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Posted: 12 years ago
In This thread you can post all the articles and interviews releted to the show Jeet Jayenge Hum.
IF is in direct competition with Telly Chakkar & Indian Television so don't post articles from the above sites.
please dont post comments in this thread just post the Article or Interview =)
Posted: 12 years ago
  • Mohit Mallik makes a comeback to television after Dulhann with Sony and Edit II's Jeet Jayenge Hum...

    The handsome Mohit Malik, who was last seen essaying the role of Bharat in Zee TV's Banoo Main Teri Dulhann will now play the male lead in Sony and Edit II's upcoming show, Jeet Jayenge Hum.

    The promos of the show are already on air. The show has RJ Sana Sheikh in the lead role, and the story focuses on her fight against child labor.

    We had reported earlier that Ali Merchant was finalized to play the male lead in the show. However, our source informs us that, "There has been a change in this. Ali Merchant will not be taking up this show for certain reasons. Mohit Mallik who was earlier chosen as one of the options will play the protagonist now".

    Mohit will be seen in a different kind of role, which he has not played before. "Though the shoot with the other actors are on, the male lead has not begun shooting. Mohit who has been finalized will now start shoot in the next few days", further informs our source.

    We tried calling Mohit Malik, but he remained unavailable for comments.

    We also tried to get in touch with Ali Merchant, but he too remained unavailable.

    As reported earlier, Akhilendra Mishra plays the main antagonist in the show; he owns a bangle making company where he drags all the children for work. Jeet Jayenge Hum also has Ayesha Kaduskar of Chote Miyan fame, and she plays one of the siblings of Sana. Child artistes Shruti and Namit Shah play the other siblings of the female lead. Sana's parents will be played by Nawaaz and Nupur Alankar.

    If all goes well, Jeet Jayenge Hum is expected to launch in December. The show in all probability might take the 8.30 PM slot, but the channel and production house are yet to take the final call.

    For the uninitiated, Naman Shaw was earlier chosen to play the male lead(before Ali Merchant), but he had also opted out due to certain reasons.

    Reporter and Author: Srividya Rajesh
Posted: 12 years ago
  • Ayesha Kaduskar who plays Radha in Sony's Jeet Jayenge Hum, on a tete-e-tete with Tellybuzz...

    Ayesha Kaduskar is only thirteen. But, even at such a young age, she has a stunning resume as an actor.

    She has worked in teleserials like  Zindagi Teri Meri Kahani and Chacha Choudhary on Sahara Manoranjan, Majooba Ka Ajooba on Hungama TV, Talaash on DD 1, Rihaee and Jassi Jaisi Koi Nahi on Sony, Kanhaan Hoon Main on Star Plus and Suno Har Dil Kuch Kahta Hai on Sahara One. She has been featured in a Zee Telefilm titled Bhairavi.

    She has also worked in feature films Saiyan Se Solah Singar (in Bhojpuri co-starring Nagma and Ravi Kishan), White Elephant (a NFDC Film) and the yet to be released Zor Laga Kay Haiyya with yesteryears' superstar Mithun Chakraborty. Apart from this, Ayesha has been a part of many television shows like Boogie Woogie and COLORS' Chote Miyan.

    Ayesha is adding to this plethora of projects, another show- Sony's Jeet Jayenge Hum in which she plays Radha, one of three siblings of the protagonist of the show.

    She talks about her creative interests, certain disappointments in her career and how her brother is cool!

    Hello Ayesha, can you just brief me about your work profile?

    Yeah sure! I've worked in Zindagi Teri Meri, Chacha Choudhary, Jassi Jaisi koi Nahi, then a few movies too "White Elephant" which is going to be screened in the Goa Film Festival and a Bhojpuri film.

    Wow!That's lots of work considering you're only...

    I'm thirteen. And I know (smiles).

    Bhojpuri film? Was it tough doing a film in vernacular language?

    Yes, it was kind of. But learning Bhojpuri was easy. Only the fluency when I tell my lines was difficult.

    Did working in a Bhojpuri film make Jeet Jayenge Hum easier for you, as the show too requires you to speak in a north Indian lingo?

    Yes it rather did. Because the film taught me how to get the hang of accents. Like I said, learning a language has always been easy for me. But to get right twang is really difficult and in Jeet Jayenge Hum I have to speak with a Ferozabad accent. So the experience really helped.

    Why did you take up the role of Radha?

    When I was told about the character, I thought- Noo I can't do it! But then my mom was like give it a try. And now I'm glad I took it on because I really love it. I enjoy it!

    What are your hobbies?

    Drawing, singing and dancing.

    So you're the arty types? 

    Yes, I am. That's why I like acting too! I have always taken part in dramas in school. I make it a point that I participate in school drama at least once a year.

    How do you manage both school and acting?

    Studies, touchwood has always been easy for me. My mom also says studies should get the first priority. I always get the first or second rank. Whenever I get a break, I try to complete as much portion as possible. Then during exams its just revision, so that happens in a jiffy.

    Who do you gel with the most on the sets?

    Sana Didi. Because I used to watch Kya Mast Hai Life and I like her a lot.

    What about in real life, do you have siblings?

    Yes, I have an elder brother named Reuben. He has done Hotel Management and works at a CCD joint in town. He's not interested in acting and all. But he's cool.

    After doing so many projects haven't you got an overdose? Don't you feel the need for a break?

    I never took acting as a job. I do it out of my own interest. I never felt pressurized or anything. So I haven't felt like I need to take a break as of yet.

    You were chosen to do Jhansi Ki Rani, what happened later?

    I don't know! I even changed my school from Bombay Scottish to Hiranandani Foundation School where they did not have a problem with me going to an outdoor location for 25 days. You maybe knowing that for Jhansi Ki Rani I needed to go out of Bombay for almost a month and Bombay Scottish didn't allow me to do that. So we decided to shift to a school which allowed some flexibility in attendance. And after all that I came to know I'm not part of the project anymore.

    How did you cope with it?

    I felt bad, very bad. I felt like crying because I did a lot of research on Jhansi Ki Rani so I can enact like her without any mistakes. In addition, she's a Maharashtrian and I'm  also one .So I wanted to play the role very badly. But my mom consoled me and made me understand that whatever happens is for good and now that I got Jeet Jayenge Hum, I feel it did happen for a good reason.

    Reporter and Author: Susan Jose
Posted: 12 years ago
  • Sana Sheikh who plays the protagonist Suman in Sony's Jeet Jayenge Hum, promises fresh gossip to her listeners…

    RJ turned actor Sana Sheikh who makes her 'proper debut' (as she tells it) in Sony and Family Films' Jeet Jayenge Hum as Suman, makes an unconventional promise!

    Sana Sheikh says, "I used to do this show called Khoobsurat Sana Ke Saath. But now with Jeet Jayenge Hum, I can't do a daily radio show. So now I do a three hour show on Sundays called TRP – Television Radio Par, where I'll be discussing television shows." Sana playfully adds, "And now that I'm into the TV industry myself, I'll be dishing out first hand gossip. You'll hear it directly from the source (winks)!"

    Sana started her acting career, a long way back, when she was a kid with Hasratein. Then she also did Junoon. Sana says, "After Junoon, I couldn't afford to act because I started going to higher standards and the study portions became tougher and tougher. Obviously at that time, studies had to take priority."

    Sana goes on to say how radio happened to her. She says, "Till school, I didn't turn left or right but focused on studies. Then during my first year of college, I auditioned for radio jockeying and got selected. After that Disney's Kya Mast Hai life happened. And with Jeet Jayenge Hum, I'm entering hardcore television industry (smiles)."

    Talking about similarities between herself and her character Suman she says, "There are similarities, in fact a lot of them! I have two younger sisters in real life whereas Suman has a younger sister and a younger brother. Suman is 16 and yet takes responsibilities. I won't tell my age but just that I'm young and even I understand my responsibilities!"

    So is Sana a better RJ or a better actor? "Hmm… (laughs) seeing that I've been an RJ for five long years when many radio-jockeys' careers end within eight or twelve months, I think I can vouch for the fact that I'm a better RJ," Sana signs off.

    Jeet Jayenge Hum launches on December 14th at 9:30 pm on Sony TV.

    Reporter and Author: Susan Jose
Posted: 12 years ago
    • Naman Shaw who was earlier finalized to play the lead of Sony's Jeet Jayenge Hum returns to the show, as male lead...

      Well, we are back to the point from where we had started, when it comes to the search for the male lead of Sony and Edit II's upcoming show Jeet Jayenge Hum.

      Earlier, Naman Shaw was chosen as the first option to play the lead. However, he withdrew for monetary reasons, and then came in Ali Merchant. Ali was finalized to play the lead role when he fell ill, and had to be admitted to hospital on account of low platelet count. This is when the channel and production house zeroed in on Mohit Malik. The actor had signed on the dotted line, and was to start shoot in few days' time when he too decided to move out of the show.

      According to our source, "Mohit was finalized, but he backed out due to certain reasons. This was a mutual decision taken by the actor, production house and channel".

      Now the news is that the channel and production house have approached Naman Shaw again. "Naman who was initially the first choice for this role has been brought back. He is finalized and will be playing the male lead", confirms our source.

      We tried calling Mohit Malik, but he remained unavailable. We could not get in touch with Naman too.

      However, a source from the production house did confirm that Naman Shaw has been roped in to play the lead.

      The show which will launch on December 14th has new face and RJ Sana Sheikh playing the female lead.. The show will air at 9.30 PM from Monday to Thursday.

      We just hope Naman is pretty satisfied with the pay cheque he will be receiving…

      Reporter: Susan Jose, Srividya Rajesh
      Author: Srividya Rajesh
Posted: 12 years ago
How are new shows faring?

Hill Road Media

Last week there were many TV shows which came on air, both soaps and reality shows. We take a look at seven new shows and how good and bad they are.

Jeet Jayenge Hum, Sony
The story revolves around the bangle factory which is based on a real story of UP. Here the social issue of bonded labour is highlighted and they have done their homework well in highlighting the topic. Presentation is good, as they have re-created Wai as a village in UP. RJ Sana Sheikh makes her debut in this show, but still there are many things to be learned by her as an actor.


Posted: 12 years ago

Lesser-known Irene will do a thumka in Jeet Jayenge Hum; replaces Rakhi

In an attempt to lure viewers, Sony TV tried to rope in Rakhi Sawant to do an item-number in Jeet Jayenge Hum, based on the concept of child-labour. But now we hear that Sawant is no longer performing in the show and stepping in her shoes is lesser- known Irene Sutari, who also happens to be a choreographer by profession.

Informs a source from the show, "Yadav has kept an item number in honour of the inspector who has come to inspect the factory. Yadav offers Suman to the guest inspector but before that he wants him to enjoy the dance performance. On the other hand, Suman who comes to know about Yadav's hideous plans tries to escape and to her rescue comes Prabhakar. What Yadav doesn't know is that the item diva is actually Prabhakar's ally, who will distract Yadav thus helping the two from exiting the factory."

When asked if Rakhi Sawant was indeed approached to do an item number in the show, our source says, "Yes, she was but then the channel authorities decided to go ahead with a lesser-known face."

Naman Shaw who plays Prabhakar says, "There is a sequence where we will have an item number and I heard that Rakhi Sawant or Sambhavana Seth was supposed to do it but now they have roped in somebody else to

When contacted, Manoj, Rakhi Sawant's manager, he said, "No, we haven't been approached for any item number."

Both producer Benaifer Kohli and Sony's marketing head, Danish Khan, didn't revert to our text message. We also sent a text message to Ajit Thakur, Business Head Sony Entertainment Television, but he too didn't revert.

Posted: 12 years ago

Suman forced into prostitution, but Prabhakar saves in time

Sana Sheikh and Naman Shaw

Sony's Jeet Jayenge Hum based on child labour will soon see all the four siblings escaping to Delhi along with Prabhakar (Naman Shaw). But it won't be a safe journey for Suman and Co.

Tonight's episode will see them escape from Yadav's glass factory where they all have been forcibly employed. Suman's father has been framed and jailed while her mother Damyanti will be left behind in the glass factory and will now be at the mercy of Yadav while Prabhakar will be separated from Suman and her siblings on their way.

Suman will now be left alone with her three siblings clueless. In Gautampur, a few men will notice her and force her into prostitution. She will be harassed and eventually when she decides to give in, Prabhakar will step in time to save her.

He will then take all four of them to Delhi to earn a livelihood.

Sana Sheikh who plays Suman says, "Yes, there is a track in which I will be harassed by a few people to enter the flesh trade. But luckily I won't get into it."

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