and nothing else. Pisachini may look beautiful from outside but is an old hag from inside. Tantrik has to conduct a pooja in order to release pisach from that man's life forever. 

Episode 10 - Video links:

Mano Ya Na Mano - 2-10-1 - Episode 10 - Clip: 1/5
Mano Ya Na Mano - 2-10-2 - Episode 10 - Clip: 2/5
Mano Ya Na Mano - 2-10-3 - Episode 10 - Clip: 3/5
Mano Ya Na Mano - 2-10-4 - Episode 10 - Clip: 4/5
Mano Ya Na Mano - 2-10-5 - Episode 10 - Clip: 5/5

source: www.starone.in

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