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Posted: 18 years ago

Darna Mana Hai - NOV 14th - 1st Episode

What's On This Episode::::
Episode 1 - Nov 14, 2005
Radhika and Mohit are concerned about their son Yash being an introvert. They are very happy when Yash finally finds a friend, Raghu. Despite reservations about Raghu's background, Radhika likes him as he makes Yash start coming out of his shell.

But soon she realises Raghu had taught Yash to cheat and lie. Radhika is very angry and gives them both a last warning. She assumes that things would be ok hereonwards but to her horror, one day she finds her quiet, unadventurous Yash standing on the ledge of her 7th floor apartment, ready to jump, like superman (thanks to Raghu's influence)!

Can Radhika save Yash? Find out..

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Posted: 18 years ago
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Posted: 18 years ago
can someone please post the 2nd episode? 😃 i watched the first and it seems interesting....