Imaginary Written Updates-[Sumiku and Karman].....

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Posted: 12 years ago

I m not good at updating but lets see how it goes.I know PKCM was never telecasted on Sunday but here's the further imaginary story:

  TongueEpisode opens with little Suman cutting the cake and making Kartik take a bite.All the members and guests give their best wishes to her.Kartik gifts her a doll which she likes very much and she thank's her Tauji 4 it.Just then the front oor of the haveli opens and VB and DC come in.VB and DC r shocked on hearing that Suman is no moreConfusedSmile.VB shouts at Kartik  and tells him-he is responsible 4 Suman's untimely death.DC starts beating Kartik-DC shouts at Kartik that because of u my daughter died and I'll kill u.The entire family comes to Kartik's rescue.They r finally able to convince DC and VB that Kartik is not responsible for whatever happenedLOL.On seeing little Suman DC asks ?who's that girl?.They tell him-she's Karan's daughter and her name is Suman..DC and VB r having a conversation with her when the door opens again and a boy dressed in jeans and a jacket enters.He wants to meet Suman.The boy goes upto Suman and wishes her a very ?''HAPPY BIRTHDAY''.All TM members r shocked ?they ask him who he is?.He tells him ?he's Tikku.All r shocke again and it ends at their shocked faces??..ConfusedConfused

PRECAP:Tikku is with Suman and they r playing cricket.Tikku is balling to Suman.Suman swings the bat so hard that she ends up hitting herself.Tikku comes to her rescue and is shocked to see blood oozing out from Suman's forehead.Cry

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Posted: 12 years ago
Its funny kavya..keep it up. Thank God DC came only with VB...he didnt bring another widow lady with him claiming her to b his DIL and then another romance of karthik and her.
Posted: 12 years ago
Opens with the close up of the haveli.TM members welcome Tikku and the entire family is enjoying the party while Sumikku r dancing to the song Here's the party tonight.SmileSmileSmileSmile....Party finishes off and Kartik is in his room with a photograph of Karman.He is crying and remembering all the Karman moments.He talks to the photograph of Suman-says u returned to prove my innocence thus showing ur love 4 me but now its my turn to do somethingSmileSmile.Says I'll never believe u r gone for good and will always live with the hope that some day or the other u'll return.SmileSleepy
It's morning and Paro is preparing the breakfast 4 the members.Karan enters the kitchen with his daughter and the 3 of them r exchanging jokes.Katik is standing outside the kitchen and has tears in his eyes seeing Kararo and their daughter.He leaves..........
Its eveningTikku enters little Suman's room who's reading out loud A 4 apple ,B 4 ball,C 4 cat and D 4 dog........He asks her to play cricket with him and she readily agrees(she's not interested in studies).Tikku and Suman r in the garden along with Karan and Kartik.They r playing cricket.Kartik imagines Suman[his wife not the child] standing beside him and smiles gently at her.He gets to her,keeps his hands on her shoulders and is just about to kiss her when Tikku comes and says-''Tauji''.Kartik looks at him and says ''Yes''.Tikku tells him that its his chance to bat.Kartik smiles at him and says he's just coming.He looks back at the place where he saw Suman[his wife] only to end up seeing nothing.
He joins the children and starts playing with them.Tikku is balling to Suman.Suman swings the bat so hard that she ends up hitting herself.Tikku comes to her rescue and is shocked to see blood oozing out from Suman's foreheadKartik and Karan also come to the resue.They take him to Kararo's bedroom.Paro calls the doctor,doctor says its nothing serious,she'll b fine.All leave while Paro is still there.
Its night time Kartik is sleeping.His phone rings.Kartik picks it up and says...........WHAT.SmileSmileSleepySleepy.....He;s shocked.Ends at his shocked face.
Posted: 12 years ago
nice one KAVYA and tikku calls kartik tauji no he has to call him mama
Posted: 12 years ago
Originally posted by arthirajendiran

nice one KAVYA and tikku calls kartik tauji no he has to call him mama
When I was new to the forum then got confused with genders and now with relations,ya Tikku will call him mama while Suman[the child] will call him taujiBig smile
Posted: 12 years ago
Opens with Kartik saying -What?Its the inspector from the police staion.The inspector informs him-Nihu has managed to escape.Kartik hurries off 4 the station.The inspector tells him -Nihu poisoned one of our inspectors at night and managed to escape.Kartik scolds the inspector and leaves.
At TM all r asleep while Kartik is on the streets searching for Nihu.He has her photo and shows it to the people around and asks them to identify if they saw her.No one has seen her.Kartik sees a man standing in front of a chaat corner with his back facing him.Kartik approaches that man and as he puts his hand to turn him around he sees its-RAMMANOHAR.He catches hold of him and is about to hand him over to the police when RM starts begging Kartik to forgive himTongueWink.RM tells him that he has reformed and is ready to help KARTIK.Big smile
Kartik tells him the entire story since NIHU entered TM and RM starts shedding tears at it.He agrees to help Kartik in finding Nihu and handing her to the police.They both set off to search 4 her.Kartik finally reaches the place where Nihu had hid Suman when she kidnapped her.He searches the entire place only to end up reaching nowhere.
Kartik is walking by the roadside when goons approach him.They beat him very badly and throw him into the dese jungle.Kartik rolls down the jungle,his head hits a stone and he becomes unconcious...ConfusedConfusedDead
Posted: 12 years ago
so much drama after 3 years....
how cum nothing happened during these three years?...because it was fast-forwarded?
btw, why is kartik so bothered abt nihu getting out of jail? theres nothing more evil she can do   other than hurting little suman..
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Posted: 12 years ago
Now kavya dont tell karthik will become a ghost and catch Why is it that to make Nihu confess or catch her; one has 2 become a ghost...ROFL.

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