how can there be love between pawani and Dev??????

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Posted: 14 years ago
Isn't dev run with her mother shikha , so he should be about the same age as her mother if not only few year younger and at that time pawani was less then a year old. so if she is 18-19 atleast today. this make age difefernce between them aT LEAST THAT MUCH. DEV SHOULD HAVE A TEACHER/ STUDENT FEELINGS OR FATHER DAUGHETER FEELING OR IF NOTHING ELSE AS A DAUGHTER OF A FRIEND. If shikha was OK and she lived with pawani and dev come and visit them , will he still have samed laovers feelings to his freinds daughetr?????????????IT REALLY MAKES ME SICK THINKING......I don't know how you all can think of this relationship. me I will never let any of my freind who thinks like dev near my daughter .................
what do you guys think.............did any of you thought  about it................they shouldn't show this at TV shows but did they ever show right things??????????????
would love to all of your thoughts on this..........


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Posted: 14 years ago
well i don't agree with you, age does not matter if two people fall in love innocently, i actually know of a teacher who married his student when he was a lecturer in university and thrir love has grown stronger over the years and is married for almost 12 years,in dev's and pavni case she is over 18 and is considered an adult,look at prince charles and diana he is way older than her plus there are many serial on tv showing older men marrying younger women,eg bandini ,another on ram kapoor and prachi desai i forgot the name and it was a hit,people were ok with it,plus dev has not forced himself on pavni and is really sweet genlteman who is caring what society might think , especially people like u who is so judgemental in todays modern times
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Posted: 14 years ago
i also dont support teacher student relationship in real life. but it is a drama show. so yeh sab to chalta hai
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Posted: 14 years ago
I said the same thing before...this is ridicules...
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Posted: 14 years ago
MAY BE FOR SOME PEOPLE IT MIGHT BE ok BUT FOR ME MORALLY AND ETHICALLY THIS IS WRONG..........JUST PUT YOUR DAUGHETR OR YOUNGER SISTER IN PAWANI'S SHOES AND THINK THEY ARE IN LOVE WITH A GUY WHO IS LOT OLDER THAN THEM AND then answer my question or ridicule my words. Yes it is modern time and yes love is good but it always feels good when it is age appropriate.
why is it ok if a old man love a young girl but never ok when a old women love young boy then she has to have mothers feeling sick..................
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Posted: 14 years ago

As for age its ok!!!I mean all hit pairs are like that from Mr.Bajaj and Prerna to Jai and Bani!!!!

If you are talking about Student-teacher toh let me tell you he is not going to remain her teacher forever!!!!What Dev has done for her no one can!!!!

A teacher-student love story was shown very beautifully in LRL even though it had a tragic ending with the hero dying and the heroine saying she can't forget him ever and living alone!!!!

But yes well there they had a difference of 5 years and he was her brother's friend and not mother's like it is here!!!!

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Posted: 14 years ago
well its more acceptable for and older man to marry a younger woman as this has been happening for years,its just my opinion as i live in the uk , its becoming a trend here and the western countries where young girls and marrying older men especially celebrities, actors , businessmen etc maybe for status,money , security and love which a young man thir own age can't give,there is an old saying don't judge a book by its cover and in dev's and pavni case, dev even insisted that pavni married dhruv who is her own age yet its her own decision to love dev no one forced her to so please live and let live you have your views and i have mine ,
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Posted: 14 years ago
well i was thinking the same think and i found if weird but in the end love is blind and u can fall in love with anyone