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Posted: 17 years ago
Balaji battles time to put Hum Paanch back on track

The Hum Paanch sets, badly ravaged by a fire that broke out on November, are unlikely to be recreated in the same grandiose splendour that you saw in the initial few episodes.

Balaji Telefilms has definitely overcome the incident which took place early this month but the dilemma persists. The three bedrooms and the hall which were affected leaving nothing but ashes, cannot be refurbished. Same is the case with sets of Kasamh Se, a show which is still to come out of Balaji shell. They are now looking out for a new set for Hum Paanch.

Rajan Wagdhare, the director of Hum Paanch says, "The day this happened we were done with the schedule. And our next schedule will start from 26 November. Till now, we have not decided which sets we will shoot on." Will it be a problem maintaining the continuity with the new set, he says, "Yes it will be, and we have no clue as of now as to where we are going to shoot. Besides that, to retain the same look is next to being impossible. This is because the original interior of the set took nearly three to four months and as our next shoot is scheduled for the 26th, we won't be able to retain the same look."

A new set plus a new design, will they be able to convince their audience? Balaji's creative head Nivedita Basu says, "It is definitely a major problem. As I am just back from Hong Kong, I don't know much about the progress of this situation. Convincing the audience? Well, it is going to be a little difficult. We are not planning to bring in any changes in the episodes saying that there will be a new house for family, as they have already been scripted. That is for sure."

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Posted: 17 years ago
Making people cry is very easy. Making people laugh is very difficult. Not for Rakhi Tandon, alias Sweety of Hum Paanch. ''Comedy comes easily to me,'' smiles Tandon who is in the news again with the return of Hum Paanch on Zee. Last, she was seen as Angel in a brief role for Jassi Jaisi Koi Nahin. Now, she's full of laughter and gags. Nitin Joshi in a brief chat with the pretty actress. Excited with the return of Hum Paanch?
Oh yes! Absolutely. It's like coming back to one's family after such a long time.
Talking Point Rakhi Tandon
'I believe in chilling out. I believe in enjoying life. I live a nice, clean life. I only allow positive clean thoughts. I have a secure environment. Also, I am quite pampered by my husband'
Nitin Joshi
Do you find it as enjoyable as it was before?
Yes. It's amazing. It's wonderful being on this set once more. It really feels like a home away from home. Are you sticking to the old successful formula or is there something new in the format that we can look forward to?
Viewers connected so very well with Hum Paanch, earlier, so there is no need to change much except a bit in the look of the characters who have grown older. Do you really believe it will work again? The previous time, it went on for seven years.
Well, I hope it works. Fingers crossed. All of us are working very hard. You must miss Priya Tendulkar?
Yes, of course. It still hurts that she's no more. But Sudhaji is fantastic. She's doing a brilliant job. In real life, are you a lot like Sweety?
I am a lot like her. Full of life, full of masti. Completely crazy... taking off on people. The only difference is that I am not dumb like her. While Rakhi is happily married in real life, Sweety is still hunting for guys, right?
Yes, and that's because no one is ready to be married to her. After Hum Paanch, why didn't do any other show with Ekta Kapoor?
I was busy with other shows. And then I was also producing shows myself along with my husband Rajeev. Now, I might take up another show with her. What's happening on the production front?
I am busy acting again, just now and I like to do one thing at a time. In between I was so busy with my productions, I wasn't doing much as an actor. That's me. Rajeev is looking at scripts and there will be something soom from R.T. Entertainment. Lastly, what's the secret — you just don't seem to get any older!
Oh thanks! I believe in chilling out. I believe in enjoying life. Maybe it's also because I live a nice, clean life. I only allow positive clean thoughts. I have a secure environment. Also, I am quite pampered by my husband.

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Posted: 17 years ago
Originally posted by tafarruz

Balaji sets ablaze!

This is the second time this year that Balaji Telefilms' has suffered major setbacks!A fire destroyed two sets belonging to Balaji Telefilms. The sets were located at Chitrarth, Powai. There were no casualties.

Sankraman studios during the floods
First, Sankraman studios suffered major losses during the 26 July floods and now a raging fire has engulfed the Balaji sets in Powai, last night.

Zee's Kasmh Se and Hum Paanch are being shot in the sets there.

"Last night a probable short circuit resulted in a fire in the Powai sets, but fortunately, no one was hurt!" exclaims Shoma Anand, who plays Mrs Mathur in Hum Paanch.

"Yes, it is true, but I can't tell you anything about it," says the gaurded general manager, operations, Balaji Telefilms, Ketan Gupta.

As reported earlier by, the Hum Paanch set is a lavish one as the characters have been shown to be NRI's. Although, we don't have an exact estimate, it seems that this fire must have cost Balaji a hefty sum!

The Hum Paanch family
The cast of Kahaani Ghar Ghar Kii had lost Rs 3 million worth of clothing due to the rains in July and the Sankraman studios had been totally ravaged by the floods.

The cast and crew of Kasmh Se are currently shooting in Panchgani.

Production has not been affected as all the shows that were being filmed on the affected sets have moved to alternative locations.

The exact cause of the fire is not known and concerned authorities are investigating the matter.

Posted: 17 years ago
Originally posted by jingle

Choti, of Hum Paanch, is a tarot reader!
   By: Tushar Joshi
   November 28, 2005
------------------------------------------------------------ --------------------

We know her as the gossip queen in Zee's Hum Paanch — but not many know that Pushti, who plays youngest sister, Choti, on the show, is a professional tarot reader. She is not only telepathic, but also has strong Extra Sensory Perception (ESP), or sixth sense, of events that will unfold in the future.

Angel reader, too

"I have always had a natural inclination towards spirituality. My interest in astrology and star signs grew as time progressed, finally getting me attracted towards the mystic tarot cards." Pushti says her destiny, as a card reader, wasn't a coincidence.

"When I called my teacher to check on her classes, even without telling her my name, she asked me to come and meet her. I sat down with her and learnt the cards in a matter of three days. Since then, for the last five years, I have been a professional card reader, and also an angel reader."

What is angel reading? Says the actress, "All of us are surrounded by angels, who help us in our daily activities. They are around us, but we have to read their signs and hear what they say; it is different from card reading."

Saw ash before fire

Pushti says she had a premonition of the fire that wrecked the Hum Paanch sets recently. "From the time I stepped on that set, I knew there was something wrong with the place. It didn't give me positive vibes at all. In fact, I would feel suffocated and claustrophobic when I was shooting there."

She recalls that on the day of the mishap, one of the angels asked her to gaze into the ball. "I heard a voice that asked me to gaze into the ball, which gives you a glimpse into events likely to surround you."

She says what she saw in the ball was a sign of the catastrophic incident waiting to happen. "I saw ash, and was told to explore that element. But I had to go for a party, and was too tired to probe further."

The next day, when someone informed her about the fire, Pushti was horrified.

"I was like... you've got to be kidding! I felt bad that I didn't take the sign the angels showed me, seriously. From that day on, I have
been taking every sign seriously."

[email protected]

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Posted: 17 years ago

First Break

I only got 'cute-girl' roles...

Pushtiie aka Choti of Hum Paanch on how her being plump got her assignments

Sapana Patil

I was doing a Gujarati play when a friend suggested that I audition for TV serials. Initially I was reluctant as I was really plump (more than I am now). However, that became a plus point and fetched me roles of a 'cute girl'. Those were not the kind of roles I had in mind but upon my friend's insistence, I auditioned for Balaji Telefilms (almost out of fear of displeasing him).

I got lucky in the auditions and landed up with a role in Kahaani Ghar Ghar Kii. I played the role of a 'cute but bitchy' college girl. This was almost three years ago. At that time, my brother (TV actor Vrajesh Hirjee) was strictly against it. Being the protective brother and having worked in the industry for a long time, he knew the pitfalls in this line. So, he tried dissuading me from taking up acting in serials. But my mom was with me and was firm about letting me do what I wanted. She gave me the green signal which made me feel confident.

There has been no looking back since then. Kahaani Ghar Ghar Kii was followed with a small role in Kya Haadsa Kya Haqeeqat, a big role in Kkusum and Jassi Jaissi Koi Nahin. Now, I reign as the Choti of Hum Paanch.
SOURCE:- p;articleid=1211200523163684312112005231558750

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Posted: 17 years ago
"I think I was bad in Hum Paanch"

Life took a beautiful turn for the beautiful lady herself, Vidya Balan after she bagged the lead role in Parineeta (as Lolita).

From 'Radhika' to 'Lolita': Vidya Balan's upwardly mobile journey!
The girl needs no introduction, she's modest,well educated and has a natural acting talent but all this coupled with some 80 ads , three music videos and the popular Hum Paanch to her credit. Hum Paanch being her first small screen assignment taught her a lot about emoting.

In a candid interview she poures her heart out to Kavita Shyam.

How was it working with the Hum Paanch unit?
Well Hum Paanch was a different memory. It was a lot of fun and each one of us had a great chemistry with each other. I was quiet young while I was doing Hum Paanch, I must have been in college then. In fact I grew up with the Hum Paanch experience besides it was my first brush with acting. Thereafter my career went great guns and I have fond memories with the entire team.

Are you still in touch with the Hum Paanch co-stars?
Not too often. I am in touch with Shoma Anand once in a while and Bhairavi Raichuda and Vandana Pathak had called up to congratulate me after my first release (Parineeta)

Did you prepare much for your role in Hum Paanch where you played a deaf girl?
I did not prepare for my role in Hum Paanch as Radhika at all. But I personally think I was quiet bad in the serial. As I said I was pretty raw at that time so I blindly followed the director all the way in playing the character. Most importantly I'd say the script was simple and nice so it helped and the actors had a great ch

How was Ekta Kapoor to work with?
Hum Paanch was Ekta's first serial and thankfully it turned out to be very popular. That point of time Ekta was quiet young herself but still she knew how to run the business. All I can say is that she is extremely hard working and my association with her has been great. It is not easy to run a production house and churn out such interesting scripts.

The new avatar of the Mathur family, sans the original Radhika!
So do you have any offers from the small screen?
I started with television and it is a medium very close to my heart however now my hands are full with the few films that I am doing so I cant talk about television but ads can happen as they would only require a day or two but all this provided its interesting enough.

What do you have to say about the new Hum Paanch?
I am waiting to watch the new Hum Paanch to see how different it is from the previous one and how the new director treats the serial, the look and the characters. I am sure Pamela Mukherjee who is playing the new Radhika will do justice to the character too . And having said all this I hope it does really well

Posted: 17 years ago
thnx for that update!

Wink Saber222 Wink
Posted: 17 years ago

Hum Paanch team at war!

Reena Thapar Kapoor

Getting into the inner circle can be quite a pain: Pushti

One sister act you simply cannot miss: Hum Paanch team

Theirs is the oldest family on television. Everyone knows the fabulous rapport shared off-screen by the Hum Paanch team. The 'sisters' bonded when the show first went on air and despite a five-year gap, the trio of Rakhi Tandon, Bhairavi Raichura and Vandana Pathak continued their friendship.

Naturally, they rejoiced when the second season of Hum Paanch bought them together on screen again. Everything was going hunky dory until Phusti (Choti of Hum Paanch) stepped into the original Choti, Priyanka Mehra's shoes. Unfortunately, Phusti was a complete stranger among them, who failed to connect with the trio. "Initially I couldn't understand their sense of humour," says Phusti. "I know that it takes a little time for an outsider to get to know a group of friends and bond with them. However, there were times when I did feel left out as I couldn't understand their style of communication."

Phusti claims that now communication is improving between the on-screen sisters. "This is the fourth schedule and there is a lot of improvement," she says. "We've started understanding each other better. Rakhi, Vandana and Bhairavi have known each for a long time. Obviously it took them some time for them to open up to someone who has only known them for four months."

Industry insiders, however, insist that a cold war is going on between Phusti and the three girls. Apparently it started when Rakhi's hand nudged Pushti, during a scene. An angry Pushti recated by shouting at Rakhi. She calmed down when Rakhi too shouted back that she hadn't touched her purposely, that it was just an accident. "I don't wish to talk about things that happens between actors on the sets," says Rakhi Tandon. However the actress admits that it'll take some time for them to include Pushti in their gang.

Rakhi's on-screen sister and best pal Bhairavi Raichura is more forthcoming about the issue. "Phusti is a nice girl. If she feels left out with us, I don't blame her," she says. "As a gang, we do not like anyone intruding in our privacy. We have our secrets and problems that we do not wish to share with an outsider."

The third prankster Vandana Phathak too feels the same. "Pushti is sweet but hasn't become our friend as yet," she says. "It'll take some time for her to win our trust. If she wants us to be friendly to her she has to learn to lay off and not force herself into our group." 

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