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BC Brith certificate
CT Care Taker

Last epi...

:-Shubh goes to orphange to denate a check...asks to make
him a duplicate BC for Krish as he needs to submitt it in
the school for admission...

:-Ophanage CT says she has already given it to woman named

:-Suhani is playing hide & seek with Krish but he accidentally
pushes Gayatri...

:-Taiji yells at Krish but Suhani defends Krish...

:-Ansh is suspicious of why is Suhani not scolding Krish
as anything could have happened to Gayatri as she's pregnant...

:-Shubh comes home to search for Krish's BC...finds it & wonders
why did Suhani lie...

:-Krish was playing with a ball & it lands correcting on Taiji's
pooja thali & suddenly it falls & Taiji tries to slap Krish but
Suhani again defends him but looses control over her anger when
Taiji asks Suhani why is she so protecive about an orphan what
is the truth about Krish...

:-Suhani in anger blurts out that Krish is her child...

:-Shubh over hears & is shocked!!!
Swarg 3rd June, Thursday
Part 1
Scene 1 {Shubhani room}

Shubh comes to ask Suhani about Krish's BC...stands behind

Suhani is tries ignoring Shubh & keeps clothes in the cupboard...

Shubh asks her that he wants to talk to her about something
important...Suhani says she has too many work she's tak with
him later...

Suhani thinks in her mind that she also need to tell him but
how to tell Shubh about krish's truth many more things that is
important but she is helpless to hide it from him...

Shubh asks why did she say to Dadiji that Krish is her son do
you know what does this mean??? please Suhani tell me...Suhani
you are breaking my trust hiding thw truth form me...

Suhani says enough Shubh ji i can bare other people blaming me
but i cannot bare if you'll have doubts on me...what ever i
have said that's it & i don't want to explain anything else
any more...cries...

Shubh wonders why Suhani is over reacting but tells her that
if she wants to leave things unexplained & go she can but
she has to know one thing that he will again about this...
I also wanted you to know that i asked orphange house CT
to make me a duplicate BC of Krish & they called me to inform
him to he'll collect it tommorow....

Suhani says why does he have to leave his office job go 7 she
was also thinking to take Krish to orphanage house as he was
eager to meet his friends...she will collect the BC...

Shubh agrees & asks her to get it...but is still suspicious...

Scene 2 {Orphanage house}

Suhani goes in the moring to collect the BC but the CT tells
her sorry madam no one called them to come & collect duplicate
BC & asks her she's getting late as its children's lunch time...
she goes away..

Suhani wonders then why Shubh sent her to collect duplicate BC...
Shubh himself was coming to collect the BC but turns & is shocked
to see Shubh behind...Suhani asks Shubhji you??


Part 2
Scene 3 {orphanage house}

Shubh asks Suhani did she get the BC??? Suhani says they don't
have the duplicate BC...

Shubh says but how come when they themselves called me to collect
it...just a moment i'll talk to them...

Suhani stops Shubh & asks him to leave it when CT is saying she
doesn't have it then why to bother...

Shubh says no we cannot leave without having Krish's BC..

Suhani asks Shubh that when she's saying that the CT doesn't
have the BC then doesn't he have trust in her...

Shubh says i have trust in you but i think you did not trust
me as you hid Krish's truth from me...

Suhani says but I have already told you about Krish then why???

Shubh says no Suhani this is not the truth but the truth is what
i am going to say now that Krish is not your friends or your
son but Saloni's son...

Suhani is shocked!!!

Scene 4
{Shubh comes to know a more shocking truth}

Shubh says till now i always believed in you & even supported you
always but you did not trust me I did not suspect you not because
i had doubt that she's Krish's mother but just wanted to know the
truth so that he could help her...but you did not even give me a

Shubh tells her that he had found the BC in her hand bag & saw a
strangers name on the BC that she never mentioned it to him so he
went to Suresh dubey's house & his servant gave him information
that Suresh Dubey died 5 yrs ago but his daughter lives in USA
with her son & husband...

Then he got to know Saloni is the daughter of late Suresh Dubey...
even the servant told him that Suresh Dubey used to send funds
to orphanage house but after he died then Saloni started sending
funds on Krish's name...asks her he knows now that why she tried
hide this truth just to save Saloni from getting a bad name because
she's is bahu of Taiji...& even though Taiji suspected her & put
dirty blames on her even then she did not open her mouth stayed
tight lipped & asks what are you made from Suhani & now when they
know the truth I am unable to control i'll not wait anymore & give
Taiji all her answers???

Suhani says stop Shubhji you will not do anything like this because
I did not hide only to save Saloni's image but also to save thirpathi
family name because Krish is not just Saloni's child but Ansh is the

Shubh is hell shocked!!! asks Suhani what are you saying Krish
Ansh's son how can that be how??

Part 3
Scene 5 {Orphanage house}

Suhani says she knows its difficult to believe this truth as
I also couldn't believe initially but when Saloni told me
the truth but she did not tell me that father of her child
is Ansh but kept it a secret..told her only that she got drunk
& spent a night with a guy...when she got enganged but unfortu-
nately got to know she was pregnant but she gave birth & gave
Krish to Janki devi anatahalay When Saloni got married she went
away to USA...

Shubh says may be Saloni was drunk she was with someother guy
may be there is a possibility that she mistook Ansh being the

Suhani says never a mother can make a mistake recognising
her childs father....but she did not tell me that Ansh is
fatherI got to know after wards& asks him if he remembers
the day when they were playing passing the pillow game when
Saloni spilled coffee to distract all not to see the album
which Ansh wanted to show after he thoguht he had met Saloni
beforebut she didn't want him to show all went out of the
room she saw the album & saw picture of both Saloni-Ansh...
as she suspected Ansh is the same guy as Saloni always tried
to keep distance from Ansh...

Shubh asks her did she ask Saloni about it did she ask if Ansh
is the same guy not some one else...

Suhani says she confronted & Saloni herself confessed that Ansh
is the father of her child...when she came here she recognised
Ansh but he did not recognise Saloni because he was not in his
complete senses he doesn't even remember that in that party what
huge mistake he has done...

Shubh says so much has happened that he did not know about it
& she also did not tell me...

Suhani says that she did not want to hide anything ever but
Saloni had taken a promise from her not to tell anyone that's
why...& so i did not open my mouth also did not want Krish
to bare the consequenses & have the punishment of mistake
that he has not done...& have right ful place that he derserves
so she brought Krish in K.N...

Scene 6 {finally truth is out from both sides}

Shubh says she did the right thing but now they have to tell
Ansh because after all knowingly or unknowingly Ansh has comm-
ited so he has to give Krish his name...

Suhani asks him to stay calm & think as Gayatri is expecting
she will not be able to bare the truth...it might be dangerous
for Gayatri's child...

Shubh realises that Yashoda was always right that you will
tie the family together what an all you have not bared all
the blames... but now they always support eachother...
Precap:-Ansh asks Suhani about Krish but Suhani pleads him
to stop asking her questions... but Ansh says that he thinks
what ever Dadiji says saying about her  that Krish not some
others but her own blood...

Guys i am really sad Swarg is ending & wont be able to update but i am sure we will soon meet in another forum....guys really will miss getting good response from all of you guys lots of hugs🤗
Tomorrow i'll be back with the last update....😭

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