~~Mindblowing Episode~~

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Posted: 12 years ago
Hi Friends:
I am sure you all will have a great weekend after today's episode, the precap was somewhat disturbing but just keep looking at the magaical hug and leave everything up to Kanha he will reunite Radev soon
! Big smile

The standout parts of the Episode:

1) Dadi and Dev, just love to see these two together in the same frame! It was a touching scene i love how Dev wiped her tears and told her dadima pleases stop crying now i am back and everything will be okay...Superb acting by Avinash and Ritaji here! ClapClapClap

2) I was LOLLOLLOL when Dev told Mrinalini and Chachoo they didnt change the look on their faces was too good...

3) Shastriji convo with Dev was good i liked what he said 'seeing all this today Rads has won in her battle and Shastriji also said to Dev i have always said truth always wins ..to which dev replied ' you are right Babuji a true man will suffer a lot but he only will won at the end'. Then the Radev look and smile was so cute...Embarrassed

4) I enjoyed the scene when Chachoo asked Dev to identify his father, he was so sure dev wouldnt know who his father is, then Dev touch the wrong pic to which chachoo and his hyhena son smile only to left stunned when they realise Dev was just taking blessings and then he chose the right pic, ohhh the look on the mircha gang face and amma was worth seeing more than once...LOLLOLLOL

5) Then poor chachoo wanted further evidence and amma's boyfriend heeded and said he will put dev to one further test, he then says we all are aware of Guru mantra when a new Rp is elected the Former RP will tell a Guru mantra in his ears and Dev Father also did this while he made Dev as RP so if this man is Real DRP then he must have remembered the Guru mantra if he tells the mantra in front of all then there will be no doubts he is the real DRP, i was really sweating here but i knew Kanha would intervene and Dev would remember! When Dev recited the mantra Chachoo, Arjun, Mrinalini and Amma looked like they saw a ghost....LOLLOL meanwhile his family was happy....Big smile

6) Finally the hug, ohhhhhhhh it was just magical! Rads was so happy that she ran to Dev and hug him, the smile on her face was radiant and Dev eventually had that million dollar smile on his face he just cant resist when his real wife hugs him...Day DreamingDay Dreaming

The precap was disturbing but atleast Dev went to Rads aid, eventhough Mataramji asked him to promise her not to meet Rads again, he broke his promise to her that does shows something.
It would be interesting to see if Dev will fall all over in love with Rads again since he will have to spend time in PB, i wouldnt mind that one bit...WinkBig smile
I think being in familiar surroundings his memory will eventually return!

Performance of the day....None other than Avinash Sachdev, brilliant acting! He stole the show his expressions and voice modulation in different scenes was exceptional.
BTW today i saw my old Dev back his looks and action was that of our loving Dev, what more can i ask for!
Big smileBig smile

Have a great weekend friends, take care! Love u all....Hug

Here are some posters, hope u all like them!!

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Posted: 12 years ago
nice post and COOL ! posters...... Heart Thumbs Up
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Posted: 12 years ago
Beatiful posters Sunita ClapClapClap.
I couldnt stop looking at the one where Radika is hugging DEv EmbarrassedTodays was a really good episode ..For a second i thought that Devs memory came back back after seeing him frowning his eye brows a little confusedly ..I knew he was still abahy but thats oki right??HEs still Dev for us ..The best part of todays episode was the hug Embarrassedawnn I think RAdika thought that Dev got his memory back and hugged him tightly but the precap showed that he is still abhay ..
In your post you mentionned Ammas boyfriend ROFL..You made me fall of my chair !!.WOW I never thought of that one before LOL..
It  was great seeing the mircha gangs reaction it was worth it Wink..
I cant wait to see romantic moments with abahy/dev with RAdika ..It will be awsome !! Ive already started day dreaming Day Dreaming..
Thanks for the lovely post and posters ..Really loved them Big smile
Posted: 12 years ago
yes, todays episode was very good. But just like you said the precap was very disturbing. I really wanna know what will happen monday but i will have to wait for that LOL
I didnt understand why in the precap abhay was saying all those things to radhika. Didnt he find it weird that he knew the mantra? I just hope that he rethinks all the things that are happening with him. How he feels something when he sees rads but doesnt feel anything with kanika even though she is his so called wife Confused
And yes the hug was great! I loved the smile on devs face. But somehow i thought that he would hug her back but thats not important atleast we got a hug LOL
Beautiful poster sun_singh.!! Clap
Posted: 12 years ago
Thank you sun_singh:)Big smile
Love the posters especially the Hug oneDay Dreaming
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Posted: 12 years ago

aww Sunita thank you very much for this postHug

the posters are fabulous especially the hug oneDay Dreaming

and your thoughts are amazing like usuallClapjust outstanding...

keep on writing!Thumbs Up

Posted: 12 years ago
Love your analysis Sunita.

Yes, I too loved seeing Dadi and Dev together after a long time. I'm sure Dev will get his memory back soon.

Loved the hug too.

Don't worry, Kanha will make everything right soon.
Posted: 12 years ago
awesome posters sunita.You are right.Radev were just mindblowing in that hug scene.it was really magical.Even dev couldnt resist,he had too smile.OMG.they did a fabulous job today.well said sunita.love reading your post.

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